Botup Chatbot Software Review 2021

Without substantial benefit, the chatbot was a great promotion in the past. However, in today’s commercial world, chatbots are crucial tools. Although making up and maintaining chatbots is cumbersome, its aligned benefits will give you the reasons why you should go for it.

In the modern world, companies look for ways to get their face out there, be available 24/7, increase sales, create a foundation for their marketing strategy, get complete customer insights, and most importantly, provide the best services. Therefore, with all these options to cater to, most small and medium companies have decided to incorporate chatbot software into their systems.

In this chatbot software review article, I will narrow down my review to Botup Chatbot Software. The reason for this pick is because I have used the software, and I would love to share my experience and the general software’s information. Let’s get started.

Botup by 500apps – Chatbot Software Review

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Whether you are hosting your business on Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, etc., this fantastic software is designed to uplift your business growth using the in-built chatbots. With a user-friendly interface, a drag and drop builder makes it easy for you to create an automated bot in minutes.

With the chatbots, you can effectively manage your business from one spot, create meaningful interactions by sending automated messages that will eventually generate leads, and quickly acquire insights into the business workflows. As an experienced user, you can have a conversation with chatbots regarding your business.

Botup Chatbot Software Features

Create Bots

Without compromising the quality output, this chatbot software offers you the opportunity to increase productivity by developing a digital workforce – chatbots. Within minutes, you can create the bots on Facebook Messengers, Slack, and WhatsApp and design them to be ready to chat with the customers.

You can develop rich messages, that is, the inclusion of videos and images, while having a chat with the visitors. The bots can be designed to perform human actions, but they can also automate the work, making it easier for the team to focus on crucial matters.

Build Flows

Any small or medium-sized business can manage the conversation on its way by using the software’s flow editor and chatbot templates. So, utilizing the visual designer tool, you can come up with an interactive human-like chatbot and make robust business flows.

You can use the in-built or custom templates to make the chatbots powerful and faster. The chatbots can also handle a live channel chat even in the presence of multiple channels.

Lead Generation

Are you after nurturing target leads from your business platforms? Then, this unique software gives you this opportunity. You can increase your business production by boosting the rates of conversations with the customers.

Getting qualified leads is as easy as automating your chatbot to conduct the whole process of lead qualification. During the process, you can include series of questions and let the bots choose qualified leads intelligently.

After projecting suitable options to the visitor, the chatbot can create live-chat tickets and schedule message deliverability depending on the customer’s time zone.

Chatbot Reports

With the presence of an exhaustive database, crucial features, production, and chatbot reporting, you can boost the performance of your chatbot hence engaging the customers with personalization. The chatbot reports form a base in the decision-making process based on the performance of the chatbots.

You can organize targeted campaigns based on the gathered and recorded user data.  Lastly, the software has a user-segmentation feature. This feature helps any business to filter the visitors based on preferences to give them the right direction.

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For just $14.99, you can acquire 30+ Apps with full features instilled. Free trial available.

  • Create bots.
  • Build flows.
  • Lead generation.
  • Chatbot reports.

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Botup Chatbot Software Review – Pros and Cons


  • It is affordable

Bootup chatbot software has proven to be a cheaper and cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Also, with less maintenance cost, the software shows the green light when one is after maximizing production with less input.

  • Facilitates rapid development

The software has a build-flow feature that helps businesses create a flow-on how they will handle their customers, manage tasks and eventually save time.

  • It is flexible

The in-built chatbots carry out several tasks in the business, thus easing the operational momentum. Its operational flexibility reduces the operational costs of the business, which eventually uplifts productivity.

  • Provides engagement in multiple channels

Whether it is email or social media interactions or a live chat, the software can deploy the chatbots to various platforms to maximize the connections and interactions.

  • It is user-friendly

From immediate user responses to easily accessible features, the general appearance of the software makes it easy for users and customers to use the software to their satisfaction.

  • Provides actionable insights

Bootup chatbot forms the basis of the decision-making process by providing relevant insights regarding the business flow.


  • It takes a long time to build a highly intelligent chatbot.
  • The software can be a disadvantage to those who are not fully aware of the current technology.

Final Words

Throughout my review, the Botup Chatbot software, I have not experienced any disadvantage yet. It’s software that I would recommend to any business owner out there. My business has been in the position to provide quality customer service, which is a crucial factor when it comes to boosting the customer’s experience and elevating customer retention. So far, I have been able to increase my business growth generally.

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