What Are The Important Considerations Of Salesforce Testing?

In this fast-technological era, salesforce is providing CRM services to millions of users all over the globe to streamline their sales and marketing operations in a hassle-free way. This unique trait of salesforce provides feasibility to companies to customize various features as per their diverging needs. In addition, salesforce offers several software solutions like marketing, automation, analytics, and application development to its business partners to securely store the data in the cloud. This architecture helps companies focus more on innovation and less on maintaining the technology. This article focuses on elaborating some crucial considerations regarding salesforce testing and why we need it?

What is Salesforce Testing?

What Are The Important Considerations Of Salesforce Testing And Why to Choose It 1

Salesforce testing helps with verifying the configured and customized features as per business needs. It is integrated with various applications, like web services, email messaging, social media, etc. Salesforce testing ensures the integration with 3rd party tools works as expected. Usually, developers perform salesforce testing of apex classes. However, automated salesforce testing verifies the application’s core business functionality. Salesforce offers two types of options available for making changes in the CRM application:

  • Configuration – The organization only configures inbuilt features as per various business requirements via the user interface without changing the application’s code.
  • Customization – Theorganization can customize the application functionality by creating new features that integrate with the existing system when inbuilt features are not enough to meet their business requirements.

Salesforce testing ensures the application integration after configuration and customization with third-party tools. So, QA team should execute various types of software tests after every new salesforce release that include:

  • End-to-end scenarios cover Web and Mobile-web UI testing, API testing, Database testing, Two-factor authentication testing, and Data validation testing.
  • Additionally, it’s essential to verify the application compatibility after the new changes if your business depends on the integrations of 3rd party apps.
What Are The Important Considerations Of Salesforce Testing And Why to Choose It 2

Role of Software Testing in Salesforce

Salesforce is a dynamic platform with frequent changes driven by its platform expansion and your company’s internal customizations to meet business requirements. Software testing plays a vital role in managing risks and delivering quality salesforce releases on time.

However, getting it right requires an appropriate approach, and a tool like Functionize helps accelerate salesforce testing by using a Lightning-fast AI algorithm. The relevant software testing in salesforce plays an important role and helps to achieve the following:

  • Identifies defects earlier with the high quality of test accuracy.
  • Helps in providing stability for customized features.
  • Minimizes the business risks by testing the core business features.
  • Helps to increase the test coverage with end-to-end testing.
  • Validates the integration of third-party APIs with salesforce to meet business requirements.
  • Verifies the different use case workflows designed for customer services to improve ROI.

Essential Guidelines for Salesforce Testing

Salesforce testing involves:

  • The verification of the customized application features.
  • Testing of three major CRM releases per year.
  • The working of the occasional patch from the salesforce.

The main challenge for most salesforce customers is keeping up to date with the software releases and tracking the areas that can affect their business. Salesforce opts for innovative approaches to inform its customers to prepare for updates, but sometimes, it’s still a massive change that companies need to adapt. Salesforce does a great job of testing before the final releases, so there’s no need to test everything, but you need to update your regression tests. Some guidelines to prepare for salesforce testing are:

  • Target to test the features that have a significant impact on the core business.
  • Identify the possible affected application areas by the automatic updates.
  • Test integrations with your application by incorporating role-based testing and test data.
  • Ensure the testing data is consistent across integration testing and user permissions match your business use cases.
  • Plan the execution of your automated tests alongside your existing CI/CD pipeline.
  • Execute tests to verify the compatibility of unlimited 3rd party integrations and customizations.

Tip: Find a tool like Functionize that can simplify the salesforce testing with AI-powered and no-code automation approach. This tool can help you in writing self-healing tests that do not require much test maintenance. Since salesforce’s dynamic objects and iframes usually break traditional scripted tests. Still, if the tool is designed using intelligent AI/ML-based algorithms, it can reduce this maintenance to 85% for the QA teams. It’s also essential to ensure that the selected tool for salesforce testing scales your tests across different browsers. Each page is rendered correctly in well-known browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Wrapping Up

The organizations were always customer-specific, but this trend has strengthened in the past two years in the Corona pandemic. A good CRM software like salesforce helps them get more scalability and profit. Salesforce is a widely used CRM software with a large set of inbuilt features that can be configured and customized for extra features per the company’s needs.

Focusing on the development is not enough for the companies, but salesforce testing is equally crucial for excellent quality to release the new features. Therefore, companies integrating salesforce CRM into their business should select the appropriate software testing tool. That must also support the Lightning-fast AI approach to accelerate the salesforce testing.

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