Top 5 Outstanding Examples Of WooCommerce Sites

The average consumer may not recognize this, but they’ve probably visited dozens (if not hundreds) of WooCommerce sites till now. It isn’t just one of the most popular eCommerce platforms; it’s the most popular one. In this post, we have listed five outstanding examples of awesome WooCommerce sites.

Of the top million eCommerce sites, 22% are fueled by WooCommerce. And these stores aren’t just successful in terms of orders and sales; they look fabulous to boot! Anyone who needs an eCommerce plugin for their WordPress site must consider WooCommerce. Not only is it used by a massive number of successful businesses, but it’s designed to integrate seamlessly with WordPress.

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This is one reason why serious businesses about their eCommerce should hire woocommerce web developers like WebCitz. Not only does it just make sense to use on a WordPress website, but it also has the track record to back up the choice. Users can quickly sell their products on their websites without creating unique templates.

5 Outstanding Examples of Awesome WooCommerce Sites

If you’re wondering what this could look like in real life, think of the WooCommerce sites’ examples below. Each is different from the other, but they’re all powered by the same dynamic but flexible platform. You don’t just get to choose specific themes to make your website stand out; you also get total control over the way your products are presented and sold.

1. Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

Even though you can buy bags of coffee on the website, that isn’t what gets people pumped about this eCommerce site; it gives users a glimpse into the ethos of their coffee shops. As a boutique coffee store in London, they have information on their locations and what you can get at each store; they also sell many popular goods for home use.

Top 5 Outstanding Examples Of WooCommerce Sites Department of Coffee and Social Affairs
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While you can’t necessarily earn the coffee-shop experience through the website, its stylish design and smartly focused product photos mean you can nearly smell the coffee from the pictures on your screen. Even if you’re a thousand miles away, you can even feel as if you’ve just stepped into a Department of Coffee and Social Affairs shop. And that’s when the magic happens: once people start recognizing the brand, they’re more potential to buy the products.

2. Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics is one of the awesome examples of WooCommerce sites. As a site that shows a wide variety of comic books, original comics, and the latest comic packs, Dark Horse Comics has found a way to make their website more than just shopping.

Top 5 Outstanding Examples Of WooCommerce Sites Dark Horse Comics
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Comic book fans can visit to catch up on their favorite series, buy the latest installments of the comic they’re in the middle of, or even check out the newsfeed to see who’s been taking notice of Dark Horse Comics. Adding to the immersive feel of the site, it’s even possible to read reviews of the comics – an unusual feature for a comic book website.

As for the aesthetic, browsing the site almost feels like flipping through a rack of comic books. Aside from the actual covers of the comics, there isn’t anything flashy about the site; it’s easy to navigate and packed full of content.

3. Ab Aeterno

This Italian watch company is different from most others; their watches are primarily made with wood rather than metal. Available in both men’s and women’s styles, Ab Aeterno’s watches are all about luxury and quality – which is reflected in the site design. While there isn’t an overwhelming amount of information presented on the home page (to keep things simple), there are plenty of opportunities to learn more as you scroll down.

Top 5 Outstanding Examples Of WooCommerce Sites Ab Aeterno Watches
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It is one of the awesome examples of WooCommerce sites where you get a glimpse of their most popular styles and have the option to browse either men’s or women’s watches with a single click. Once you’re in the online store, you can view the products by style or type. The shopping process is direct and fun, thanks to the WooCommerce design.

4. Earthbound

Here’s another website that doesn’t just here to sell products; it exists to get people to spend on the brand. Which, of course, gets them to buy Earthbound’s products. Even more than that, though, the site makes visitors feel like they’re joining the company for a common cause – to embrace a natural, earth-friendly way of living.

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Instead of feeling like a pushy attempt to encourage sales, the home page brings out the feelings you’ll get through using their products. This isn’t to say that they completely ignore the principles of good salesmanship, though; Earthbound displays their current offers and discounts directly at the top of the home page. If you were on the fence close to making a purchase before, maybe you’ll be a bit more potential if you can save some money in the process.

5. HypeBeast

Last outstanding example of WooCommerce site is HypeBeast. What does it take to be a hype beast? If you visit this website, you’ll figure it out pretty quickly. It’s a pop culture site that doesn’t just tell you what’s in and what’s out; they also sell some critical components of a hype beast’s wardrobe on their “globally curated fashion and lifestyle” eCommerce store. That’s just one part of the site, though; on the rest of it, you can find reviews on shoes and fashion apparel, editorial articles, short television shows, and a HypeIndex that ranks different trendy brands.

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While you wouldn’t think this could fit onto a single website, somehow, HypeBeast makes it happen. It’s like a one-stop shop for all things cool; think of it as an online guide for hype beasts everywhere. The online shop doesn’t take the middle stage by any means, but since a big part of “being hype” involves having the latest and greatest in modern accessories, they don’t have to push people to spend money; a lot of their visitors were going to do it anyway.

Hope you have liked the outstanding examples of awesome WooCommerce sites! For websites of every description, WooCommerce is the way to go. This platform has helped the growth of websites that offer everything from fast food to fitness equipment; it can probably support your site!

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