How To Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74?

While running several apps, installing them, logging into them, or changing some of their settings, we may face different issues. That’s the same case with Spotify. If you have been or recently encountered an error code auth 74 issues in Spotify, you may want to fix it. So, in this write-up, we’ll work on several methods to find how to fix Spotify error code auth 74.

It’s not even an issue, as sometimes all you need to do is to uninstall and install the App. Or, sometimes, you may need to fix your firewall settings. Buckle up and dive with me into this guide! So, at the end of the day, your Spotify will work fine! Let’s not waste time and start this conversation!

What Is Spotify Error Code Auth 74 Issue?

This Spotify error code 74 has been faced by many users when they try to log in to the App.

When a user gets this code while logging into the App, it denies your request to get into the App.

Such an issue could occur due to several reasons. Between these, some of the most common ones include:

  • Having no access due to the Spotify firewall, 
  • Bad internet connection, 
  • Having many accounts on the app or cache files etc.

But, if you face this issue alone, you don’t need to panic.

You can fix such an issue differently, and we are about to work on those ways.

How To Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74 (1)
Spotify Error Code: Auth:74 Notification

What Are The Main Causes Of Spotify Error Code Auth 74?

As stated above, the issue can be caused due to multiple reasons. But some of the most prominent ones include the following:

  • An issue in the Spotify Firewall: it may not give access to the public and private networks. 
  • You might be using a VPN. 
  • The Proxy Setting could go wrong. 
  • There could be bad internet connectivity. 
  • Your Spotify app may need a reinstall. 
  • It may happen due to multiple account logging or a different country setting.

Can I Fix The Error Code Auth 74 Spotify?

Fixing this Error Code Auth 74 with Spotify is effortless and takes no time. Such an issue is not so familiar to many people.

But whenever you face it, there are necessary things you can do to fix the error. It means the possibility of fixing this error exists, and you shouldn’t worry about it!

How to fix Spotify error code Auth 74: Video Guide

How Do I Fix The Spotify Error Code Auth 74 In Windows 10 or 11?

There are many ways to fix this Spotify Error Code Auth 74. But one can do the following things to enjoy a speedy recovery of the App.

Uninstall the Spotify App and install it again to see if this fixes the error code auth 74. You can change your country setting or remove the many accounts you have logged into on Spotify. One must also take help by changing the firewall setting, or it can be done when you clean your cache files. At last, try checking the internet connection because sometimes this could be an issue leading to such an error.

Hence, the issue will be fixed, and you’ll get a clean working app on your Desktop or Mobile Phone screen.

Yet, below are some of the most common methods one can try to fix the Spotify Error Code 74 Auth issue. Let’s try them individually and see which works best for you!

Fix 1: Try Changing The Region In Your Spotify App:

Sometimes, you might have entered the wrong region in your Spotify app. And you might be browsing the App at a completely different location.

In that case, you could face such an error. But if you do some random settings, I hope you can fix it fast.

Just follow the steps below and see if it gives you any help!

Step 1: Install The Spotify App:

Do you have the Spotify app on your device? I know you have it as you love music as I do. Well, if you have that, pal, open it and login if you haven’t before.

Step 2: Log In Into The Spotify App:

The App will ask you to create an account on your Email address. Or you can log in with your Facebook, Google, or Apple Account.

It’s relatively simple to enter into Spotify because I know you as a social media geek too!

Step 3: Click On Account Option:

Once you are in, you’ll have the Spotify App View. There, you will look at your profile in the upper right corner.

Go for it and click on it!

How To Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74 (2)
Clicking The “Account” Option In Spotify

Step 4: Edit Profile:

Click on the Account option from here. If you use Spotify on your Computer, Laptop, or MacBook, it will take you to the browser.

From the browser window, look for the Edit Profile option!

How To Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74 (3)
Selecting The “Edit Profile”

Step 5: Change Your Country Or Region and Save your Profile:

You can find the Country or Region option when you go a little below. Here, you can change your country or region and put in another one.

Once done, Save Your Profile and keep going!

How To Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74 (4)
Saving Profile

Step 6: Reopen the App and Check If It Solves the issue:

At last, you need to reopen/restart the Spotify App, and you will find the error code auth 74 fixed. It’s pretty quick to do a thing like this in this way!

But if it is not fixed, move to the next step!

Fix 2: Re-Check Your Internet Connectivity:

A poor internet connection can sometimes lead to an error code like this. To prevent it, you need to ensure that there are any internet glitches.

