How to Fix Hulu Error Code 504 (Gateway Timeout)

Many of us must have encountered Hulu error code 504 after opening a particular website or while in the middle of using it. This error is fundamental but rarely occurs only when there is an issue from the backend. There’s no specific reason why this error flashes, but we can try to fix it. Ohh man, too frustrating!

As a brand owner, I would not want this error to appear as it only affects the brand quality. Since no one knows the exact reason behind this error, viewers may get annoyed or frustrated. The poor quality of service will break viewer’s trust and lead to a decline in the number of viewers.

Hulu is one of the mainstreaming service providers of Disney in America, and brands as big as this may also face this issue. This content will provide you with some solutions that might solve your problem. In this article, you will get all the solutions to fix Hulu error code 504 gateway timeout error.

What is Hulu and Hulu Error Code 504?

Hulu is an on-demand video streaming service majorly owned by Disney, making it one of the mainstreaming platforms of Disney along with ESPN+ and Disney+. As of now, this American service provider has 41.6 million subscribers and 1650 shows with 2500 films in its library.

Hulu error code 504 is a gateway timeout error shown when a server cannot get a response in time from the upstream server while accessing the required data. There can be distinct causes for this error to appear, and trial and error methods might solve it.

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Top Solutions to Fix Hulu Error Code 504 (Gateway Timeout) Problem

1. Reload Web Browser

First, you can reload the site if you have opened Hulu on a web browser or try refreshing the application. If this didn’t work, then try using another browser. Sometimes due to overloading of the server, the error appears.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code 504 Gateway Timeout Clear Cache

Before performing this operation, you can try clearing caches to get removed if any old data has been stored. Same with smartphone users, you can clear caches of Hulu from the settings app of the smartphone.

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2. On/Off Your Networking Device

Networking devices such as a modem, WIFI router may be the reason for Hulu error code 504 gateway timeout error show. Carrying out an ON/OFF operation may fix this problem.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code 504 Gateway Timeout WiFi Router On off

Furthermore, Android/iPhone users can also try doing airplane mode on/off and then connect to a rebooted networking device.

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3. Change the IP Address of the DNS Server

DNS server converts our website address into the server’s readable language, such as IP address. This might be the cause of the Hulu error code 504 gateway timeout error, and usually, it takes a lot of time to establish a connection.

The solution to fix that is by changing the IP address of the DNS server by navigating to properties of the connected networking device in the PC. There you can change the IP address according to the service you are accessing.

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4. Try Using VPN

In some countries or regions, Hulu service is not available for the viewers, and due to this, they may face the error. Connecting to the server from a restricted location is impossible, so you have to connect to a high-quality VPN service.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code 504 Gateway Timeout VPN Connection

This will bypass the network security and hide your IP address, location and encrypting your data traffic so that no one can tell your location. This way, you can avoid Hulu error code 504 gateway timeout error and enjoy the service smoothly.

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5. Update Hulu App

Sometimes due to the old version of your Hulu application, fetching data from the server might cause problems leading to a Hulu error code 504 gateway timeout error.

Update Hulu App

What viewers can do is try updating to the latest version of the application making it more compatible.

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6. Contact Customer Support

If, above all, solutions did not work for you, then the ultimate solution is contacting the customer. Taking help from customer support will fix this issue because eventually, they understand their service problems well and often have encountered these types of problems.

Try contacting as soon as possible if the error remains the same.

Contact Here:

Video Guide To Fix Hulu Error Code 504(Gateway Timeout)


This article has briefly explained to you all the possible solutions to solve your Hulu error code 504 gateway timeout error problem.

Facing this type of error that is so basic yet sometimes annoying and frustrating can exhaust you, so try all the above solutions carefully to succeed.

It’s very common to get this error as streaming services are implicitly connected to the cloud, and connecting to a server 24/7 has chances of facing this issue once in a while for someone.

Also, you can contact your local internet service provider and explain your query in detail. As a technician, he can help you and give you some valuable suggestions.

Read this article carefully to avoid confusion, and you can revert to this article if you reencounter this error in the future.

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