How To Get Top Rank In Google Search Engine?

Today, we have listed some quick and best ways to get top rank in Google Search Engine. For any online business, ranking is the most significant thing to get leads. For any product or service, a user always searches it on Search Engines and visits only the top 9-10 search results offering that particular service/product shown on the first page of Search Engine.

If you place yourself as a user searching for a product like headphones on Google, you will see results showing headphones from different sites like Shop clues, Flipkart, etc. Now, you will first definitely go shopping for clues, and if you find any cute headphones, you’ll place an order for them without even get bothered by other sites like Flipkart.

What happens here is that Google placed the right site according to your keyword search, and this resulted in an increment of the traffic of ShopClues site. So, it is merely that the higher the site’s ranking, the more the business will be.

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Tips To Get Top Rank In Google Search Engine

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Now are About Important tips to get top rank in Google Search Engine

If you are a business person owning a website and want to see your site placed with top rank on the first page of top Search Engine like Google, here are some of the practices which you can follow, and these are also followed by many SEO Companies in UK for their client’s-

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which consists of various exercises to increase traffic quality and volume over a website. You must do the SEO practices carefully because if some mistake happens, you’ll get penalized by the Search Engine instead of getting a high ranking. So, before hiring any SEO Company in London or anywhere, you must check out their service quality. In SEO, there are two optimization techniques-

On-Page Optimization

This optimization includes all the things that need to be processed only on the website, i.e., inside the website’s boundary. You can succeed in On-Page optimization by keeping in mind the following things-

  • Don’t Over-Optimize the keywords in pages of the website.
  • Doing internal linking might help you in getting rid of long-tail keyword searches.
  • Always create sitemaps for your site, and if you’re adding some page, you must do resubmission of sitemap to search engine.
  • As Google bots can’t see your image; Use Alt Tag about images is helpful.

Content is King. Google gives high priority to unique and quality content, so your primary focus should be on the website’s content. The more unique and relevant content will of your site, the more people link to your site.

Off-Page optimization

All the techniques implemented outside the website to increase the site’s ranking come under Off-page optimization. Following are the necessary procedures to follow for the achievement of Off-page optimization-

  • Bookmarking: Bookmarking the site on various bookmarking sites like Delicious, Stumble Upon is a great tool to increase ranking.
  • Guest Blogging: Guest Blogging is a magnificent way to build quality backlinks. So, guest Blogging means having a blog post on another website or Blog that is already well established – that Blog must be in our business line. For example, if my website is about Digital Marketing, another website should also be an online marketing blog and link to our site or Blog.
  • Use only usual Backlinks so that site doesn’t get punished and drop ranking.

If a site strictly follows all the optimization methods mentioned above, you are on the way to get guaranteed Google top 10 rankings.

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SMO: Social Media Optimization

SMO viewpoints for Social Media Optimization, and as the title is signifying. This optimization is related to Social Media places. As of nowadays, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ are very hit among people in terms of interaction or allocation of data. So, social media offers a great way to grow quality traffic over the site.

  • Designing profiles that are luring to customers on different media sites.
  • Regularly updating profiles helps in sticking to previous users and attracting new ones.
  • Using sites like YouTube, Vimeo for submission of videos helps spread information about your services and products.
  • Sending goodies to close followers for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • If a user asks some question, always revert to his queries with an appropriate and helpful answer.

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PPC: Pay Per Click

It is a service only if by Google Search Engine for website owners. In this service, Google places the site at the top of the extreme power position on the SERPs, and whenever a site gets clicked on its ad, Google charges a fee for it. You can say this practice an unnatural way to get top rank in Google Search Engine for getting high-quality traffic in less time than organic ways.

For reaching only the right target audience, PPC requires the following implementations done before opting for services from Google-

  • Make ad copies with little or some difference.
  • Creating site ads only for certain users like phones, tablets, etc.
  • Placing keywords that are user friendly.
  • Good and Enhanced designing on the Landing page.

If a site owner effectively implements these services, then to get top rank in Google Search Engine is not severe. I must say that carrying out these optimizations by yourself may be harmful in ranking your site; but many SEO Service experts in the UK can execute these with the targeted results. It is desirable that you hire a good and experienced SEO Company UK for your ultimate goals.

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