What Is Messenger Marketing And Why Use It?

Messenger marketing is an increasingly popular way of promoting your brand, service, or product over social media. Messenger marketing can be used in various formats; including on Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

What Is Messenger Marketing?

It is similar to email marketing in that you are sending out promotional messages directly to your customer base. However, unlike traditional email marketing, most users typically do not have their messenger app open all day long, so it’s more likely they’ll see your message when they come back to the platform later on during the day. This makes it a more effective way to get your message across than traditional email marketing.

What Is Messenger Marketing And Why Use It 1

Why Messenger Marketing?

Messenger marketing has been there for quite some time; and has been chiefly favored by brands looking to increase traffic to websites through social media. If you’re yet to try messenger marketing, here are some of the benefits you’re possibly not aware of:

It Has Become Increasingly Popular With Consumers

Messenger marketing works best when people actively engage with social media. This is because each app needs to be open for your customers to see your message. At the moment, it’s estimated that more than 3.5 billion internet users use messaging apps on their smartphones, so this is an increasing portion of the population who could receive your messages.

It Has Become The Primary Way Consumers Communicate

With features like end-to-end encryption, high-speed texting, and reading receipts, there has never been a better time to connect with potential customers through messaging apps.

It is highly effective

Business Insider estimates that active monthly users of messaging apps are 20% higher than those of social networks. This has resulted in more businesses turning their attention to messenger marketing; as it’s proven to be an incredibly cost-effective way of reaching your potential customers through social media; with some studies even reporting conversion rates significantly higher than email campaigns.

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How Does Messenger Marketing Work?

Messenger marketing happens in a slightly different way from traditional email marketing. With messenger marketing, once you have connected with your customers on the platform, they’ll receive every message you send them in their private inbox. The messaging can take place in three main ways – through text-based messages, which usually push notifications when the app is closed; or through quick replies when it’s open or voice calls using either your computer microphone or their phone speaker.

What Is Messenger Marketing And Why Use It 2

How Do I Use Messenger Marketing?

Getting started with messenger marketing may sound daunting at first. Also, it may require a little bit of patience. However, once you’ve set it up, you’ll realize the ease and ability to scale your business is unlimited. To use messenger marketing;

1. Use A Messenger Marketing Software

Start by signing up with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Telegram. You will need a medium for your customers to send messages to you before you can start collecting their details. WhatsApp is probably the most well-known and widely used, but Facebook Messenger and Telegram are great options.

2. Build A Messenger Marketing List

Once you have successfully set up a business account with one of the messaging apps, you’ll be able to build a list of users who have added your brand as a contact. When someone downloads any of your apps or subscribes to receive updates through your website, it will automatically add them to this list. You can then message these users directly by selecting them from the contacts page in your app dashboard.

3. Create An Initial Template Message

Create an initial template message that you will send out to all your customers who have connected with you on Facebook or are on your contact list. This template message is the first impression you have of your brand, so it’s essential to make a good one. An example could be ‘Hey, thank you for signing up with us; we’ll be in touch soon.

4. Send Out Engaging Content

Once you’ve added some initial contacts to your messenger marketing list, you can start sending them messages about relevant business topics. It’s important to remember that these are not automated emails but rather organic conversations; which means they need to feel natural and human even though they’re coming through an app, e.g., ‘Oh hey, never thought of that before, but it makes sense’ or ‘Would you like to see an example of that?’

5. Use Positive Language

It’s important to remember that messenger marketing is not just about bombarding your audience with marketing messages. Using the medium correctly means creating connections with your customers on a more personal level, conversing about topics outside of business, or making them laugh (preferably all three).

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How Often Should I Send Messages?

This is another part of messenger marketing that may also sound daunting at first. Sending too many messages will result in your potential customers feeling bombarded. They won’t engage with you anymore but sending too few means that you’ll lose out on opportunities to see what is working well on the platform for you.

We recommend testing different frequencies by setting up an intelligent list within Facebook messenger; which matches everyone who isn’t engaged with your brand yet. Once this has been set up; you can set the frequency to send out at least one message per day via the list manager. You can then use Facebook’s post-level targeting options to refine your audience further; so that you’re only reaching people who are most likely to be interested in your content.

If they aren’t engaging after two weeks, it might be time to test a different message or try again in a few months.

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What Is Messenger Marketing And Why Use It 5

How Much Data Should I Collect From Customers?

In general, messenger marketing platforms have a similar setup to email newsletters. You can catch as much information as you need to create a good base for your business and learn more about your target audience.

The main difference between traditional newsletters and chatbots is that the latter requires you to be even more personal to engage with customers on a deeper level. This means that capturing an email address is not always necessary to implement a successful messenger strategy.

We recommend using messenger apps in conjunction with your website’s pop-up forms; to test which method is best suited for getting in touch with different customer types. If the messaging platform proves unsuccessful when collecting private or sensitive information, we would recommend using your website forms instead.

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What Is The Difference Between Chatbots And Messenger Marketing?

Chatbots can be used in messenger marketing; and it’s easy to confuse these terms. Here’s a quick comparison you may find helpful;


What Is Chatbots And Why Use It 3

Messenger apps were initially developed as automated customer service tools; but more recently, businesses have begun to use them for their marketing strategies. Chatbots are a computerized version of a virtual assistant that helps customers find the information they need on your website by sending out automatic responses based on set rules.

For example, if someone asks where you store certain products or requests specific sizes, you can send them direct links with the corresponding items. It’s important to remember that chatbots require very little human input and, therefore, can’t hold actual conversations.

This means it’s necessary to create some type of response that will engage a customer in a way that feels human. One way to do this is by motivating them to comment on the response to trigger an actual interaction between two humans. Another good hack for this would be offering a reward or discount when they reply with positive feedback.

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Facebook Messenger

What Is Facebook And Why Use It 4

Messenger apps are usually used as add-ons for websites. Still, more recently, it’s been discovered that Facebook has been refining its platform; so that businesses can use it instead of providing separate chat tools. But why would anyone want to leave the most popular messaging platform out there?

Businesses turn to Facebook messenger instead of a dedicated app because of its massive user base and ability to engage users across multiple devices. Companies choose this messaging platform because creating a customized chatbot is much easier than an automated customer service tool. You can start by using Facebook messenger to send out your branded GIFs, videos, and other content for engaging with customers on the go. Even more importantly, you can use this feature to collect leads and drive traffic back to your website by providing direct links within the message.

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The Bottom Line

Messenger marketing is a powerful means to engage customers and gives businesses a way to communicate with their customers in real-time. Make sure you choose the right type of chatbot for your business before trying it out. Also, consider using a dedicated chat platform like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger to target customers on all their favorite devices.

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