How To Choose Best Blogging Platform

A blogging platform is a software that makes it possible for bloggers to publish the work in their blogs on the website. This software, thus, makes the world a big village by enabling bloggers to engage with everyone. This creates a more conducive environment for business and access to information.

How to choose the best Blogging Platform for your blog?

How To Choose Best Blogging Platform 1

given the overwhelming choices:

Purpose of the blog:

One of the best ways to prevent this headache is to choose a platform that is well suited for its purpose. Engines can be categorized into two; free platforms and self-hosted platforms.

A Free platform affords a blogger free signing up for accounts for a domain to set up their website. This type of platform stores the account holder’s files on their servers. They are easily maintainable. Good examples of this type of software include Word Press and Blogger. Free platform engines affect your advertising options. They also create an unprofessional image of your work. Your content can be tampered with and in extreme cases deleted. It is not advisable to open an account in one of these for business purposes.

Self-hosted platforms are usually rent out to bloggers and installed on their servers. Creators and developers of these blogging engines make it possible for you to control your work. They also ensure that you have easier access to advertising options. These blogging platforms provide you with independence on how to present and brand your blog. Hostinger is an example of such an engine. Self -hosted software requires an installing cost and later costs from their users.

Blog Control options available or not:

Consider checking out sites that allow for a wide variety of options. Also, check out those that allow for easy modification and addition of options. Some sites have set limitations on available control options.

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Other considerations and factors are:


The price of an engine and any other costs required to manage it in the long last is very important. Choose software that will serve its purpose well but one that is also pocket -friendly.

Blogging Platform’s User -friendliness

Consider a blogging platform that does not need any technical skills to navigate through. A receptive software interface should enable you to locate and use features such as printing and editing with ease.

Control over content of that platform

As a newbie in the industry, it is paramount for you to consider how much control over your work a site will afford. Safeguard your information from leaking to third parties without your authorization. This can risk losing your hard work altogether.

Security of that particular Blogging Platform

Consider the security features and backup system of a platform before choosing it. Remember always to prioritize your work’s security.

Flexibility to move your Blog to Other Platform

Before settling for a site check our whether it allows for movement to another platform. Also, check whether it will enable for a change of domain name easily. In case a site discontinues its services this feature will safeguard your interests. It will allow you to move to another platform with your subscribers.

Choose a great and useful blogging platform that serves its purpose and protects your pocket. This will help you create and develop the most suitable blogs for your readers. Make a well -informed decision today.

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