Discover The Different Tools Of GoGoPDF You Can Access For Free

In the modern world, MS Office documents are essential. They help us all work faster and easier than the old style. Most companies now require their employees to use MS Office files for paperwork and reports. This is because most communication is done through the internet. Converting the files to PDF is essential. It helps you manage your files faster and is suitable for file sharing and printing. Not only that, but it also enables you to protect your files from different threats online. If you are still a PDF beginner, you don’t have to worry. With its many tools, GoGoPDF will always help you.

Different Tools of GoGoPDF

The GoGoPDF website has twenty-six PDF tools. They allow you to convert JPG to PDF, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, and more. They can even help you improve your PDF file. You can organize, edit, and secure it by adding your own password.

You can open the GoGoPDF website on computers, smartphones, laptops, or even tablets. Don’t worry! Their advanced technology can open files in different systems and browsers.

Besides that, GoGoPDF is a safe online website where you can entrust all your works and files with. They have advanced technology when it comes to converting, troubleshooting your PDF document. You can try all of their services online for free without worrying about any monthly bills. Here are some of their free online tools that you can use for your PDF files.

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How To Convert JPG To PDF

One of the twenty-six tools offered by GoGoPDF is the JPG to PDF. Suppose you are not familiar with JPG files. In that case, these are the great photos you took at any of your company’s events, product presentations, and other important moments. You want to share them with your colleagues, friends, and clients.

It is vital to convert your JPG files to PDF. This protects your photos from being edited by anonymous individuals. It also makes your files faster to be sent online, maintaining the high-quality of the images.

Below are the easy steps you can follow on converting your JPG files to PDF faster and for free.

  • First, open your browser and type “,” the website will open automatically.
  • Click the Tools on the upper left side of the website and look for the JPG to PDF under the converter to PDF section and click the JPG to PDF.
  • Upload the JPG file that you wish to convert to PDF by dragging or dropping them into the toolbox from your device.
  • When the JPG file is uploaded, you can freely select an output format, then afterward, click the button to start converting your JPG file to PDF format.
  • Be patient while GoGoPDF converts your file to PDF, and wait until it’s completed.
  • Once the conversion is done, you can freely download your new PDF file to your computer, or you can copy and share the link to your social media accounts.

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How To Convert Excel To PDF

The Excel to PDF tool is one of the twenty-six tools offered by GoGoPDF. Converting your Excel documents is safe and wise. It protects your formulas and format when sending them to colleagues, supervisors, and clients.

It also helps you attach the file to your email faster. You do not need to worry about its size. It keeps the quality of your excel file.

Below are the steps for converting your Excel file to a high-quality PDF format.

  • Open the GoGoPDF website and look for the Tools on the upper left.
  • Once you open it, different sections will appear; look for the convert to PDF section, then Excel to PDF.
  • Select the Excel document from your computer files that you want to convert to PDF, then drag them to the conversion box.
  • Once the Excel file is uploaded to the conversion box, GoGoPDF will convert your file to PDF.
  • Wait until the conversion is done; this will usually take a few minutes, depending on your Excel file size.
  • Afterward, your new PDF format is ready for download to your computer, or you can copy and share the link to your recipient through email or social media accounts.

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How To Add Password To Your PDF File

GoGoPDF has an effortless way of putting up a password to your files for privacy and other reasons.

All you have to do is follow these steps below, and you’re good to go.

  • Upload the PDF file you want to add a password to.
  • Once the file is uploaded, type the password that you want.
  • After adding the password, direct email the file to your recipients using the link provided, or you can save the file to your computer.

All you have to do for any PDF concerns is open the GoGoPDF website and choose the tools you need. Bookmark this website now for easy access!

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