Top Blog Monetization Tips For 2022 And Beyond

Let’s imagine this: The alarm clock goes off at the right time to catch the fresh sun-kissed morning. When you’re ready, you leave the warm bedsheets behind and make your way to the kitchen. You let the coffee machine fill up a foamy coffee cup with one button. You run to the bathroom, brush your teeth, rinse your face, and smile in the mirror. When you come back, you take the coffee cup and make your way to your laptop. You read the e-mails and find out your blog just hit another $1000 milestone overnight. You lean back and smile proudly at how easy it is to make money from a blog once you have the right tools. That’s right! This person could be you, and we are delighted to give you some blog monetization tips from the comfort of your home. Continue reading and find out:

Profitable Blog Monetization Tips

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Let’s get it started!

Today’s digital era has made it easy to build and maintain a website. On top of that, making money online has become a more attractive choice than a regular 9-5 job. However, being creative is not enough for your online blog to start being profitable. Instead, having a marketing plan, a profitable niche, and the right monetizing tools is the secure way to success.

Blog Monetization And Marketing

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The marketing industry has become more flexible than ever, with various ways to advertise third-party products or services through blogs.

The most familiar technique to make money from a blog is through ads.

You most definitely have seen them before. Ads usually are placed in the header or sidebars of a website.

There are different advertising models to try on your blog:

  • Pay-per-click – each time a reader clicks on the ad, you get paid.
  • Pay-per-action – you get paid every time the reader does the required action agreed by the advertiser (e.g., sign up for newsletters).
  • Pay-per-impression – every time the reader looks at the ad, the blog owner gets paid.

Although it is an excellent way to make money online, it’s not enough to make a living, especially for a beginner blogger. The cost per ad has had its perks, but nowadays, it’s not a much-viable solution unless you have millions of daily readers. Don’t get discouraged, though; it is an excellent way to supplement your blog income if you combine it with another monetization strategy.

Top Blog Monetization Tips For 2022 And Beyond 5
  • Affiliate marketing could be an excellent choice to make money from blogging. This practice helps promote third-party products/services through a link. Every time a reader buys said service or product using your link, you get paid.

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It’s a widespread practice of passive income, and the affiliate commission can vary, but not more than $50-$75. If you have a reliable reader base that trusts your opinions and recommendations, you can earn money as simple as playing Book of Ra from home.

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Be careful, though; affiliate marketing can be pretty tricky. Some readers perceive affiliate links as insincere and might corrupt your objective. If you have a blog specializing in popular product reviews, chances to succeed with this method are promising.

To add one more way to make money online, e-mail sponsorships are the third horse of marketing. Like its siblings, e-mail sponsorship requires a third party with an ad alongside your content. The only difference is that these sponsorships appear in the reader’s e-mail.

This method requires a stable reader flow which may require some time to achieve.

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Make Money Online With Products and Services

If you’re a beginner in the blogosphere, selling products and services is the best way to make money with your website. The rage is relatively more extensive, and if you’re curious enough, here are our suggestions:


One of the most effortless ways for bloggers to monetize their blogs is selling e-books. They’re easy to create and are usually priced enough so an average visitor can buy them.

E-books selling is not just a popular way to make money online, but they’re also a great way to test if readers are interested in what you’re covering, to pay for it.

What’s most convenient about this practice is that you don’t need a lot of traffic to make money. Building a reader base around them can help you earn a substantial income from selling e-books.

For example, you can create a Facebook group for your readers and keep them updated with the progression, making them feel more involved in the process; you can send personalized e-mails or organize a giveaway. The sky’s the limit!

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Physical Products

This suggestion is for ambitious ones who want to do more than have a passive income.

The process of selling a physical product is long, from design to package and shipping. It takes time, money, and energy, but it is all worth it in the end. If you want to unravel how to build a new product and deliver it to your customers, you can start by learning.

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Online Courses

Another way to make money from a blog is through selling online courses. Most people believe that you need to be an expert to have your course. However, this is not entirely true. All you need is to know more than the people you’re teaching and present the information so that people value it and, ultimately, buy it. Your online course can be as manageable as a PowerPoint presentation with a voice-over.

With today’s stay-at-home living, more people are taking online courses than ever, so this is the perfect time to find what you’re good at, create your course material and sell it on your blog. You don’t need to have an extensive subscribe list for it either; whatever you have is good enough to go.

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Blog Monetization Requirements

We want you to succeed once you learn how to monetize your blog. Now that we’ve put the base of a marketing plan and blog monetization strategy, it’s time to pick the topic. Remember, we mentioned above the niche you choose is the fundamental part of your blog. Find your voice, your unique style, and your personality. This will make your blog successful. On top of that, there is also the public you’d like to attract.

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A good idea that will help you achieve this goal is travel blogging. Who doesn’t want to travel the world and get paid to share their experience? If this is your style, then make sure you follow these quick tips to make money online and a name for yourself:

  • Be consistent – Create your content so that your reader will make a habit out of checking it.
  • Check your facts – Always write about what you know, what you experienced. If you don’t know much, a photo is worth a thousand words.
  • Don’t compare yourself – Sure, we didn’t discover fire, and it’s challenging to find unicorns these days. Travel bloggers exist already, but they don’t have what you do; they don’t see the world through your eyes. Don’t worry about who’s better, instead focus on being authentic. You will attract more readers and followers this way, and soon, brands will want to associate with your unique self.
  • Networking – Close related to the topic above. Don’t see other bloggers as enemies, but people who hold knowledge. Expand your social network to get along with by interacting with them on social media, on e-mail, or even going to specialized events.

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  • Social Media is the most powerful and free tool to make yourself seen out there. You also want to gain notoriety as you want to make money online. Don’t be shy to expand your horizons to Instagram, Pinterest, or even YouTube. Interact with your readers there and bring them closer to you on a much personal level.

We hope we have answered some of your queries about your blog monetization tips and making money online from it. What are some of your ideas for an online blog? What techniques worked for you? We’d love to read them in the comment sections.

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About The Author: Thomas Glare has ten years of varied experience in content, editing, and copywriting. He’s also experienced in hackathons, mentored startups, and has operated with digital agencies (clients such as Disney) and the Marketing Manager for a B2B software company.

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