How to Optimize Shopify Store Landing Pages for Sales Lead Generation?

Got a Shopify store and wonder why it does not appear in searches and has a high bounce rate? There is a variety of factors that could be at play here. If you optimize Shopify store landing pages, you will get the most out of your eCommerce campaign. In the end, all eCommerce stores are all about sales lead generation.

When looking to optimize Shopify store landing pages, there is a lot to consider for the back-end and the front-end. The landing page is where you will base your operations from. It provides a much-needed site structure. Attractive landing pages prompt people to spend more time on the website.

Why Is Shopify Store Landing Page So Important?

The landing page doesn’t necessarily list any products for Shopify’s e-commerce stores. So, what is it that makes them so important?

Why Is Landing Page So Important
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  • Shopify store landing pages provide site structure and organization.
  • Landing pages define the authority of your overall website.
  • Landing pages define the design scheme of your Shopify store.
  • Shopify store landing pages boost visitors’ trust and time spent on a store.
  • Landing pages can boost sales lead generation very efficiently.
  • Landing pages provide trust and engagement for visitors.
  • And, landing pages display promotions and messages most conveniently.

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How To Optimize Shopify Store Landing Pages?

Here are some techniques to optimize Shopify store landing pages:

Choose A Quality Shopify Store Landing Page Design

Optimizing for sales lead generation is about making your Shopify store look perfect for visitors. Landing page designs has great significance to optimize Shopify store landing pages. The way visitors perceive your store will have a significant impact on overall sales leads generation.

How To Optimize Shopify Store Landing Pages
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Everything needs to be just right, from top banners to products listed and displayed on the landing page. Your promotional content needs to be in the right place to appeal to visitors more. Integrate messages of trust in your landing page design. Promote fast-selling products efficiently on the landing page.

Understand The Psychology of Color for Shopify Store Design

Colors play a vital role in the psychology of store visitors. All major e-commerce and social brands use this psychology of color very successfully.

  • Facebook and Twitter use blue and white that display trust and loyalty.
  • Virgin and Ferrari use the color red, known for its energetic perception.
  • Light with orange brings a feeling of optimism and spontaneity.
  • Yellow and white in Amazon’s logo provide a feeling of trust and care.

You need to know the psychology of color to optimize the Shopify store landing page for sales lead generation. The more people connect with the colors and designs, the more leads you’ll get.

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Display Your Customer Testimonials Attractively

Studies have proven that people trust other people’s opinions when making purchases.

  • Shopify store landing pages need to display customer testimonials right up-front.
  • Find a suitable place for customer testimonials and display them to gain trust from your new visitors.

Even get some trusted testimonial services like Trustpilot to display testimonials on your landing page. More people can trust reviews and testimonials on your landing pages; you can expect more sales and lead generations. Be honest with your testimonials to optimize the Shopify store.

Call to Action Buttons Provide Means to Optimize Shopify Store Landing Pages for Lead Generation

When integrated call to action buttons into Shopify store designs, can provide significant benefit.

Call to actions like click to add to basket, click to buy instantly, and/or click to call are some examples. These quick action buttons make it easy for visitors to do what they need to get done quickly.

How To Optimize Shopify Store Landing Pages For Sales Lead Generation 2
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Provide a call to action buttons at essential places on the landing page. Optimize the Shopify store landing page and other pages with the call to action buttons; and make it easy for visitors to get what they came for. Include quick buy products and other options like WhatsApp chat call to action buttons for better results.

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Give Preference to Live Chat Feature on Landing Page

The live chat feature is of great importance for any Shopify e-commerce store. This is where visitors can directly communicate with site admins and owners.

Give Preference to Live Chat Feature on Landing Page
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Provide not such obtrusive chat now sections at the bottom of your landing page. Make them scroll with navigation from visitors as well.

Integrate live chat functionality into the complete Shopify store design. Also, don’t make the mistake of making your live chat button too much in the appearance. It shouldn’t take much space and not hinder your landing page view at any time. This can optimize the Shopify store for quick lead generation at all times.

Speed Optimization – To Optimize Shopify Store Landing Pages

Many Shopify developers make the mistake of leaving too many unused plugins or background codes. This makes landing pages load slower.

Excessive widgets and overlayed content portions with not optimized images and visual content can also slow down landing pages. People get bored and turn away from slow-loading stores.

The best practice is to use optimized images and limit your banners to not more than 2-3 sliders. Pay as much attention to landing page loading speed. Amazon has an impressive loading speed of 0.5 seconds. Keep this in mind and optimize the Shopify store with quick loading speeds for maximum lead generation.

Implement Shopify Store-Wide Internal Search Engine

Implement Shopify Store-Wide Internal Search Engine
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An internal search engine works great for Shopify stores. Mainly, stores that list a high number of products, internal search engines help a great deal. Implement a well-placed internal search engine on your Shopify store. This will optimize the Shopify store landing page for quick sales lead generation.

Visitors will not only be able to find your products easily from the landing page; but the overall aesthetic will look modern as well. Place it at an easily visible location on your landing page too. Integrate the search functionality on all pages connected with all listed products for the best results at any time.

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Links on Shopify stores are vital. Store owners and webmasters often don’t look after their landing page links, and many usually don’t work. All links to the landing page for any Shopify store must work at all times. If your store has more than one landing page generated from links, it is not good at all.

To optimize the Shopify store landing page, ensure that only one landing page is generated from the right links. Keep checking your landing page links to ensure they redirect traffic to the specific page. Visitors quickly get confused if there are more than one pages to consider.

Bottom Line

The landing page remains probably the most crucial part of any Shopify store. When looking to optimize the Shopify store landing page; be sure to optimize your Shopify landing page for the best results. Our listed techniques should help you make the most from the landing page.

Get an experienced Shopify web development expert to design the landing page for you. For existing stores and landing pages, make sure to get professional optimization done as well. Optimize the Shopify store landing page for visitors and search engines at the same time; to get the best out of your E-commerce campaign.

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