10+ Conversion Copy Tips For Every SEO Writer

If you want to increase your website traffic and convert it into profits, you must have heard about the conversion copy tips for every SEO writer should know beforehand. You can only get these tips from experts and from real marketers, who have a proven track record of conversions.

These ten conversion copy tips will help you gain more visitors on your site. The more visitors you can get, the more people will see your articles and the higher their chances of visiting again. You want them to stay on your site for long enough to read your message and click through to your sales page, if you do.

If you’re an aspiring or experienced SEO writer, then you know that one of the most important elements of a successful article marketing campaign is an effective and well-written article.

11 Conversion Copy Tips For Every SEO Writer

However, a good number of beginners cannot realize this important step. To ensure a successful article marketing campaign, here are a few conversion copy tips every SEO writer needs to know beforehand:

10+ Conversion Copy Tips For Every SEO Writer 2022

Break it down

When writing a conversion copy, it’s important to break down the content into two major sections – first the introduction and then the body. It’s important for your introduction section to make sure your readers will be attracted to the article before diving into the body of the material.

Use images

An image or graphic used in a good use in an introduction can be quite effective. Make sure that the image has enough information and examples to make your readers understand what the article is about. In addition to this, the text you use should be simple and clear.

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Be creative

Use keywords to build a stronger connection between you and your audience. Keywords will also make your articles more interesting to read. So if you’re not already using them, it’s time you start.

Keep it short

The best way to keep your readers glued to your content is to make sure it is short, easy to understand and well written.

Make sure that the copy is not too long and doesn’t have too many words, but it should be short and concise.

By doing this, you can create an instant connection between you and your reader. Also, they won’t feel pressured to get to the end of your article to find out what you have to say.

Never let your readers fall for the allure of too many images, or too much information. Keep it short and simple to help them understand easily. Write something that the reader will prefer to read. Avoid having long paragraphs.

Break up the articles

You can also break up the articles by keeping each part of the article short and sweet. But make sure it provides some valuable information on your target market. Also, each part of the article should then be connected to the previous. Also, provide useful information and examples to help you better understand the topic.

This will make your readers more interested in reading the rest of the article.

Use keyword rich headlines and sub headlines

Using these two vital components of your article marketing campaign will benefit you achieve high rankings with search engines and readers.

For instance, the headline will inform readers the purpose of the article. The title should be able to grab their attention immediately. Also the last section should have sufficient information to satisfy the reader to continue reading the full article.

Make sure your titles and headers are unique

When you write your articles, choose titles and headers that are unique and relevant to the articles you are writing. As mentioned above, keep it straightforward to make readers feel more interested in reading it.

Keep in mind, the titles and headers are the first impressions people have of your article. So make sure they have a positive effect on your readers.

Keep your keywords in your articles

Make sure you include keywords in your articles. You can use these keywords throughout your article in headlines and subheadings.

Keep them relevant, but do not overdo it. Hire professional SEO agency in Jaipur, they will help to rank your business keywords.

Make sure the grammar is clean

 Make sure the spelling is correct and easy to read. Avoid grammar errors. Also, try to use the full spellings of keywords. Grammar is the most important component when writing an article.

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Make sure your keywords flow properly

Don’t overdo keywords in your articles, but do not overuse them either. You want to be sure that your keywords make sense together.


Don’t forget to use sub-headings, which makes things more clear and easier to follow. Always start with the title, as this is the first point your readers will notice.

Your title should also be something that describes the content you want them to see in the first few lines.


These are just a few of the many tips you need to know about writing good copy. As long as you have a sense of humour and an attention to detail; you will produce high quality copy that will really convert your traffic into actual buyers. That being said, there are some basic tips you should keep in mind when you are writing a copy.

Copy must be written in a conversational tone. It should clearly explain what your audience wants to know without sounding too generic or overbearing.

Keep in mind that your reader is busy reading your copy. So you need to make the text flow naturally, and without the need for too much explanation.

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