How To Fix Hulu Error Code 500?

Hulu is a top-rated streaming service in the United States, with millions of users logging in daily to stream their favorite content. Like many other services, Hulu is pretty prone to errors. You have come to the right place if you are getting the Hulu error code 500 while trying to stream. In this article, we have discussed why Hulu error code 500 occurs and listed the steps we can undertake to fix it.

What is Hulu Error Code 500?

How to fix Hulu error code 500 1
Hulu Error Code 500 Notification

All streaming services have specific error codes built into them. Also, they are displayed on particular occasions and types of failures. When the stream is interrupted or fails, it investigates why it failed and then shows an associated error code. The Hulu error code 500 concerns the servers’ inability to receive and send data packets to and from your computer.

This doesn’t state that the issue always occurs at Hulu’s end, as it can also come from some misconfigurations at your end.

Why are You Getting The Hulu Error Code 500?

There can be many reasons why you get the Hulu error code 500, but we have written some of the most prominent ones below.

  1. Browser caches/cookies corrupted: The browser stores cache and cookies, allowing it to load websites faster by storing basic information about them. But, if the data has been corrupted, you will run into the Hulu error code 500.
  2. App Cache Corrupted: Like the browser, the Hulu app also caches data to store on the device. Doing so, it speeds up the app loading time, which improves user experience. But, this data occasionally corrupts due to storage failures and causes issues.
  3. Error with the Streaming Device: Your streaming device might not have loaded up correctly. So, you might get the error code while trying to stream.
  4. Hulu Servers are down for Maintenance: The Hulu servers must be maintained occasionally, which requires them to be shut down temporarily. If that is happening right now, you have no choice but to wait until they come back up.
  5. Outdated Application: You can get this error if the Hulu app is outdated. Because the authentication process requires you to use the latest app.

Now that you know most of the reasons behind this issue, we can start fixing it using the steps below.

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Top 7 Steps on How to Fix Hulu Error Code 500

Make sure to implement all the below-listed steps one by one on your device to fix the error.

Verify Server Uptime

There is a possibility that the Hulu servers are under service. If that is the case, most Hulu users should be experiencing the same or similar errors while streaming. Thus, you can click here to check reports of Hulu service outages and check if there are increased numbers of messages. If that is the case, you can only wait until the servers come back up.

How to fix Hulu error code 500 2
Checking for Hulu Outages

Test Internet Speed

A good internet connection is a preliminary need for a good streaming experience. So, we suggest you test your internet connection using the steps below.

  • Launch your browser and go to this website.
  • Click the “GO” button to start the speed test on the website.
How to fix Hulu error code 500 3
Selecting “GO” to test the internet speed
  • Wait for the speed test to be finished and check your “Download Speed” and latency.
  • You should have at least a bandwidth of 8Mbps on your downstream for HD streaming.
How to fix Hulu error code 500 4
Checking “Download Speed” and latency

Restart the Device

You might be using your computer, TV, Roku, or any other device to stream from Hulu. You must try to restart the device to ensure that there haven’t been any complications with the startup. It is an old rule of time in tech that you should always try to see if a restart fixes things.

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Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Google Chrome:
  • Launch your browser and press the “CTRL + H” keys from your keyboard to enter the history.
  • Select the “Clear Browsing Data” button from the left side.
How to fix Hulu error code 500 6
Selecting “Clear Browsing Data”
  • From the “Time Range,” select “All Time“.
  • Check all the options and click the “Clear Data” button.
How to fix Hulu error code 500 7
Selecting the “Clear Data” button
  • This will now remove all the cached data and cookies for the Hulu website from your browser.
  • Check to see if this fixes the Hulu error code 500.
Microsoft Edge:
  • Start your browser and press “CTRL + H” to open the recent history popup.
  • Click on the “Three horizontal dots” in the popup and select the “Clear browsing data” option.
  • Select “All time” from the time range and checkmark all the available options.
  • Then, click the “Clear Now” button to clear all the cookies and data.
  • Check and verify if this allows you to stream on Hulu normally.

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Clear Hulu Cache

On your device, the Hulu app creates some cache that can be cleared to fix this issue. For that:

Mobile Device:
  • From your app drawer, look for the “Settings” icon and click on it to go to settings.
  • Then, select the “Apps” button in the settings and click the “Manage Apps” option. 
How to fix Hulu error code 500 10
Clicking on “Manage Apps”
  • In the list of all installed applications, select the “Hulu” option.
  • Select the “Storage” or “Manage Storage” option (whichever is present on your device).
How to fix Hulu error code 500 11
Clicking on the “Storage” button
  • Click the “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” options to remove cached files from the device.
How to fix Hulu error code 500 12
Selecting the “Clear Data” option
  • Now, the application should create a new cache that isn’t corrupted.
  • Check if this fixes the Hulu error code 500.
Smart TV & Consoles:
  • Launch your device settings and click the “Applications” button.
  • From there, select the “Hulu” option and then select the “Clear Cache” or the “Clear Cache & Data” button (whichever is present on your device).
Clearing cache on Firestick
Clearing cache on Firestick
  • Verify if this removes your device’s Hulu error code 500.

Install App Updates

You can check to see any available updates on your device and install them on the device. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • From your home screen, navigate to the “Play Store” or the “Apple App Store,” depending on your smartphone provider.
  • From the store, search for the “Hulu” application in the list of installed apps.
  • Click the “Update” button if any updates are available.
Updating Hulu app
Updating Hulu app
  • Check whether the Hulu error code 500 is fixed after installing the update.

Reinstall the Application

The device you are using should allow you to reinstall the Hulu app. We will be doing this because reinstalling can fix a lot of incorrect installation configurations. For that:

  • From your home screen, navigate to the app drawer.
  • Press and hold on to the “Hulu” app and select the “Uninstall” or “Delete App” button.
Uninstall the Hulu App
Uninstall the Hulu App
  • After the uninstallation, go to the app store associated with your device and search for the Hulu app.
  • Download and install the app on your device and check to see if this fixes the Hulu error code 500.
Searching for Hulu in Play Store
Searching for Hulu in Play Store


Hulu error code 500 is primarily a server-side issue but can also be related to several things on your device. So, follow the methods above, and you should be able to fix the error completely. Feel free to get in touch if you are still facing the issue.

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