Blogger Outreach And Best Practices

Why is blogger outreach an excellent approach for link building? How working on blogger outreach can help you collect high-quality backlinks in high quantity? What are the best practices of blogger outreach?

If you run or want to run an online business, you must know what it’s like to run a website. When we talk about getting traffic, many of us prefer organic traffic first, then marketing. And while it comes to organic traffic, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the whole game to play with.

SEO is the procedure of optimizing the website’s content for ranking it on Google’s first page. To optimize it, we have to work on content marketing. We need to follow Google’s ranking factors, in which link building is vital.

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Link building is a fun content marketing technique. You get inbound links/backlinks from other websites (related to your niche).

These inbound links work. They refer your website to Google’s search engine. They suggest the website’s content is relevant and good.

That makes your website rank on the first page. But the real task is acquiring the inbound links, which is not a piece of cake.

Blogger outreach is an excellent approach for link building. Working on blogger outreach can help you collect high-quality backlinks in high quantity. They can phenomenally boost your ranking on Google’s search engine.

What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is a type of content marketing. In it, you contact a blogger/influencer with a large fan-base in your niche. You convince them to write for your website or publish your content on theirs.

The core idea of blogger outreach is to turn their fans into your traffic and get high-quality backlinks. You must do this by asking their permission to build backlinks to your website.

How to do Blogger Outreach?

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When it comes to blogger outreach and approaching bloggers, it can drive you nuts. It’s a tiring process of finding relevant bloggers in your niche and convincing them to work with you.

Planning and executing it wisely and professionally are necessary. But here, you will learn all those tricks and tips that can make it easy for you to do blogger outreach. 

The root or the key to start your blogger outreach is to create a campaign for it. And for it, you need to work on these steps.

Understand your Goal

First, understand your target. Do this before you do anything for your content marketing. You should know what you are promoting. And why your customers should get it. Your goal should be clear and well-researched.

Understand your customers

The key person who can lead your product to failure or success is your customer. So, do your best to understand them. You should try to solve your customer’s problems with your product, and for it. So, you need to know the problems and challenges they are facing? What type of content are they interested in? What are the platforms they use? That makes you more transparent with your goal.

Identify the factors you want to promote

It is crucial to decide what to promote. What pages to rank, and what anchor to use. Also, you should decide how often you will post and how many links you will collect.

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Find bloggers relevant to your niche

The key to a blogger outreach campaign is finding a relevant, influential blogger. They must relate to your niche and have a great fandom/followers/subscribers. The best tip for keeping their records is to make a spreadsheet. In it, record the names, contact info, and follower counts of niche-related bloggers.

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How to find bloggers relevant to your niche?

The best tricks to find them are:

  1. Spying Competitors: The easiest way to reach your relevant blogger is to spy on your competitors. By spying on them, you can find where they get backlinks. Then, you can ask those sites or bloggers for the links. You can also do that with the help of available tools.
  2. Your articles related: If you are writing your blog, then approach those bloggers with the useful resources you mentioned. It will be the catalyst for your website ranking. You can use different tools to make this process simple.
  3. Search on Google: You can also find your niche related blogs on Google. Many bloggers write about their interests. These may match your niche topic. They are ready to write for everyone. Just go to Google and search “bloggers outreach for [your niche name].” You can see the results you wanted.
  4. Blog directories: Another method for searching for influential bloggers is blog directories. Many bloggers list their sites with blog directories. This helps you find their contact quickly.
  5. Find them on Twitter: Another trick to finding them is the tweeter. You can search people who have tweeted on the same topic as yours and then reach them out.
  6. Build a relationship with bloggers: Being friends with the blogger can surely get you many high-quality backlinks. Your way of contacting them can help you collect links. Your friendly gesture can also grow your circle of bloggers.

How to build friendly relationship with a blogger?

Follow these tips for building your friendly relationship with a blogger:

  • Learn and understand their content and writing. Note their level of expertise. Then, analyze how to convince them.
  • Make sure to write engaging and quality content that can appeal to their nature of writing.
  • Try to first make your impression by linking them to your content.
  • You can also join their platforms. These include Facebook groups or blogging websites. Leave comments on their posts to get their notice.
  • The emails you send them should be exciting and appealing. Try to make your emails relevant, attracting, engaging and personable, and pleasant. Make sure not to spam them with your emails.

Collect the right contact details

They put so much effort into collecting bloggers’ contact information. Still, many of us don’t pay enough attention while collecting it. They don’t check if the information they have collected is correct. Gather all the bloggers’ contact details carefully. That way, your past effort won’t go to waste.

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Blogger Outreach Best Practices

Here Real Outreach is summing-up all the best practices in the form of a list so that you can easily practice blogger outreaching.

  • Do the research, which is analyzing your targeted audience, then set a goal accordingly.
  • Set rules for it like target niche, moderate site metrics, and fair partnership options.
  • Set your particular amount of budget and time before reaching out to bloggers.
  • Work on best quality content, subject lines, and topics.
  • Use tools for boosting and saving your effort for your outreach process.
  • Last but not least, don’t be afraid to approach bloggers; go and make your first step.

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