Top 8 Apps to Use to Become an Awesome PR Specialist

Some people consider the work of a PR specialist to be easy and carefree. Some believe that being able to write, being socially active, and being aware of all the events is enough to achieve success. There is a deal of truth in it. However, in practice, this approach does not always work. There are also additional skills and tools you need for your work.

Become A PR Specialist Using These Apps or Tools

Today we will talk about 8 apps for public relations that will allow you to simplify and improve many of the processes to become a better PR specialist.

1. Apple News or Google News

Top 8 Apps to Use to Become an Awesome PR Specialist Google News

If you want to be successful in PR specialist world, then the first thing you need to start with is to make it a rule to monitor the news several times a day.

Monitoring news allows you to track a current topic and then adapt it to your project and, of course, be aware of what is happening in the world and how it can affect your activities.

Regardless of which device you are using, you can customize the application to display topics of interest to you. The apps are easy to use and keep you up to date with the news.

2. LinkedIn

Perhaps LinkedIn is one of the best social networks for everyone who is spinning in the PR specialist world.

Today this platform is used by 30 million companies, and now imagine how many of them need quality services in the field of PR.

In addition to establishing professional contacts and finding clients, this network can be an excellent way to develop in the professional field. The point is that you can analyze the activities of competitors from your field.

Therefore, everyone who wants to succeed in the field of PR specialist should be pretty active within this social media.

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3. Cliché Finder

Even an experienced writers and a PR specialist sometimes finds clichés in their texts. And really, there are a lot of them you may occasionally use.

What’s more, sometimes clichés are very difficult to find. One way or another, you should always fight with this, and this PR app is a good helper with this task.

Clichés are especially typical for press releases, so before finalizing your press release or other content, check the text with this app. It will allow you to see problem points and make your text unique.

4. Grammarly

Top 8 Apps to Use to Become an Awesome PR Specialist Grammarly

The creation of press releases, promo posts, and blog articles is often the responsibility of a PR specialist shared with copywriters and marketers. However, just one typo or grammatical mistake in such texts can make others doubt your competence and professionalism.

Indeed, you can collaborate with the Best Writers Online from the writing services reviews platform and get professionally created marketing material. Or you can fall in love with Grammarly and no longer worry about mistakes.

This free tool can analyze your text and help you correct grammar and punctuation mistakes. By the way, you can configure the tool so that it syncs with other apps.

For example, when you get in touch with a new client on LinkedIn, Grammarly will immediately check your message and correct mistakes.

Premium version also allows for finding even more possible mistakes, improving readability and clarity, and making sure your test is unique from the technical perspective.

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5. Answer The Public

Top 8 Apps to Use to Become an Awesome PR Specialist Answer The Public

A successful PR specialist can read the minds of his audience. However, no magic is needed to acquire this skill. All you need to do is use this app. Why create a press release that no one ever knows about?

But this app will allow you to find out what people are interested in and what they are looking for on the Internet. This way, you can make the press release fit the interests of the public.

For example, if you are writing a press release about medical software, then check the interests of the users with this toll. Then you will have a picture of what people are asking on Google about this topic.

By including the phrases that the application will give out, you can create content that will not pass by the target audience.

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6. Hemingway Editor

Top 8 Apps to Use to Become an Awesome PR Specialist Hemingway Editor

A PR specialist has to create a lot of content. Someone uses the third-party help of professional writers from the Online Writers Rating writing services reviews platform, and someone creates content themselves.

If the latter is about you, you cannot do without tools that check grammar mistakes and optimize your text.

Hemingway Editor is a popular free application that is widespread among everyone whose activity is related to content creation.

The application will allow you to increase the readability of the text, make it easier to understand and get rid of mistakes. The app offers improvement based on the requirements of today’s online audience – namely simplicity, up-to-date vocabulary, and readability.

All you have to do is insert your text and get hints on what can be improved.

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7. OneLook Reverse Dictionary

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

You will have to create a lot of content, so your vocabulary should be as rich as possible.

However, most likely, you will repeat yourself using the most popular, trending, hype, and understandable words for the audience. This application is designed to enrich your text with colorful synonyms.

If you want every press release to intrigue your readers and capture interest, then you cannot do without this app. It will allow you to replace familiar words and even phrases.

All you need to do is enter the desired word, and get several options for synonyms. This way, you can liven up every text you write and keep your audience’s attention.

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8. Friendly Social

Friendly Social Browser

Using all the popular social platforms can be frustrating at times. And when you need to manage multiple accounts on each platform, it complicates things even more. But a PR specialist still has to manage several profiles for different companies at the same time.

To effectively manage all social networks, it would be logical to keep all accounts in one place possible with this app.

You can combine Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter account here. Even if you have multiple profiles for each platform, this is not a problem.

Everything is easily customizable, and this way, you will not need to constantly open every application to get in touch with the company’s subscribers. The key benefit is the security of the application, which prevents data leaks.

The Bottom Line

These PR mobile apps can be considered a must-have for every PR specialist. The above tools will bring you benefits in terms of increasing your professionalism and promoting your business.

Try to make these apps a part of your activity, and then all the positive changes will not keep you waiting to become a PR Specialist.

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