Is Blogging Dead?

Rumors are circulating throughout the online marketing sphere suggesting that blogging is no longer profitable. It’s considered an outdated method of earning money online in today’s fast-paced, mobility-driven society. Many marketers and owners of small online businesses have become so enamored with pursuing the latest trends that they overlook the potential of a simple blog as a revenue generator.

Blogging is not dead. Blogging has not changed that much since its early days. Writing quality, search engine optimized content on a regular schedule about a particular niche or topic. That can never be a bad thing.

Using a cookie-cutter template and a free blogging platform is not the way to go these days.

Where Should You Start Your Blog These Days?

The recommendations for blogging platforms have not changed much in years. Using a dedicated domain name and private hosting account are still the best option. That is important for professionalism and long-term success. The content management systems (CMS) that come highly recommended are WordPress and Joomla.

They both offer intuitive admin dashboards and plenty of templates and plug-ins to make your blog unique.

How to Design a Blog for Success

A professional template is necessary if you wish to be taken seriously by consumers. You might like to study color theory to decide which shades best entice people to buy. Consider hiring a professional graphic designer and website designer to build a bespoke template.

You can purchase excellent premium templates directly and it is not too much difficult to install. That can save you money as you will not have to pay for a designer. Just make sure you are confident in your ability to change things. Such as the widget layouts, the title of the page and copyright notice in the footer.

Above all else, the blog design must be responsive. So, every page must readjusts for cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices and retains its user-friendly look.

Blog Content and Optimization

Keyword stuffing no longer works as an online optimization practice. To write quality content that naturally uses words and phrases of interest to your targeted consumer audience. Researching these words remains an important step. But, merely focusing on quality, up-to-date information and research will go a long way. Also, that will satisfy both the readers and search engines.

Be sure to include eye-catching graphics, stock photography and video. In these forms of media increases visirot’s interest than plain text these days.

Are you just getting started in the online business or Internet marketing world? Starting a blog about a niche topic you have interest and knowledgeable about can still lead you to success.

Blogging is not dead, just use current techniques and optimization strategies to stay viable and profitable.

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