GoGoPDF Guide: Tools And Features That You Should Know About

GoGoPDF is the one-man army when it comes to PDF tool availability. GoGoPDF offers not just one PDF tool that you can use for free, also they have many features. Here in this guide, we will discuss some of the most useful tools of GogoPDF that you should know.

Simple JPG Conversion To PDF

Have you ever tried using GoGoPDF before? If not, then this is the time to try some of GoGoPDF’s top tools in 2021. Some examples of these unique tools are JPG to PDF converter, PDF organizer, PDF Protect, PDF Unlock, and many more. There are tons of features and tools that you will love to know about GoGoPDF and the benefits you’ll get from it.

Before everything else, here’s the big question. What is a JPG/JPEG to PDF converter tool? This will help people out there that don’t have any idea or knowledge about a particular PDF tool such as this one. The answer is pretty simple, a JPEG/JPG file to PDF converter tool is a tool that you can use to change the file format into PDF.

Here are quick and easy steps to convert your JPEG file into PDF using GoGoPDF’s online converter tool. Transfer your file to GoGoPDF by uploading it to the system. You select a particular output format such as PDF since that is your goal here. Then wait for the whole process to be finished or completed.

Add Watermark

The Add Watermark is another exceptional feature inside GoGoPDF tool wherein you can freely add watermarks to your PDF pages. This tool will also allow you to add different types of images, logos, photos, and even texts to be your PDF page watermark. It also provides a very convenient feature wherein you can also choose what place you want to put your watermark.

Watermarks are a significant factor to have, especially if you want to have or claim ownership of particular research, photo, image, or any type of record that you have. Watermarks will let you own a specific file, which will let everyone know that it’s yours, and they aren’t allowed to take your property.

To add a watermark to your PDF file using GoGoPDF’s online tool here’s an easy way to do it. Get your PDF document from your computer, and transfer it or upload it to GoGoPDF. You can also drag and drop your file to the PDF conversion area. Just select the positing, type, and image of your watermark, and click “Apply Changes.”

With GoGoPDF’s Add Watermark tool, you can put watermarks to any type of file that you have right now without any problem. It provides top-line quality, fast processing, and excellent precision, which no other PDF online tool can surpass. This feature makes GoGoPDF one of the best PDF online tools.

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Electronic Signature/eSign

With the eSign tool of GoGoPDF, you can sign any type of document online anywhere and anytime you want. Just click on the available or given a button to add your signature electronically, or you can also only upload a particular image of your signature and attach it to your file. GoGoPDF steps up its game in providing helpful tools such as this one right here.

You can also take a picture of yourself holding a particular file with your signature and upload it to GoGoPDF. Just save all the needed changes you’ve made, and you now have a new document containing your signature. This is how the fantastic GoGoPDF’s eSign tool works; you can now just go directly to GoGoPDF if you have something that you need to sign.

Here’s an impressive feature you’ll get from using GoGoPDF’s eSign tool, the Signature Tracker. The Signature Tracker will let you keep track of the status of the particular PDF document that you’ve sent with your signature. Once you release your PDF document, you’ll receive a confirmation via email from GoGoPDF, which is pretty impressive.

Share Document

If you need to send your PDF documents, but you don’t have the right online tool to use, then GoGoPDF can help you with your problem. The Share Document of GoGoPDF provides more comfortable and faster-sharing capabilities that you won’t find anywhere else.

It also offers unique features such as multi-browser and multi-platform compatibility. This means that you can use GoGoPDF’s Share Document with any computer or device system and browser. If you have different types of file format features that you need to send, GoGoPDF tool can also be capable of multi-format file sharing.

Customer information privacy is one of the main priorities of GoGoPDF. With that, GoGoPDF made a customer privacy rule that protects every client’s information from being leaked to the outside world. Furthermore, its system is designed to remove all of their clients’ details once they are done with their conversions.


Here is the overall feedback about GoGoPDF’s featured tools. GoGoPDF isn’t perfect, but GoGoPDF offers more high-quality PDF tools, which are also very useful compared to the other online PDF tools out there. The next time you need to convert some files or documents, choose GoGoPDF.

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