That’s because it sometimes causes problems.

So, if you are facing an internet issue on your Wi-Fi network, you may want to change it to Mobile data, Hotspot, or any other alternative connection.

You need to do this to ensure a stable and error-free internet. By doing so, you can fix this Error Code Auth 74 issue on that Spotify app.

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Fix 3: A Firewall May Be Blocking Spotify Error Code Auth 74:

Most times, if you are running a Spotify app on Windows 10 or 11, it may not let the App run on your system.

In that case, you must allow your Spotify app to be accessed through the firewall.

Below, let me show you how you can fix this firewall problem with your Spotify to fix the error of Auth 74.

Step 1: Access Command Prompt:

First, open Command Prompt on your Windows 10 or 11. Go for Windows +R.

Once it is opened, you need to type firewall.cpl command on your command prompt Window. Hit enter, and you’ll have a new window.

How To Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74 (5)
Typing “firewall.cpl” on Command Prompt

Step 2: Allow App Through Windows Firewall:

In the Windows Defender Firewall, click on Allow an app or feature through windows defender firewall.

How To Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74 (6)
Allowing “Spotify App” Through Windows Firewall

Step 3: Go Through Change Settings:

After that, Click on the Change Settings option!

How To Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74 (7)
Changing Settings In Windows Firewall

Step 4: Allow Spotify For Private and Public Networks:

Check the Spotify App for private and Public Networks in the next Window. You must ensure that a tick mark is present in all three checkboxes.

How To Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74 (8)
Allowing Spotify For Private and Public Networks

Step 5: Save the Settings:

Save the settings and Click Ok to see if this solves your issue. It is one of the most authentic ways to fix an error like this.

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Fix 4: What If The Spotify Server Is Itself Down?

There could be a possibility in a hundred that your App Server could be down. In that case, you cannot do anything from your side until and unless the server restores itself automatically.

Once the server is up and running, hope you will find your Spotify App back on its track.

Therefore, if you encounter the Spotify Error Code Auth 74, you must check if the server is working fine or not.

One can ensure this by visiting the Spotify Server Status page online, it will give you the necessary details.

Besides, you may want to check Status Detector or follow the Spotify Status Page on the Internet to see what is happening in the real world.

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Fix 5: Try Disabling The Proxy Settings:

In this step, I’d share the process of fixing this error code auth 74 by fixing your Windows Proxy Settings. Sometimes, using a proxy in Windows 10 and 11 causes an app to display an issue like this.

Hence, please follow the steps below to fix this thing!

Step 1: Open Network Settings On Windows:

First, Click Windows +I, and you will enter into the System Settings. Find Network and Internet Setting options from there.

How To Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74 (9)
Opening Network Settings On Windows

Step 2: Find Proxy Settings:

Find the proxy option as shown below.

How To Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74 (10)
Selecting Proxy Settings

Step 3: Turn Off Using The Proxy Server:

Go for the Manual Proxy Settings and Turn it Off in this step.

Once you do that, return to the Spotify app and restart it to see if it fixes the error code auth 74. However, it is still there; go for the next step because I have more things to offer.

How To Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74 (11)
Turning Off The Proxy Server

Step 4: Turning Off The Proxy From The App:

There is another way through which you can turn off the Proxy Settings for Spotify. And it is to be done by browsing the App.

For this, Click on the Profile Icon of your Spotify App in the upper right corner. You will find the Setting option there, and click on it!

Turning Off The Proxy From The Spotify App
Turning Off The Proxy From The Spotify App

Once you are into the Settings, keep sliding down until you find the below screen.

Setting up Proxy
Setting up Proxy

From this screen, click the drop-down icon to get the option of No Proxy. By using it, set the Proxy Settings of your Spotify App to No Proxy.

How To Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74 (14)
Selecting “No Proxy” Option

After doing so, you can fix the issue of error code auth 74, and the App will start running back to its normal working!

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Fix 6: Logging Off From Multiple Accounts:

Sometimes, you might use multiple accounts on your Spotify app. Therefore, when you toggle between these accounts simultaneously, you may face the issue of error code auth 74 in Spotify.

You can fix it by removing all the additional accounts from your Spotify Accounts list.

One can do this by logging off from every account one by one until you have only one to use as your premium account for listening to music.

By doing so, you can fix this error which often occurs when you are logging into your Spotify Account!

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Fix 7: Try Disabling or Uninstalling The VPN On Your Device:

It doesn’t matter whether you are using your Spotify App on Windows or MacBook; you can fix any error that the App is showing by changing the VPN Settings.

