Blog Definition And History – The Origin And The Basics

The blog is a ubiquitous word used in the world of internet. What is the blog definition and history? There are several upcoming blogs with many valuable inputs. Yes, it’s time to understand the basics and origin of the blog. First, understand what a blog is all about and definition.

Blog Definition

According to the dictionary definition, the blog is information about a particular topic updated on the website regularly by a person or a group.

Wikipedia defines a blog as a diary that has a collection of details about a particular subject published on the web daily. Usually, the latest blog appears on the top and also was managed on the website by the single author until 2009. The concept of multi-author blog became famous in 2010.

Essential Elements of a Blog

  • Blog – The blog is somehow the same as that of a Website and known as WEBLOG. The blog is an abbreviation of the weblog, which means a website application in the form of writings (or posts ) on a website page.
  • Blogger – Blogger is a person who maintains it, and it is a journal published on the web. In simple words, a blog is a diary. It will have many posts that help readers learn about a specific issue or topic.
  • Blog Post – The blog post will provide information to the reader in the form of contents, videos, images, etc. Usually, writer must use simple language. Moreover, use of small paragraphs, subheadings, and bullet points will make the audience clear about the topic. Moreover, it is also different from the website as they has updates frequently.
  • Blog Platforms – A platform where you can write and publish your writing.

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Blog History

Quick Overview of Origin of Blog and Its Development History:

Blog Definition and History 2020

Since then for the last ten years every day there is a development in the Blog, and the concept keeps growing.

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Purpose of a Blog

In India, the Minister of Communication and Information created National Blogger Day on October 27, 2007. He did it at the Blogger Party opening that year, due to the popularity of blogs for everyone. After four years later, in 2011, Pesta Blogger turned into an On-Off India (OnOffID) event. Bloggers in India have been celebrating this event until now.

Personal Purpose Blogs

The goal is to share information, and hence the contents will focus based on the interest of the writer. Also, it makes the them visible and provides publicity. It can even help individual find a job and a network that offers tips to personal grooming.

Business Purpose Blogs

Blogs are promotional medium to market any business. So, every company has started posting on its website giving more education about their services and products. These are promotional contents that will not directly market the service, but indirectly. Its appearance on the business website will address various factors relevant to the business. Optimized information in a site will land visitors in these pages through keyword search. In that way, the company website will get more visibility, and hence they can expand their business.

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Types of Blogs

Initially, people used blogs for personal purposes. They shared experiences and wrote about hobbies and travel. Now, blogs have diversified into various types.

  • Travel Blogs,
  • Politics Blogs,
  • Community Blogs, 
  • Lifestyle Blogs,
  • Beauty Blogs, 
  • Fashion Blogs,
  • Literature Blogs,
  • Food Blogs,
  • Automotive Blogs,
  • Technology Blogs,
  • Make Money Online Blogs,
  • Health Blogs,
  • Fitness Blogs,
  • and many more.

Blogs are also loved by all ages. Blogs meet personal needs. They also became a business field for many bloggers. Many business owners have made this platform to promote their brand. Blogs were once managed by one person. Now, they use it together to reach an audience.

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Basics Requirement For Starting a Blog

You have known about the blog, its origin, and importance. Now, you must also understand the details about the essential things required to start it.


Firstly you need the right materials to post on. There are several contents available online. You need to still survive with your content, and hence it must be unique, original, and informative. You can pick even a simple topic but remember your writing must be catchy to make readers look at it. It must be free from grammar mistakes and must be simple and powerful.

Content Optimization

Writing content alone will not suffice. One must know the best way to optimize the content. It must to write in a way to appear on top in the search engine. You must learn the right SEO techniques to make your content searchable online. Also, informative content must have optimization, and only then it will become visible to the audience.

Web Hosting

Writing the best blog with all required information and optimizing does not ensure it will be popular. To reach the audience, choose the right web host and make sure that it runs smoothly. Pay for extra features and ensure professionalism in it. Check for self-hosted WordPress blog, and it will give you some insights on the blog.


Recent trending blogs do not only have contents, but have images, video, and audio. To reach people, you must also learn the art of writing engaging materials with multimedia effects. Apart from looking for royalty free images, you can take your photos with a smart phone and make your pictures look unique.


After writing a blog and publishing, you must spread a word to the world through social networking forum. That will bring in a lot of traffic to it.

However, inviting traffic is one part and making people stay longer is another critical part. So, it can happen only when you write valuable information in your content. Write appropriate materials on your it and engage with the readers.

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Blogging Platforms:

There are several blogging platforms available. But, well known two platforms are, namely Blogspot and WordPress. These two blogging platforms have their advantages that make these two services popular.

After the arrival of WordPress, the blog became very popular. Moreover, it was accessible for people to start with WordPress.


Blogspotor Blogger was launched in 1999, previously owned by Pyra Labs before it was finally acquired by Google in 2003. Also, Google hosts Blogspot under the ( subdomain.

Blogspot is famous for its orange color. Many use it because of its free, simple, and easy service. This is especially true for beginners.

This platform is also good for bloggers who don’t want to pay for hosting. They also don’t know how long they will blog.

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While WordPressis an open-source application ( open source ) is used as an engine blog ( blog search engine ). The programmers build WordPress using programming languages and databases. Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little created WordPress in 2003.

WordPress has a couple of versions, namely and It also has free, and some paid for complete features.

The majority who use WordPress are people who have businesses, companies, or professional bloggers.

Finally, reading this article is not enough, you must explore more about a blog by creating one on your own. Start a blog and follow the tips given above to make it a professional one.

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