How To Fix Hulu Error Code P-Edu125?

Hulu is a top-rated streaming service amassing millions of users that enjoy and stream their content daily. However, like other such services, it is also prone to errors/glitches, including the Hulu Error Code P-Edu125, while trying to stream. Are you getting this error? Are you wondering why it occurred, and want to fix Hulu Error Code P-Edu125, you have come to the right place.

What is Hulu Error Code P-Edu125?

How to Fix Hulu error code P-Edu125 1

Programmers use error codes to allow troubleshooting issues with their software/websites and services. Each error code specifies a particular set of things that could’ve gone wrong, and usually, you can fix those things and get the service working again. The same is the case with Error Code P-Edu 125. It suggests that there has been an issue with the authentication of the user subscription.

Why are You Getting Hulu Error Code P-Edu125?

While there can be multiple reasons that can cause issues with subscription authentication, the following are mostly the culprits behind the occurrence of this error.

  • Multiple Logged-in Devices: If you are logged in and using your account on multiple devices, it can get more challenging for Hulu to authenticate your session. This can be because multiple devices might be pinging the server for authentication at the same time.
  • Payment Information: The payment information you have used might not be authenticated from the server end resulting in the Hulu error code P-Edu125. Usually, a small amount is temporarily deducted when you enter a payment method to verify it. If this verification fails, the server might not accept your payment information.
  • Third-Party Billing: There have been mixed reports about using third-party billing to purchase a Hulu subscription. Some users have found it to be the cure, while others have rooted it down as the cause behind this issue.
  • Subscription Issue: Ultimately, the issue lies with the subscription authentication from the server end, the error is only seen when the subscription fails to authenticate, and the problem can sometimes be with the subscription process itself.

Now that you have been familiarized with the reasons behind the p-Edu125 error. Now, you can move on to implementing the solutions.

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How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-Edu125: Here are 6 Solution

In most cases, you can deploy the following steps to fix this issue with your subscription completely. Try them all in the specific order they are enlisted in until one of them works for you.

Solution 1: Updating the Payment Information

As suggested above, the payment information might not be approved from the server end, due to which you see the error. To update this information:

  • On the Hulu Login page, enter your credentials to complete the login process.
  • On the next page, you should see your “Account Name” on the top right side. Please, click on it.
  • Inside the account page, select the “Update Payment” option to initiate a change in the payment settings.
How to Fix Hulu error code P-Edu125 2
Updating Hulu Payment
  • From the next screen, enter a different payment gateway than you used before. You can use a different card or PayPal this time.
  • Save the new changes and exit this page.
  • Try to stream and check if you have fixed the Hulu error code P-Edu125.

Solution 2: Remove other Devices from Hulu

To remove other devices from Hulu, you can access them one by one and remove them. Alternatively, you can remove them from the Hulu settings page. To do so:

  • Using your credentials, log in to the Hulu account page.
  • Click on your account icon from the top right side to launch the account settings.
  • Now, select the “Manage Devices” option that you should see on the accounts page.
How to Fix Hulu error code P-Edu125 3
Selecting the “Manage Devices” option
  • This option lets you see which devices currently use your subscription to stream Hulu content.
  • Make sure to remove all the devices except the ones that you are currently using. You can do this by clicking on the “Remove” button in front of the device details.
How to Fix Hulu error code P-Edu125 4
Selecting “Remove” in front of the devices
  • Check to see if this fixes the Hulu error code P-Edu125.

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Solution 3: Switch from Third-Party Billing or Vice-Versa

Users have found that switching their billing from third-party billing to direct billing fixed the Hulu error code P-Edu125 issue for them. However, there have also been reports on the contrary. Therefore, we suggest you try to switch from the current form of billing you are using to the other one. It means that if you are using direct billing, switch to third-party billing, and if you are using third-party billing, switch to direct billing.

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Solution 4: Clear Hulu Cache

The application cache that is stored on the device can end up being corrupted, and it might cause the Hulu error code P-Edu125. Therefore, we suggest that you clear out the cache. To do that:

Mobile Device:
  • From your app drawer, look for the “Settings” icon and click on it to go to settings.
  • Then, select the “Apps” button in the settings and click the “Manage Apps” option.
How to Fix Hulu error code P-Edu125 5
Clicking on “Manage Apps”
  • You will now see a list of all installed applications. So, from it, select “Hulu” and click on the “Storage” or “Manage Storage” option.
How to Fix Hulu error code P-Edu125 6
Clicking on the “Storage” button
  • Select the “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” buttons to delete cached files from your device completely.
How to Fix Hulu error code P-Edu125 7
Selecting the “Clear Data” option
  • Now, the application creates a new cache.
  • Check to see if you have fixed Hulu error code P-Edu125.
Smart TV & Consoles:
  • Open your device settings and select the “Applications” option from the list.
  • After that, select “Hulu” from the installed applications and then click on the “Clear Cache” or the “Clear Cache & Data” button.
Clearing cache on Firestick
Clearing cache on Firestick
  • Check if this fixes the issue; you can stream normally.
  • Start your browser and press “CTRL + H” from the keyboard to load up the history.
  • Click on the “Clear Browsing Data” option from the left and select “All Time” from the range.
Selecting "Clear Browsing Data"
Selecting “Clear Browsing Data”
  • From the next prompt, click the “Clear Data” button to remove the browsing data and check if this fixes the Hulu error code P-Edu125.

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Solution 5: Re-Subscribe to Hulu Services

In the end, as a last resort, you can try to remove your current subscription and try to resubscribe again if you are at the end of your billing cycle. To do so:

  • Using your credentials, log in to the Hulu accounts page.
  • Select the “Cancel Subscription” option and follow the on-screen instructions to cancel it.
Selecting "Cancel Subscription"
Selecting “Cancel Subscription”
  • After canceling the subscription, navigate to the Hulu homepage. Then, choose a subscription plan.
Hulu Subscription Plans
Hulu Subscription Plans
  • Use different credentials this time and initiate the subscription.
  • Also, check to see if this fixes the Hulu error code P-Edu125.

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Troubleshooting Video: Hulu Error Code P-EDU125


This error mostly co-relates to an issue with your subscription. By using the above methods, you can try to refresh the subscription information to fix the Hulu error code P-Edu125 completely. Protection Status
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