PDFBear: Convert And Secure Your PDF Files

PDFBear is one of the most trusted websites on the internet where you can convert, optimize, organize, secure, and edit different files related to PDF. The website contains twenty-six various tools that can assist you with your problems and challenges regarding your PDF file. This website offers all their services for free with their fourteen days free trial promo.

You can explore all their tools for fourteen days, and if you wish to become a Pro member; you can get unlimited access to all their services for a year for only $59.99, or if you want a monthly subscription, it will only cost you $5.99. In the meantime, here are some of their tools you might want to know for your reference.

PDFBear Convert And Secure Your PDF Files

PDFBear To Convert Your JPG File To PDF

JPG files are described as photos; these are the high-quality ones that will take you ages when you wish to send them to your client or friends. That’s why converting them to PDF is essential; not only do they shrink the photos into a smaller size, making it easier to be uploaded to any emails; but it maintains the high quality of the picture.

With PDFBear, JPG to PDF free is achievable, and not only that, but they also keep all the photos private by deleting them after the conversion is finished. PDFBear can convert any JPG file from any browser or operating system without compromising the conversion speed.

Here are the steps on converting your JPG files to PDF with PDFBear:

  • Open the PDFBear website, click the Tools on its upper-right, and then click the JPG to PDF under the Converter to PDF.
  • Upload your JPG file from your smartphone or computer to the Select File box provided.
  • Once uploaded, you can choose different options before converting the file.
    When you’re done choosing the best option for your image, click the convert box and wait until the conversion is complete.
  • When you’re done converting, click the download button so that you can save your file on your smartphone or computer.

Convert Your PPT Document To PDF

Converting your Powerpoint file to PDF is very important nowadays because of the different threats you may encounter tint the web. One of these threats is your file getting corrupted by viruses or operating system differences between you and your recipient. That’s why most of the people working with data presentations always convert their files to PDF.

By converting your PPT to PDF, you can secure all the data information in your presentation from any alterations and shrink the PPT’s size; without compromising its quality and format.

Here are the steps provided by PDFBear for you to convert your PPT files for free and quick and easily:

  • Open the PDFBear Website, click the Tools button, then look for the PPT to PDF below the convert to PDF category.
  • Select a PowerPoint presentation document from your hard drive, desktop, and then upload it to the website.
  • When your file is uploaded, PDFBear will scan your presentation and then convert it to a PDF file.
  • You can freely modify your slides using the different option tools on the website.

If you are finished modifying your file, you may proceed to the last step, the free download. You can save your file to your device or share it using the link provided to your Dropbox or Google Drive.

Unlock Your PDF Files

When it comes to unlocking some PDF files locked, PDFBEar has that necessary tool for opening locked different PDF files for free.

If you forgot your password or if you want to see what is it in a locked PDF sent to you; all you have to do is open the PDFBear website and follow these steps provided below:

  • Choose the locked file from your computer and upload it.
  • PDFBear will scan your file, and then they will require you to enter a password for it; after entering a password click, the unlock PDF button.
  • After that, your file will be ready for download.

Secure Your PDF Files Using PDFBear

A writer, a professional salesman, usually adds some password to their PDF files before sending them to the other party or clients; so that all their hard work is private and only those with access can open it.

With PDFBear, you can add passwords to your files for free by following these steps:

  • Select the PDF file that you want to add a password to and upload it to the website.
  • After uploading, a password box will appear to input your password, then click the encrypt button.
  • When done, you can download your encrypted document to your device.


PDFBear is home to twenty-six unique tools; to help you with your MS Office files and PDF files for a more hassle-free experience.

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