Top 12 Best Project Management Software for the Businesses to Use

In this blog, the top project management software is discussed to help small to large businesses find the best software to meet their requirements.

Project management software is a great help for managers to work on complex projects that require collaboration. They offer many features that include task lists, schedules, file sharing, and communication between the teammates. However, it may get a little confusing to select one software from a long list.

They all share the same set of prime features, with only a few exclusive ones. The significant difference is the user experience and lack of advanced tools to manage any project quickly and more effectively.

Top 15 project management software you must use

Here, you will find the top 15 project management software in the market for project management to narrow down your search.


Basecamp is a very popular project management software used by many project management teams in top firms. It offers a vast list of tools and operations for planning and implementation. Users get a separate space for communication to leave comments on the changes made or required.

It sends an email with the status report and a recap of the daily activities of the team to the managers. Browsing through the numerous folders is brisk with a powerful search tool. However, there are no milestones and task duration estimation available and limited customization in the software. 

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects is a powerful project management software loaded with almost every feature required to track development. You can personalize it based on your requirement without much trouble. It is designed for teams and businesses of every size to manage even the most complex of projects.

You get milestones, file storage, messaging, and time tracking tools with the package. However, the pricing may put a dent in your pocket if the business is amid financial instability. You can contact a direct lender if you are looking for quick loans.


Wrike is a fantastic project management software for project management teams that are formed by the opposite of tech-savvy. It includes all the required features for project management without the complicated learning curve. However, it is designed only for small- to medium-size organizations and projects.

The managers and employees can keep track of the tasks with their expected and spent duration. You can use the free plan to manage many projects simultaneously. However, the number of users is limited and requires a small payment every month to increase.


ProofHub is an online project management software that gives the user a simple interface to save time on training. Their destination market is small businesses that are on the path of growth. Therefore, mid-size or large businesses should continue their search for the perfect project management tools.

You can assign each project to employees and clients. Here, both can interact with each other and put comments on changes. The long list of features includes task management, custom roles: Gantt charts, workflow and boards, time tracking, and discussion.

Liquid Planner

Liquid Planner is another best project management software that want to provide users with a vast list of features to use. You get a mixed bag of traditional, modern, and some exclusive features to help the managers. However, the additional features also make the software hard to master.

You can integrate the primary cloud service provider with the software to streamline the collaborative projects. Moreover, Zapier support allows users to automate connections with many business tools. There is no free version, and the plans can get quite expensive based on the number of users.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects features a wide range of features with a simplistic approach towards the interface. It covers every phase in the lifecycle of a project with tools to make it easily manageable. You can split the projects into small units and use the visuals to track progress efficiently.

You get a clean space to communicate and report to the vendors, suppliers, consultants, and clients. Moreover, there is support for numerous 3rd party tools such as DropBox and Google Apps. The project management software is available in 3 plans with different storages and several projects.


Nifty is the project management software to choose to increase productivity and all the essential features in one place. It reduces project management cycles to save time and make the whole process simple. You can use its milestone features to drive the team with motivation based on visible progress.

You can use the inbuilt calendar of Nifty and integrate it with Google to stay on top of the schedule. Individual threads for discussion allow users to discuss a project in a separate space. Moreover, you get to integrate GitHub with Nifty, a feature very rare in this category.

Microsoft Project Management Software

With over three decades since its launch, Microsoft Project still is a popular tool for project management more effectively regardless of size. The project management software tool is recommended for large projects where users want to focus on the smallest details. You will find its reporting helpful with an option to export files to MS PowerPoint.

You don’t have to get a separate license for it as Microsoft offers projects in its Office 365 subscription. A significant drawback is its steep learning curve that requires hours of learning. Also, it is not recommended if you manage small to medium-sized projects with no limited complexity.


You will find an entirely different user interface in Trello from the tools mentioned in this list. It uses a single view to give every detail about the project, from conversations to to-do lists. You can use cards to use on the desktop to manage everything from your system.

Therefore, every task is easily accessible to users without going through a manual. It saves time, increases efficiency, and doesn’t drain your system’s resources. Also, it is available as freeware apart from the two paid versions.


Jira is project management software designed for project management for the software development teams that work on agile models. It offers customizable Kanban boards, scrum boards, and real-time agile reporting to the teams. Bug tracking makes it the ideal tool for software development.

You can monitor many activities that include time spent per task. Also, there is a choice to view the outstanding issues to help the agile projects development process. You can connect numerous third-party applications with the help of its robust APIs.


MeistarTask provides the managers with a simple project management software to manage the project more effectively with a strong Kanban structure. Its extensive range of tools ensures the project management and reporting are smooth with no hiccups. You can use features such as task scheduling, monitoring, tags, and mentions to work on collaborative projects.

Apart from the collaboration, it has also provided enough features for personal task management. You can pin and organize tasks from the projects allocated to you. The integration for 3rd party applications such as Slack, GitHub, and G Suite is also available.


Asana is the project management software to consider if you want to keep the project organized. It offers features such as task allocation, conversations, and dashboards to simplify the whole planning and tracking. You can track essential activities to save time over countless graphs and numbers.

There is an intuitive feature available that allows users to add customer fields and notifications priority. You can share a single message to everyone in the project with its Team Pages. The basic version is free for the business, while the premium version will require a monthly subscription.


To sum up, you will find many applications for project management in the market that caters to different needs. The size of your organization, project complexity, and budget will significantly determine the best project management software from the list above. You can spend more time on the research after narrowing it down to 2-3 options.

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