How To Use Video To Increase Traffic To Your Site?

Incorporating video into your marketing strategy is a proven method, not only to increase traffic but to increase conversions as well. The data speaks for itself, and in an increasingly digital world, it’s only becoming more critical. However, posting videos on your website without a solid strategy is a losing battle. In a sea of information, random videos will get lost in the shuffle. YouTube alone has almost 3/4 of a million hours of video uploaded every day. That’s why having a solid, well-planned video strategy is the best way to increase traffic to your site effectively.

Top 5 Ways On How To Use Video To Increase Traffic To Your Site

How To Use Video To Increase Traffic To Your Site 1

#1. Increase Traffic To Your Site By Optimizing Landing Pages With Video 

Using video on your website’s landing pages is an excellent way of increasing conversions and optimizing the traffic that’s coming to your site. However, simply saying the word “optimize” is easier said than done.

One of the most valuable ways to gain the most out of your landing pages is to think about where the consumer is in their journey with your company and where they are in the sales funnel. Always start by asking: “What is the end goal that I’m looking for from a visitor?”

Are your customers still learning about your business and products? Are they returning customers that you’re trying to retain?

Some best practices for improving landing pages include:

  • Keep your offer simple
  • Stay above the fold
  • Use straightforward CTAs (calls-to-action)
  • Employ scarcity techniques

Wherever they are in the process, your landing page videos’ call to action should be guiding them to the next logical step in their journey with your business.

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#2. Write Video Transcripts To Increse Traffic To Your Site

Adding subtitle transcripts is an excellent way to improve your video content. Transcripts help maintain clarity when audio quality is questionable while at the same time offering inclusivity for those with hearing impairments. Including accurate transcripts may also help with SEO and rankings.

Including transcripts and closed captioning allows Google to crawl the video and helps search engines understand precisely what is in your videos. As advanced as the crawlers are, they don’t listen to the videos you upload to understand the content. They primarily use the metadata so that’s incorporated to judge and evaluate this data.

Some platforms have automatic captions that use AI to auto-generate text, but they’re not as effective and often riddled with errors. Taking the effort to write them out yourself gives you much more control and is definitely worth the effort.

Incorporating a transcript or closed captions adds more data which, in turn; will help push your SEO rankings so that more targeted users will find your video content.

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#3. Create a Diverse Portfolio of Content

Not all videos are designed equal, and not all businesses will use the same type of video content in their portfolios. Creating a diverse portfolio of videos will help build brand trust and target multiple levels of traffic depending upon the intended purpose.

  • Intro Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Live Streaming
  • Testimonials
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Walkthrough Videos

Video can be time-consuming, making choosing the correct video for the situation (and the audience) doubly critical.

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#4. Make the Most of Social Media Using Video To Increase Traffic To Your Site

Social media is an indispensable medium to get your videos out there to the world. Each social media platform has its benefits and drawbacks that you should keep in mind when creating your video strategy.

Remember to tailor your videos to the platform you’re using. For example, Instagram is a primarily mobile platform geared toward small, bite-sized visuals. Therefore, a long explainer video would not be well placed on Instagram.

Facebook and YouTube lend themselves more to longer videos and compilations of related videos as long as you can hook viewers with a catchy title and introduction.

Create short videos that spark interest but leave viewers wanting just a little more. With piqued curiosity, they’ll naturally click on your CTA or visit your website to find out more. Placing a one-size-fits-all video on every social media platform will get you more clicks. But taking the time to tailor your content to the demographics of the different platforms; and targeting individual CTAs will yield far better results than a shotgun approach.

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#5. Keep it Focused

The collective attention span of humans is decreasing. According to a study from the Technical University of Denmark, this is due to the enormous amount of information presented to us daily.

Considering the amount of content and entertainment that is all vying for our attention and the amount we consume. But, it’s hard to believe we can focus on anything at all anymore. If you believe some of the stats laid out there, the average human attention span has dropped below the levels of a goldfish at about 8 seconds.

Regardless of whether goldfish can concentrate better than humans, the fact remains that video content needs to have a focused message and goal in mind to captivate your audience. If they’re not engaged within the first few seconds, the odds of them converting are against you.

CTAs should be included at the beginning and end of your videos. First, to get it in front of the viewer while their attention is fresh, and if they’ve made it through the entirety of your message, to drive the point home.

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Video Consumption is On the Rise

Get creative with your brand’s video content! Video is a great way to emotionally touch your target audience and build brand awareness and trust. Just as there are customers at different points in their customer journey. So, you should also offer different types of videos to explain your products, brand, and company mission.

Using video to increase traffic to your site is just the first step to getting (and keeping) customers. As your library of video content grows; so too will your audience as you create a vision, story, and community that will continue to build your brand. Most SEO best practices apply directly to your video content and will serve your business well for years to come.

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