GogoPDF: Your All-Around Web Tools For Your Electronic Files

With the advancement of technology today, many people still struggle to handle electronic files. It’s understandable, especially for those who don’t know how to effectively manage electronic files or don’t have any system to do the process. Hence, even the most straightforward task of converting files to other formats can be very complicated. Don’t worry because the internet offers you many websites, offering free file tools and services, and one of them is GogoPDF.

What is GogoPDF?

It’s an online platform with various tools you can use to deal with your electronic files for free, especially PDF. Hence, read the complete details below about GogoPDF as your all-around web tool provider to properly handle all your electronic files.

Converting Files to Other Formats

One of the usual activities in dealing with your electronic documents is converting files to other file formats. Hence, you’ll need the file converter of GogoPDF. With this online tool, you would know how to convert JPG to PDF, HTML to PDF, or PDF to PNG. Besides that, your files in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can also be transformed into PDF format.

There’s a GogoPDF website you can visit to see other file formats available for conversion. You might need it in your project or task to work on in the future. Additionally, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to the process because GogoPDF has a reliable conversion system. That’s why you don’t have to spend long waiting hours to get it done. It’ll need a few minutes of your time, and your files get converted to the format you need in no time.

Merging Multiple PDFs with GogoPDF

As previously mentioned, it could be challenging to handle different electronic files when you don’t have the right tools. The same thing goes for the PDF file organization. You have to use a perfect tool to organize all your PDFs in your computer file folders or smartphone, and GogoPDF has to offer to you that will significantly achieve your goal.

It’s the PDF merger tool. As the tool’s name implies, it allows you to combine two, three, or more PDFs, making them a single PDF file. Therefore, if you have tons of PDF files you usually use, you can combine them separately. For example, you can merge PDFs for work, school, business, or leisure together accordingly.

This way, you can avoid seeing your PDFs scattered on the screen of your smartphone or computer. Your file folders will look more well-organized, resulting in easy access and retrieval of whatever PDF file you need. These are the primary reasons for using the PDF merger of GogoPDF. Hence, using this tool will surely help you employ an effective and proper file organization moving forward.

eSigning PDF Files

You may have known that there are documents where you need to add your signature to make them valid and authentic for whatever legal purposes. It could be a contract, agreement, proof of payment, and other transactions or tangible evidence of something. You can quickly get a pen and manually sign these documents immediately.

However, if you’re using PDF files, doing so seems to be infeasible. Don’t worry because there’s a tool from GogoPDF that will help you with this file task. It’s the eSign PDF tool online. It’ll allow you to write your signature on the PDF pages digitally manually.

You can manually use the touchpad of your laptop or the computer mouse to enter your signature on the PDF pages. You can also upload an image form of your signature saved in your file storage on the eSign tool of GogoPDF. After that, the system will save the signature you’ve provided within a couple of minutes.

When the tool shows that it’s done, there you have it! You’ve successfully signed your PDF files in no time. They are now ready for download, and you can use them for whatever legal purposes anytime you want.

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Protecting PDF Files

Any PDF files with critical data and sensitive information must be protected from any instances of unwanted file access and unauthorized use. There are many reported cases worldwide of intellectual property theft or stolen confidential data. It’s pretty much sure that you don’t want that to happen to your PDF files.

That’s why you should start giving your files enough protection to avoid these negative experiences from happening in the future. Hence, setting up a password will be the solution to your problem, and GogoPDF has its PDF protection tool you can use for free. You only have to upload your PDFs on its online tool. Then, create a secure password by combining different numbers, capital and small letters, and other symbols.

After a couple of minutes, there you have it! You’ve finally set up a secure password for your PDF files. Hence, these files are safe from people trying to open them and use the information they contain without your knowledge moving forward.

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The four online tools discussed above are only a few of those you can find on the official website of GogoPDF. They will surely assist you to properly and effectively manage all of your electronic files. Always remember, when you struggle to handle your electronic files again in the future, don’t hesitate to visit the official website of GogoPDF. The tools are available there and always ready to help you.

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