Sometimes, our VPN settings are left unchecked, running in the background, or we intentionally use VPN.

In that case, you need to remove all these utilities affected by the VPN. You can change your VPN Settings on Windows 10 or 11 by following the steps.

Step 1: Go to Network and Internet Settings:

First, Give a command of Windows + I, and you will be in the System Settings. From there, you need to find Windows and Internet Settings options!

Opening The “Network and Internet” Setting
Opening The “Network and Internet” Setting

Step 1: Look For The VPN:

Once you are there, look for the VPN Settings as shown below.

Selecting “VPN” Setting
Selecting “VPN” Setting

Step 2: Turn Off Your VPN:

Once you have got the VPN, you need to turn it off. Click on the Toggle Bar to turn off the VPN over metered Network.

How To Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74 (17)
Turning Off “Allow VPN Over Metered Networks” Option

In this way, you can fix your Spotify Error Code Auth 74. However, if this doesn’t fix the issue, you can move to the next step.

Additional: Uninstall The VPN

However, if you are using an additional VPN App on your device, uninstall it.

For this, go to the Control Panel of your Laptop and look for Uninstall an App option.

Once you do that, the VPN will stop accessing your Internet and be clean from affecting the remaining, like Spotify.

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Fix 8: Uninstall The Spotify App And Reinstall It:

If nothing is helping to fix the error code auth 74, you would like to uninstall the Spotify App. To do this, you will need to go through the following steps.

Step 1: Look for the Apps:

Search Apps in the search bar of your Windows 10 or 11. You will get the following Window.

Finding “Apps” In Windows 10 or 11
Finding “Apps” In Windows 10 or 11

Step 2: Look for Spotify:

From the installed apps, go to Spotify. Find it, and you’ll be able to uninstall it finally.

Selecting “Installed Apps”
Selecting “Installed Apps”

Once it is uninstalled, you can go to the Microsoft Store, Play Store, or App Store to download the App again, depending on your operating system.

After installing the App, I hope you won’t face the issue again and the er or code will finally be fixed.

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Fix 9: Contact To The Spotify Support:

Last, a solution is always there, but you must find it. If you are fixing a simple code on your Spotify or something much more complicated, the Customer Support from that App or software is always there.

So, just in case you can’t figure out the solution to this issue even after trying everything, you should contact Spotify Customer Support. I hope that they will have a better solution for you.

Thus, try all these steps individually, and I am very assured that any of these steps will fix your issue.

But if it doesn’t, contacting Spotify Customer Support would be the best shot! Give it a try and share your experience with me as well.

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How Do I Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74 On MacBook?

Often MacBook users have complained about this issue on macOS Ventura 13.1.

But the good news is that fixing such an issue over the MacBook with the latest version is not that difficult.

If you encounter the error code auth 74 on your Spotify App on MacBook while using it or logging into it, you can fix it by uninstalling the App and then reinstalling it.

To do that, you will need to go through the following steps. Please have a look!

Step 1: Look for the Spotify App On MacBook:

Your Spotify App on MacBook could be anywhere, and it could be on the Dock or in the Whole Apps list.

For an easier Search, go to the Command Option and look for the Spotify app.

How To Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74 (20)
Finding the Spotify App On MacBook

Step 2: Uninstall the Spotify:

If you are a Mac user, you will know how to uninstall an app on a MacBook.

However, if you don’t know, then all you need to do is to keep clicking on the Spotify App until it gives you the option to remove the App.

Click on it, and Spotify will be removed.

Step 3: Reinstall The App:

To reinstall the Spotify App on your MacBook, go to the Safari Browser and Search for the App. Search for it, and you can easily install it from there.

Once reinstalled, the issue will likely be fixed, and you can smoothly get into Spotify, a world full of music.

How To Fix Spotify Error Code Auth 74 (21)
Reinstalling Spotify App In MacBook

This way, the Spotify error code auth:74 will be fixed, and one can easily browse any song he wants in the App.

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Final Thoughts:

Speaking of facts, there are multiple ways through which you can fix the Spotify Error Code Auth 74. I’ve explained some of the most authentic and straightforward methods for restoring the App to its normal position. Whether you are using Windows 10, 11, or MacBook, you can figure this issue out if you try these steps. However, if you need help at any step or might want to add something additional, the doors are always open for you.

Hence, don’t forget to share your experience after trying these steps to fix the error. And keep visiting for more latest fixes. Have a lovely day!

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