How To Increase E-Commerce Conversions?

If you’re in the e-commerce business, gaining visibility through SEO can be a daunting task; let alone getting customers to convert after they click through to your website. But say you’ve really managed to rank for the keywords that you’ve been targeting as part of your SEO efforts. How do you then optimize your e-commerce website to increase maximum conversions?

7 Ways To Increase Conversions On E-Commerce:

Read on to find 7 tips that you can follow for driving up conversions on your e-commerce website for the digital traffic coming through to your website.

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Tip #1: Reduce page load speed as much as you can

Remember that customers today expect businesses to provide a seamless online shopping experience. As an e-commerce website, you need to pay attention to your website’s page load speed; because not doing so can turn buyers away and hurt your conversion rates. While you should strive to make page load times as quick as you possibly can; two seconds is a reliably used standard for providing a smooth user experience for buyers.

For understanding more about your website’s page load speed, use tools like Google’s Pagespeed and Pingdom.

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Tip #2: Leverage user-generated content and social proof

As an e-commerce website, you should make it easy for buyers to make that all-important conversion and decide to buy from you. One of the many ways to do this? Social proof and user-generated content.

You can provide reviews and ratings to leverage positive social proof to convince customers honestly to purchase on your website. Since customers are looking for testimonials from people like them; user-generated content can go a long way to make you look credible and trustworthy. Strategically place bits of testimonial and review content around CTAs; so that customers are convinced that people are buying your product and having a positive customer experience.

There are various tools out there that enable businesses to leverage review content for maximizing conversions on their e-commerce website or web pages. If you’ve narrowed down your options to Opinew and Yotpo; read and find out what Opinew compared with Yotpo has in terms of features so that you can make a decision.

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Tip#3: Ensure responsive design for your e-commerce website and increase conversions

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This is an essential point that websites all-too-often miss. Consumers are shifting to mobile in droves, and website design should adapt accordingly. Google is even moving in this direction and has announced that its approach towards indexing on their search engine is oriented towards a mobile-first policy.

Given that this is the case, ensure that your website is designed optimally for a clean and smooth experience on mobile devices. E-commerce transactions on mobile are increasing by the day; it’s ideal for you to be in a position to leverage this fact.

Take a proactive approach towards a mobile-first website design from the get-go itself. Orient your design and content creation processes such that mobile takes priority over others. Ensuring that your designers and copywriters know about the importance of optimization for mobile-friendly designs can be the key to shoring up conversions on your e-commerce website.

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Tip#4: Ensure seamless navigation on your website

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Again, as mentioned before; you should do conversion rate optimizations with the end goal of providing a seamless website experience in mind. Your conversions will automatically fall in place if you absolutely orient your e-commerce website towards achieving this goal.

For e-commerce sites, in particular, proper categorization is paramount. A pitfall often made by website designers? That is not placing products that fit into more than one category in all of these suitable categories. If you want to ensure higher conversions, know that buyers reach products through different paths on your e-commerce website; you want to make each product as visible as you can, regardless of the particular approach taken by a consumer.

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Tip#5: Provide a transparent order fulfillment process to increase e-commerce conversions

Consumers today want more transparency, and in the case of e-commerce stores; this translates to their desire to be fully in the know during the order fulfillment process.

To provide the same for customers, ensure that your delivery partner can give you regular updates throughout the shipping process. In addition, go the extra mile to provide your buyers with accurate order arrival estimation dates, notifications, cancellation options, and more. This can drive a long way in increasing customer delight during the post-purchase stages of the customer journey; bring you returning customers as a result.

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Tip#6: Convert better with a more vital copy

Believe it or not, a copy can make a massive difference to the conversion rates that you’re seeing on your e-commerce store.

An easy way to quickly improve the copy you write on your website? Use review content and third-party comparison websites to understand customer pain points and build personas. Remember, you should always align that copy with the goal of making sure that buyers really convert.

Researching your customers and understanding them better tells you more about who you’re writing for. Once you have this information at hand, writing the appropriate copy for your website becomes easy. Remember to write in the language that your customers are speaking; and try to evoke a strong response through your writing.

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Tip#7: Provide multiple payment methods to your customers to increase e-commerce conversions

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Given that you will be catering to a financially diverse customer base through your e-commerce store; you need to have multiple payment options that will meet differing payment preferences.

Some customers prefer to pay via their credit card; while others who are more financially conservative might choose to pay only through their bank or debit card. Some of your younger audiences might even want to pay through newer monetary forms like cryptocurrency.

Providing each customer the kind of payment option they want will provide a smoother shopping experience and boost the chance of them coming back for repeat purchases.

So that’s about it; we hope that this guide has given you enough information on different steps; you can take to optimize your e-commerce websites for higher conversions.

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