How To Pin A Comment On Instagram?

Before we find out how to pin a comment on Instagram, let us first discuss the importance of comments and why anyone wants to pin the comment on Instagram.

Comments, in contemporary times, are crucial on social media. This is because there are many brands and businesses out there which are using social media to market their business.

Comments On Instagram

Small businesses and brands must get feedback from their customers, and one of the ways they receive feedback is through social media comments. If the feedback is positive, then there is a higher chance that the comment might get pinned. Before proceeding to the points, how to pin a comment on Instagram, have a look why these comments are significant.

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Customer Interaction

Comment on Instagram depicts brand popularity. Most of the pages with a large number of comments have a large following, which makes them popular. Also, influential people, big brands, and celebrities have many comments under their posts. The more additional comments you have on your page, the more popularity your brand will gain.

To boost the performance of your Instagram page, you can perform a test by replying to the question of every customer who reaches out to you. This will get your page more exposure on Instagram, and additionally. So, your customers will be happy and receive a quick response from your side.

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Significance of Comments

Due to the comments, people can pen down their thoughts and on social media, especially on business pages. This serves a dual function. Not only does it let the consumer provide an honest opinion about the business. But it also helps the business owners know their consumers better, which will eventually help them improve their services. Marketers can also use these comments to modify their marketing services.

Comments also provide you with a platform to communicate with your customers directly and demonstrate to them that you care about them. For this purpose, you have to stay active and responsive in the comments. It is also essential to respond to comments as early as possible and don’t leave them unattended for a long time.

Engagement in comments also helps businesses identify problem areas in their products. This way, not only do they acknowledge their shortcomings, but they also fix them. Also, the customers appreciate it if they find a brand responsive enough to answer their queries on time.

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Communication and Response

With the advancement of social media, brands are at the disposal of customers regarding reputation. Negative comments on any post may paint your brand in a negative light. Even in such cases, a positive response from brand representatives may change the situation completely. This way, you will also be able to make loyal customers.

One also needs to understand that it is essential to answer questions on social media professionally, and doing so will increase your brand awareness.

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Courteous Behavior

There is a common mistake which most brands don’t intend to do, but end up doing anyway. They try to respond to the queries in comments with humor but humiliate the customer, which eventually earns them a negative reputation. Even if you use humour, make sure you address the real problem.

Lastly, if you are consistent in responding to social media queries, your brand will improve its positive reputation.

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6 Steps on How to Pin A Comment on Instagram?

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Pinned comments add a cheerful touch to your profile. Pinned comments can be your own, or you can also pin the comment of your other followers.

Once you pin a comment on Instagram, it gets posted at the top of the thread regardless of the time you post it.

The comment will also appear to users when scrolling through the app. Not only do these pinned comments create a dialogue, but they can also be a valuable source to post follow-up information, sources of the post, etc.

6 Ways on how to pin a comment on Instagram mentioned below, follow the following steps.

  1. Open the application and head towards any of your posts.
  2. Single out the comment which you want to pin at the top
  3. Then, swipe left on the comment you want to pin, and then click on the thumbtack icon.
  4. Once you do that, Instagram will try to make you aware of the entire phenomenon and ask you again to pin that comment.
  5. Once you make up your mind, click on the pinned comment.
  6. Once you do it, the comment will be pinned. You can similarly pin three comments.

Having said all that, one must always know how to pin a comment on Instagram with careful consideration, as pinned comments can make or break your brand image.

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Use Features To Pin A Comment On Instagram

There is a limit on how many comments you can pin. You are allowed to pin only three comments on your post or picture. At one point or another, the feature is just like pinning the heart on someone’s comment on Facebook; it gives a boost to the post itself.

Finding the feature on Instagram is very easy; swipe your comment left, and you see many options. Among many ones is the pushpin icon, when you press it, your comment automatically gets pinned up.

There was a time when Instagram users could write anything on their profile and get away with it. Now, this platform uses AI, aka Artificial Intelligence, to read through the comments and statements that every user is posting. It helps Instagram curb abusive, offensive, and negative comments to communicate on the social platform positively.

Fortunately, now hate speech against any artist, individual, and celebrity won’t be tolerated. If any users write offensive or swear words, the tools detect them instantly. It will remove the harmful captions automatically.

Knowing how to pin a comment on Instagram feature is something that every influencer and Instagram user can take advantage of. The more pinned comments you have, the better results you will get in search results because the Instagram algorithm catches upon it.

As an outcome, you can gain more views on your videos or posts if you are an influencer. Since, the algorithm makes a way to display your post publicly in search results so more users can find it.

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