5 Job-Oriented Short-Term Professional Courses After Graduation

There are many job-oriented professional courses after graduation that students can do to start early in their careers. Moreover, these courses will give specialized knowledge of a sector like; digital marketing, 3D Animation, Web Designing, Advertising & Marketing, and Hotel Management. These skills are more practical, and a person can begin as soon as after clearing class 12th.

However, many students are directionless and feel a need to try multiple fields before deciding what they wish to do; thus, these short-term courses can help them find the right direction for their successful careers.

5 Job Oriented Short Term Professional Courses After Graduation 1

However, these short-term job-oriented professional courses can build quick job opportunities and get sufficient pay to someone in college or a fresher or after graduation. Some short-term courses are digital marketing, taxation, data visualization, etc. These are significant fields in high demand. So, one can learn these skills quickly and start earning by working from home.

List Of Job-Oriented Short-Term Professional Courses after Graduation

There are many inexpensive short-term professional courses after graduation; duration of 3 months to one year, which give a specialized knowledge of one specific subject. Most of these courses are either diploma or certificate courses. Therefore, you can get a job quickly after completing these short-term courses; and you can even make a career out of these courses.

Digital Marketing Certification Course

There are so many digital marketing institutes in India that provide the best digital marketing course. However, this is a 3-4 months certification course, and after completing the course; one can opt for six months of digital marketing internship for in-depth understanding.

5 Job Oriented Short Term Professional Courses After Graduation 2

Moreover, in the present time, digital marketing is a rapidly-growing career option. As per our study, Quibus Trainings is one of the best institutes in India, located in Jaipur. They provide the best digital marketing course and training for both online and offline batches. They teach with a 100% practical approach.

However, a digital marketing course builds skills like:

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Lead Generation
  • Web Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook, YouTube, Instagram Marketing, etc.

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Diploma in Multimedia, 3D Animation & Visual Effects

Content creation is also one of the most flourishing fields and can help a person get a decent-paying job. Almost every brand, small or large, needs to run campaigns.

5 Job Oriented Short Term Professional Courses After Graduation 3

There are YouTube channels in thousands, and businesses need to have someone; who can do the video editing, creation, multimedia, and visual effects. So if you are someone with creativity, you can scale in this profession.

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Diploma in Web Designing

Web Designing is another lucrative job and is much needed in the current period of digitalization. In web designing, you will learn about JAVA script/PHP/HTML, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Photoshop, and web page designing.

5 Job Oriented Short Term Professional Courses After Graduation 4

A certification or diploma course is feasible enough to provide knowledge of the web designing field. It is another short-term course through which you can sharpen your skills by applying the learnings practically. One can get a regular job or freelance as well.

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Diploma in Hotel Management

The hospitality industry has been growing steadily over the past two decades. People’s interest in traveling is growing every day. The growing toxic work environment and affected mental health call for vacations and experiencing adventures.

5 Job Oriented Short Term 5

And due to some of these reasons, the hotel management and hospitality industry is growing positively. There are numerous job opportunities available in the hospitality business; from building your cafe or restaurant to being at a managerial level in five-star hotels.

The diploma in hotel management is a one-year course. Topics which you will study in this course are:

  • Food and Beverage Management (F&B Management)
  • Corporate Communication
  • Principles of Management
  • Front Office Management
  • Accommodation and Leisure Management
  • Hospitality Marketing

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Diploma in Advertising & Marketing

According to surveys, advertising and digital media will grow tremendously with the easy availability of internet connections. And further, there will be a shortage of skilled professionals in the field.

5 Job Oriented Short Term 6

A person needs strong communication skills and clean language with a glamorous lifestyle to be in marketing. Through a diploma in advertising; one can pursue a career in digital marketing, film production, market research organizations, advertising agencies, etc.

These are some of the significant in-demand short-term professional diploma or management courses after graduation for a person to grow.

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Doing professional courses after graduation, like certification or diploma courses; to increase the value of a CV or find a job is quite popular in the current education scenario.

Many students are also opting for diploma courses in digital marketing, hotel management, graphic designing. You can find all the high in demand and high in pay courses above in the article.

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