What is a Search Engine – Top 6 Search Engines

What is a search engine and how it works? Are there any search engines like Google? What is the history of search engine? Have a look!

Google is used so much right now that some people are very used to Google and may be surprised to hear that there are still search engines like Google. The fact is that there are a lot of search engines that work like Google. To get Google off its throne, but so far, no search engine is powerful enough to replace Google.

What is a search engine – a brief history?

Purpose of invention Web search engines are to search for information on the World Wide Web. The user of this search enters the keyword to get the desired information, and this provides maximum search results related to it. These search results are also called SERPS or Search Engine Results Pages. Results include web pages, images, information, and a variety of files. 

The web directory is created by human editors but works from a combination of search engine algorithms or algorithms and human input.

Archie became the first tool.

There was a list of web servers in the web’s early development stages, and Tim Berners-Lee edited this list. Web servers are hardware or software that transmits content that falls on the Internet to the user.

Tim Berners is a British computer scientist. He invented the World Wide Web.

Its host server was CERN. Then as the new webserver went online, the list server designed by the team could not carry the load of this server. Shortly afterward, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications’ website displayed the servers with the caption, “What’s New!” Then came Archie. It was the first search engine available on the Internet. It was created in 1990 by Barbados-based scientist Alan Emtage and his colleagues. Archie was displaying all public files on the Internet to the user, But Archie couldn’t make any indexes. That was his weak point.

What is the first search engine?

The first search engine came in 1993.

Archie was followed in 1991 by a protocol called Gopher. It had two search programs called Veronica and Jughead. This program displayed the data available on the Internet in a molded manner, which was its feature. However, these programs did not last long. Despite such development, in 1993, there was no search engine available. At the time, the work was being carried out by a human-edited web directory. On September 2, 1993, the world’s first primary web search was launched. It was called the W3 Catalog. It was produced by Oscar Nierstraz of the University of Geneva. Then in 1993, two new search engines were launched, Aliveb and Jumpstation.

The challenge of full-text search

Many scientists throughout the world were working on the development of search engines. Although, search engines created in 1993 could not search the full text. Full-text search meant a search in which the search engine would search for the user’s word in each file and give matching results. In 1994 came a browser called Web Crawler. It was the first full-text browser in the world. It also became popular among ordinary people. 

All engines manufactured since then have been developed based on the same engine standards. The most popular Google search is available in 124 languages ​​worldwide.

How does a search engine work?

Web search engines work by collecting information from many web pages. They also re-display when the search is done. It seems that different search work a little differently, But the primary method of working is the same.

Web crawling

The first stage of searching on a search engine is called web crawling. It consists of a web crawler, a computer program, and a program that browses the World Wide Web data. Its feature is that this program searches for data in a systematic and automated manner.

Web Indexing

This is the second stage of the search. It lists the entire information collected by the crawler. The entire information obtained at this stage is collected in the database. This database depends on the page’s structure and the order of the other pages associated with a page. This is called web indexing.


The third stage of the search engine is called searching. It works as a search software. When a user enters a keyword or word to search for information, the software displays search-related content through a pre-created database or by looking at an index.

Most used by Google

Google is one of the most used search engines in the world. As of May 2011, 82.80 percent of Internet users worldwide use the Google search. Also, in India, 81.4 percent of internet users use the Google search.

What are the top 6 search engines?


There is no need to talk about it, yet, you know Google, 69.5% of users use Google. And that’s why Google ranks first.

Google’s dominance in the system of search engines


Baidu, China’s largest and most popular search engine, has seen a surge in profits over the past year.

The company had 29 295 million net earnings for the quarter ended September, the company said in a statement. The profit is 80 percent higher than the same time last year. The company has made its profit mainly through advertising and a massive increase in sales. 

Baidu is the most significant search engine in China and controls 80 percent of its Internet search market. The Internet market in China is also growing the fastest. The current number of internet subscribers here is more than 45 crore. 

In China, the Internet is currently being developed mainly in urban areas, and there is a lot of scope for development in rural areas as well. But, experts say that at present, the search engine industry in China is in its infancy. As consumers and online consumers become more aware, so, the potential for internet development and the market will grow in such a scenario.

The company declares it receives more than a million responses every day when it searches the Internet in English. Baidu has signed an agreement with Microsoft to search in English. Baidu sends feedback from the English-language search to Microsoft’s Bing website.


Bing, also known as Bing Search, Bing Web Search, is a popular Web Search Engine. Microsoft launched Bing in 2009. With Bing, Microsoft has replaced its previous Search: MSN Search, Windows Live Search.

Bing’s most significant feature is that Bing shows an image or video on its homepage background, which changes daily. But, this feature is not in any search engine. 

In addition to the web on Bing, you can also search for News, Videos, Maps, Sports Scores, Stock News, Unit Conversations, Mathematical Calculations, Local information, etc.


Yahoo! A popular Web Search Engine, known as Web Search. Yahoo! was launched in 1995. It Is most commonly used after Google and Bing.

Yahoo! You can consider a directory more than a Search Engine. Apart from web search, it provides more than 40 services to its users. But you can find Images, News, Calendar, Finance, Flickr (Yahoo! has the best Photo Sharing Service.), Gadgets, Real Estate. You can also search for information about Mail, Music, Sports Scores, Movies, etc. Yahoo! Own Yahoo! Answers are prevalent among users of the service.


Only 3% of people in the world use this search.

Its name is still today ASK.COM, and before it was Ask Jeeves. It was also born in 1996. This is also a question-answer site. Which had more focus on E-Businesses and web search engines. Its founder is named Garrett Gruener and David Warthen from California.


AOL was famous in the early days of the Internet, but now only 0.6% of people use it.

List is a bit long.

Other search engines


Flickr is a popular image search engine. A photo on Flickr can be used twice for free. There are also many great photos on a subject. So, you can use that photo.

The Wolfram Alpha answers many sciences and math questions. If you search for a formula in the context of chemistry, then you will find all the information about it. There is also a lot of data about mathematics.


LinkedIn is a top-rated professional network. Also, LinkedIn has the facility to send voice SMS, and this feature will be available to users worldwide. Microsoft has bought it, and it is offering new features. Jobs can be found on other search engines. But LinkedIn is specially designed for the job.

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