Best Online Food Delivery Services In The US

The on-demand online food delivery services have been a significant source of income for restaurants in the US. At the current state, most restaurants are available only for takeouts and deliveries. These apps are getting more orders than ever before.

Top 6 Online US Food Delivery Services

Top Contenders In The Online Food Delivery Sectors In The US Are:

DoorDash: Your favorite restaurants, delivered

DoorDash: Your favorite restaurants, delivered

DoorDash is a third-party US food delivery services provider. And which acts as a connecting force between the brands(restaurants) and customers. DoorDash is a leading third-party food delivery app, holding 35% of customers’ spending in the US. 

The main reason for its growth is that it is technology-driven. A notable example is that it provides partnered restaurants with advanced data. This includes the locality where more people purchase and the peak time of orders. This data is about specific restaurants. So this helps them to improve their business decisions.

Best Online Food Delivery Services In The US GrubHub

Grubhub: Order Food Delivery You’ll Love

Grubhub is an American online food delivery marketplace that connects diners with local restaurant takeouts. More than 60% of the Americans order food through online services, so the market of online takeout services is evergreen.

According to Grubhub, 30% of the customers discover new restaurants through their app. This is to have attractive UI and simple navigation facilities that allow users to locate the restaurants they prefer. They have a fast online delivery service to keep up with demand during peak hours.

Best Online Food Delivery Services In The US Uber Eats

Uber Eats: Your Favorite Food, Delivered with Uber

Uber Eats is a mobile and online food delivery platform for ordering from restaurants across the city. As of 2017, It has partnered with 47,000 restaurants to fulfill customer demands.

Ways by which UberEats makes money 

  • In every order, restaurants keep 70% of the profits, and UberEats gets 30% of the profits.
  • It gets a small delivery fee from customers based on the distance between restaurants and customers’ places.
  • There is an optional monthly subscription fee, which includes exclusive options.
Best Online Food Delivery Services In The US Seamless

Seamless: Seamless Food Delivery Every Time

Seamless is a North American based food delivery service that provides ordering and takeout from restaurants. In 2013, Seamless merged with Grubhub to offer higher order volume and improved regional coverage. The merger processed 13,000 orders in a day in the first half of 2013.

Seamless, as the name suggests, has a simple and easily navigable user interface. Many customers are ordering through it as it provides enticing discounts. It offers immediate discounts on your first order and frequent coupons. These offers can be availed once you enter the website, thereby encouraging even hesitant customers to order.

Deliveroo: Your Favourite Restaurants and Takeaways, Delivered to Your Door

Deliveroo: Your Favourite Restaurants and Takeaways, Delivered to Your Door

Deliveroo is based in London, the UK, and has a valuation of $2 billion approximately. It is a food delivery app that currently has more than 12 countries and operates in more than 68 cities. 

It is one of the few food delivery service providers in the US that offer a specific category of healthy foods. So, you can choose from various cuisines, like Thai, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Greek, etc.

Postmates: Food, Drinks, Groceries, and More Available for Delivery and Pickup

Postmates: Food, Drinks, Groceries, and More Available for Delivery and Pickup

Postmates is a goods delivery service in the US that offers a wide range of delivery services such as food, grocery, alcohol, etc. When it comes to food delivery, it delivers within an hour of ordering it. The services are available 365 days and 24 hours a day.

The delivery usually charges around $5 out of which 80% goes to the delivery agents, and 20% goes to Postmates. Apart from this, there is an additional charge as a convenience fee of 9%. There is no cap on this fee. But people are happy to pay for these services for the comfort and ease it offers.

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The Marketing Strategies Opted For Online Food Delivery Services In The US

The Strategies Must Be Adopted By Online Food Delivery Services In The US Are:

Define Your Target Audience

Developers must build a food delivery app to suit the buyer personas. There are three essential aspects to consider

  • Take a general survey to understand customer requirements
  • Choose the appropriate communication channels
  • Come up with an effective strategy to attract customers.

Create a Unique Selling Proposition

There are several food delivery apps available, like Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, etc. So there is a need for USP to attract more customers. Let us look at the top performers to get an idea of the strategy. UberEats focuses on 24 to 35-year- old customers, so it offers fast foods from restaurants across the city. On the other hand, Deliveroo provides food from various cuisines from high-end restaurants. Your USP should be different from the existing online food service providers. The creative marketing team will take care of this.

Social Media & Advertising

Reports suggest that 71% of the people buy products after seeing them on their favorite social media handles. Choose the right platform and post content accordingly. Younger generations mainly use Instagram and Snapchat. Post ads with foods that will be interesting to them. Because, they do not mind much about the place if you want to target older audience posts on Facebook. 

When advertising, keep the content relevant to the current times. People will find it entertaining and engaging. More than 70% of people opt for the platform after seeing the Ads.

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DoorDash’s Support to Help Restaurants and Customers:

Crucial measures are taken by an app like DoorDash to support restaurants and customers.

  • Restaurants are facing a huge setback amid the Coronavirus outbreak. DoorDash has been a helping hand in supporting the restaurants in these tough times. In mid-march, they started a campaign to raise funds to recommend restaurants. By May 31st, they raised an approximate of $120 billion.
  • According to a survey, DoorDash has said; “We’re proud to report that the restaurants on DoorDash are four times more likely to have remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic than US restaurants as a whole.” 
  • We can understand the role of the on-demand food delivery DoorDash service app. It helps stabilize the US restaurants’ economy. 
  • DoorDash has announced a digital storefront for restaurants. So, restaurants need not invest in building the application as they can use these services for free; on the condition that they use DoorDash for delivery services.
  • More than 40% of the partnered up restaurants do not have their delivery platform. So they have come up with the DoorDash storefront for restaurants to create their services and manage their orders. The delivery service is taken care of by DoorDasher, and a cut has to pay for every order.
  • It offers zero commission throughout the year for weblinks to order. This is for both pick-up and delivery, but only for restaurants with five or fewer locations. 

So the time is ripe to invest in the DoorDash clone app.

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The Bottom Line

While developing a food delivery business app like DoorDash, there is a need for the app features to be; both advanced and unique to stand apart on the competitive market. A proper marketing strategy is essential for increasing the customer base of food delivery services in the US. Also, it is crucial to have well-established, knowledgeable developers and a strong marketing team for your DoorDash clone app development.

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