How Explainer Videos Can Help In Your Business Growth?

One of the most effective ways to introduce your business and explain what it does or what solutions it offers are the explainer videos. As the name implies, these videos explain and promote your company in a dynamic, engaging, assertive, and generally concise way. Also, here are more reasons to create explainer videos for your company.

It is possible that sometimes explaining what your company is about or what it does can be difficult, especially considering that today people pay attention for very little time. That is why being short, concise, and explaining very well becomes basic. At Animation Monster, they help companies explain their benefits through explainer videos. If you want to make explainer videos, but you don’t know-how, here is a list of tools to create them.

Why Use Explainer Videos In Your Business?

How Explainer Videos Can Help In Your Business Growth 1

Explainer videos can increase business conversions

Animated explainer videos tend to capture the audience’s attention better. In this way, not only do you get users to know you more, but you are more likely to convince them to take any action, which will result in more conversions.

Connect with users with explainer videos

According to scientific studies, we have about 3 or 4 seconds for a person to get our attention. Animated explainer videos can achieve that goal, which will lead you to have a much stronger connection with users. This is also reflected in the previous point.

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Explainer Videos can explain business concepts more effectively

If a video were not short, it would be like a movie. Explainer videos force you to be short and concise without sacrificing quality. Using these how-to videos will improve the way you communicate and, at the same time, help you do more with less.

Explainer Videos will improve the user experience

A satisfied user increases the probability that they will buy again and recommend you. Using animated explainer videos like those from top video animation services provider can significantly increase the knowledge that a user has on your website, which, indirectly, can also bring benefits in the Google ranking.

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The Benefits Of Explainer Videos For Your Business

How Explainer Videos Can Help In Your Business Growth 2

You will look more professional

For users, the image a business reflects is as important as what they do. Consequently, a business that genuinely cares about users will be more successful.

Using animated explainer videos will not only take your website out of the monotony of images and text, but it will also show the user that you care about having quality content, which helps them find the solutions they are looking for.

Explainer videos have competitive advantage in your business

In such a competitive world, the most reliable way to last as a company, business, or website is to contrast yourself from the rest through your competing advantage. Although it’s hard to believe, an animated explainer video can be a competitive advantage. Companies like ours, Animation Monster do this.

Do you remember the monotony we talked about? Pages with only images and texts are usually dull and very abundant on the web. A web page that offers an animated explainer video, without a doubt, will stand out from the rest of the pages because it is offering a competitive advantage or a differentiating element from the rest of the competition.

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More conversions

Another benefit or advantage that placing explainer videos offers you is the possibility of increasing your conversions (data registration, purchases, etc.). It is enough to understand this simple equation: Better content, better engagement, better quality, and a better way of communicating it equals more conviction and more conversions.

Besides, by explaining in a more straightforward, concise, dynamic, and simple way what you do, you are more likely to hook the user. If you already know how to take advantage of that hook with useful and quality information, the conversions will come by themselves.

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An excellent way to promote yourself or your business with explainer videos

Put yourself in the user’s shoes for a moment. Do you pay the same attention to an advertising banner as to a video? It may be, but an animated explainer video is more likely to catch your eye and hook you more easily.

If you are looking to promote yourself, an excellent way to promote yourself is to use explainer videos like these that will better attract the user’s attention. Yes, it would help if you tried to be concise since long videos usually have the opposite effect on people. Creativity is also essential to get the user hooked.

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Improvement in Google ranking

To be visible, it is necessary that you occupy the first positions of the Google ranking. To achieve this, we recommend that you do explainer videos because, according to the experts in search engine positioning, the chances of appearing in better results increase by 50%.

Improving the user experience will improve your website’s metrics, so you will likely increase in the Google ranking. Of course, make sure the video loads appropriately and be optimized for SEO using the right keywords.

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The videos are in animated fashion! Although Google seems to be the king, trends and studies show the opposite. More and more people have decided to use YouTube as a source of information, acquiring more and more relevance as a search engine, especially in terms of products, reviews, and tutorials.

Using an animated explainer video linked to your page through the YouTube platform will not only ensure greater SEO visibility, but it will also make you appear in both Google and YouTube searches, thus generating two flows of possible users or clients from two powerful digital platforms.

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What should I take into account to use explainer videos in business?

How Explainer Videos Can Help In Your Business Growth 3

If you have decided to use animated explainer videos, you must keep in mind some essential points. One of them is the length of the video. It should be short so as not to bore the user. It would help if you also considered the quality of its production. Check out more tips on how to create how-to videos here.

Also, you must pay attention to the script and the information that you are going to share. Suppose all this sounds like a lot to you. In that case, there is always the option of consulting experts such as Animation Monster, a site with significant experience in animated explainer videos.

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