Top SEO Secrets Unleashed

On this blog, please take a look at some top SEO secrets we have unleashed for you. One of the constant things about SEO is that it is always evolving. The practices that once reaped fruitful results have now become obsolete. Therefore, SEO experts have to evolve with time to serve their clients in a better way.

The entire SEO world entails so much that it can be challenging for a layman to understand and comprehend. Even a pro would often find themselves at loggerheads because of the ever-changing Google algorithms for ranking a website.

Still, the industry offers fruitful results for those who have a dedication and willingness to learn. Here are some SEO secrets. Please pay attention to each of them as no SEO Company in New York will share them with you.

Top SEO Secrets You Didn’t Know About

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No Penalties on Duplicate Content

If you think that duplicate content will be penalized, then you are wrong. However, there are other downfalls for duplicate content.

Copied content is the one that gets penalized, duplicate gets filtered out of the unique, and it gets way below it.

Original content gets rewarded by Google as they want to set the speed of the search engine. Duplicate content slows down the search engine speed.

Here’s a tip for you. If you want your website to be on the top of the list, then try getting something unique for this when it comes to content. It should be engaging and authentic.

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Google Can Determine the Quality of Results

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Now, most people know how Google uses tons of algorithms to set the ranking of the websites it gets daily.

Google has hired people who make around 40,000 precision evaluations to evaluate the search engine’s quality.

The majority of the people think that Google will not apply penalties if they get their SEO work done in another language.

Well, this is where it all gets wrong. According to Google, it has been estimated that the Penguin algorithm affects 3.1% of the search results, which are done in English, and 3% on search results, which are done in other languages such as German, Spanish, etc.

They have hired trained experts who are great at catching spam in any language.

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Having a Homepage Video Is a Plus

Over the passage of years, this one website got a lot of attention from the people. The plus factor is that it got this attention in both ways, from creators and consumers.

We are talking about YouTube. People watch it for entertainment purposes, but now it is a medium of advertising for many of the companies.

Even big names such as Emirates and Huawei keep their eyes on YouTube to place their ads or when they make a new ad. 

So now, imagine that your website has a well-made video on the homepage, and whoever opens up the page loves the video so much that they end up looking at the rest of the website, or sometimes they end up buying your things too.

So, try investing in some good production houses or freelancers when it comes to online content making and marketing.

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Facebook Activity Matters

Now that we have started talking about other platforms, why don’t we start with Facebook?

Let us remind you that Facebook owns the majority of your social media applications and is one of the topmost social media platforms used worldwide.

Your business activity on Facebook doesn’t directly impact SEO, but still, it matters a lot. It improves SEO indirectly as your Facebook page would help create a reputation for your business and spread its name.

You can also apply this platform as a medium for customer support.

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Rich Snippets Can’t Help You

Let us clear a doubt of yours here! Rich snippets have no impact on the ranking of your website. Even Google has stated numerous times that snippets have 0% impact on your Google rankings.

However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t help you. It does but indirectly.

One of the numerous things it can do for you is to make your page easy to index and show results that have been searched the most.

We cannot assure, but this turns out to be a reason for more people visiting your website.

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It’s Features Over Content Maybe

If you question what the title of this part means, we would like to tell you about the top 10 websites in the year 2019. These were Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo!, Amazon, Wikipedia, Twitter, Bing, eBay, and MSN.

Out of all the websites mentioned above, there are only two content-driven websites, YouTube and Wikipedia. Other websites are known for the services and interactive features that they provide.

Now let’s have a look at Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Anyone who wants to get a solution to something or want some information, they head to these websites. They visit these websites, type their questions, and within a matter of seconds, people get their answers.

These websites barely rely on the clickbait system and are oriented to the features that they have.

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91% People Search Things Daily

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Since most of us own smartphones and use search engines for almost everything, it wouldn’t surprise that around 91% of the people on the internet search things daily.

This means that people are looking for solutions and answers regularly. So, if you have a website with some proper SEO job done, you might have a chance to get some traffic as the internet is a never stopping world, and people are always looking for answers and solutions.

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These are some of the hidden and shocking facts about SEO or SEO secrets that we think you must know before putting yourself all in. Remember that even if you get some great SEO experts for your job, getting original traffic will take some time, so don’t panic and don’t think you wasted your money.

Wait for the things to form a shape, and you will see wonders happening. If you’re a business entity, it is recommended to start with Local SEO to conquer the immediate market and then move on to bigger and better prospects.

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