Technology: What the World Will Look Like in 2050

If you take the time to look back at our history, focus on the past 2,000 years and see how we developed as a species, especially concerning technology. The 20th century saw the arrival of machines with steam power, and then came the internal combustion engine. So, we are only just over a century since the Wright brothers first took to the air. The rapid rate of tech development was boosted in the 1960s when we discovered that ones and zeros could be used to transmit data, and the rest is history! In this short article, we aim to predict the technology of 2050 and what the world will look like at that time.

What The World will Look Like in 2050: A Glimpse into The Future of Technology

Humanoid workers

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The major tech players will market humanoid robots that are AI-powered. They will look human and have a personality. As the robot gets to know you, it understands your sense of humor and can be kind and passionate when you’re down. It will take out the trash, do the housework, feed the dog, and even greet visitors at the gate. We are already there regarding the tech needed for this. But, we expect to see these humanoid helpers on the market within the next three years.

Smart homes

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While the smart home is relatively new, everyone will live in the world in one by 2050; take the latest oled TV and take away the screen; the device can project the screen into the air, and you will have a touch screen as standard. Sound too good to be true? It is coming! AI will manage your home, and you can do anything remotely using your smartphone. So, if you receive a visitor, the system calls you and connects you to the front gate to talk with the person.

Digital currency

We hope digital currency remains a free arena where Bitcoin and other currencies can operate. The last thing we want is for governments to control our money, and this is a genuine possibility if we are not careful. More and more people are realising the importance of cash. But, many refuse to shop at stores that do not accept money in an attempt to keep the greenback alive!

Drone transportation

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Some experts say EVs are doomed, as they use electricity generated by fossil-fuel sources, defeating the objective. Drone development is ongoing, and by 2050, there will be drone taxis that AI manages; you can call one using an app, and it will tell you exactly what time it will arrive at your location. While it is impossible to say precisely where we will be 20 years from now. Also, most experts agree that driverless vehicles will be the norm and traffic accidents will be a thing of the past. Because, AI will manages all traffic and will not allow vehicles to get close to each other.

Driverless cars

Tesla is leading the way with this technology, and the other auto manufacturers have no choice but to enter this market. Those with a passion for driving will resist, and it is uncertain how things will go regarding transport.

Pilotless aircraft

Of course, no one in their right mind would fly in a plane without a human pilot. It might shock you to learn that on an average flight, the pilot has control for about 2 minutes; the rest is autopilot. Due to public concerns, planes will have a pilot in the cockpit, at least for a few years, not that they will do anything.


The Internet will be a thing of the past; kids will learn how Internet 1.0 emerged, and then we went to 2.0 and 3.0 (where we are currently). Also, it will be followed by 4.0, which is powered by 5G. Yes, there will be 6G and 7G, but it is expected to morph into the Metaverse; Virtual Reality is the game’s name, and by 2050, everyone will have a VR headset. Millions of GGB per second will be the average data transfer speed. So, intense graphics will be the backdrop of the Metaverse.

AI runs the world

Like it or not, AI will run the world in 2050, with benefits and downsides. No one will ever get lost, but you will be tracked from when you leave your home. Robots will replace cops, and you can communicate with them. Robots will deliver goods on unique sidewalks, so get used to the idea of hundreds of machines going to and from their respective paths.

Elon Musk has long warned about the dangers of AI, which currently has no governing body; Google’ Boston Dynamics’ to see the latest versions of robots. Terminator was not fiction; it was a documentary!

Quantum computing

If you are an IT buff, you probably know how quantum computers work; to put things in perspective, a QC is 1,000 times more powerful than the top computers we use today! To simplify the difference between a regular and a quantum computer, a regular machine uses bits. So, it can be plus or minus, while the quantum bit can be either! This means a huge difference in computing ability; they are costly today, but by 2050, we won’t be using anything else.

Mid-air screens

Yes, that’s right. A screen projected into the air allows you to move things around with your hands. It might look like magic, but this is reality a couple of decades down the road. Development is ongoing, and touch screens have existed for a few years.


To conclude, the world in 2050 will be unrecognizable to us oldies, and the new generations will lap it up; that’s progress, or so they say. It is an exciting time to be alive, and we can’t wait for new technology to emerge.


Will humanoid robots be available in the market in the next few years?

Yes, major tech players will market AI-powered humanoid robots that look like humans and have personalities. Expect to see these humanoid helpers on the market within the next three years.

Will smart homes be the norm by 2050?

Yes, by 2050, everyone will live in smart homes, where AI will manage their homes, and smartphones will allow them to do anything remotely.

Will digital currency be a popular alternative to traditional currency in 2050?

Yes, Bitcoin and other digital currencies will remain a free arena. More and more people are realizing the importance of cash, and many refuse to shop at stores that do not accept money in an attempt to keep the greenback alive.

Will drone taxis be available to the public in 2050?

Yes, by 2050, there will be AI-managed drone taxis. You can call one using an app, which will tell you exactly when it will arrive at your location.

Will AI run the world in 2050?

Yes, AI will manage almost everything in 2050, including traffic, delivery, and law enforcement. While this has benefits and downsides, it is expected to be a significant part of our lives.

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