Top 5 Solutions To Power Up The Online Sales Lead Generation

All businesses need clients to make purchases for them to thrive, and the revenue from these purchases helps ensure that companies do not collapse. According to a recent report from data collected by the Bureau of Statistics in the US, 2 in 10 businesses fail within their first year. The high failure rate drove the need to look for other methods to get clients and make sales. This is where online sales lead generation solutions comes in. Online lead generation entails taking clients interested in a businesses’ products and services and contacting them to attempt to make sales.

This failure rate rises to 5 in 10 businesses by their fifth year. Business failure can be attributed to a plethora of reasons, and however, a core reason that seems to stick out among all the listed reasons for business failure is the lack of clients.

Telemarketing companies would purchase phone numbers in bulk and tried to make sales in the past. The failure rate of telemarketing as a sales and marketing method was very high. Most people of the younger generation, often called millennials, said that the cold calls in telemarketing are rude and intrusive.

Compared to telemarketing’s success rate of 1%-2%, the success rate of using leads is significantly higher.

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Top 5 Online Sales Lead Generation Solutions

Top 5 Solutions To Power Up The Online Sales Lead Generation 1

There are various methods that a business can use to power up the online sales team to improve lead generation, and in this article, we shall discuss these methods.

Maximize Using Available Resources

Most businesses with in-house marketing teams often disregard the readily available marketing resources. These teams mostly go for expensive marketing resources, assuming they will be efficient because they are costly.

The most basic marketing tip is to use all available resources to maximize lead generation. When seeking outsourced lead generation services, you will notice that they pay keen regard to their available resources.

Outsourcing lead generation entails contracting a company or agency to gain leads on behalf of your business.

Marketing companies maximize the use of often ignored tools, such as Twitter’s Lead Generation card. Businesses often concentrate on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter when considering marketing platforms.

However, very few businesses know about the existence of Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards. These lead generation cards work by filling out a user’s contact information when they click on a businesses’ tweet. After this, the user only has to approve the sharing, and the company will get a hold of the information.

The use of such easy and free-to-use tools makes the barrier between a lead and a business easy to cross. This, therefore, improves a businesses’ lead generation numbers.

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Focus on Successful Online Sales Lead Generation Methods

Top 5 Solutions To Power Up The Online Sales Lead Generation 2

Businesses often use various lead generation methods simultaneously. They do this to improve the efficiency of their marketing strategies. After running different marketing methods simultaneously, the statistics show their efficiency.

You should allocate the efforts towards these different marketing methods based on their efficiency. Focusing on successful solutions ensures that you gain the most leads from your sales and marketing team.

If you are running simultaneous marketing strategies and one shows higher success rates than the other, you can put the other one on a halt. This will help to dedicate more effort to the successful strategy. With marketing, ramping up efforts on a marketing tactic with high success rates improves its efficiency further.

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Website Optimization

Top 5 Solutions To Power Up The Online Sales Lead Generation 3

According to statistics, about 50% of internet traffic emanates from mobile devices and accounts. It is, therefore, safe to say that at least 50% of the possible clients of a business will access their site through mobile devices. If the website looks and runs poorly on a mobile device, it will repel many potential clients. This signifies the significance of website optimization for use on mobile devices too.

Conventionally, websites were accessed using computers. This, therefore, laid the foundation of website building as intended for use on computers.

However, with the rampant adoption of mobile devices, websites are also being optimized for use on mobiles. Websites not optimized for use on mobile devices neglect clients who are using mobile devices.

Website optimization will ensure that your clients and leads get a beautiful website render regardless of the device they are using. You should also ensure that the website is not spammed with images that make the mobile user experience horrible.

Having non-optimized websites will show on your online sales lead generation insights as an unusual imbalance. You will notice that most of your leads were using computers, and those using mobile devices are classified as weak leads.

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Calls To Action

A website without a call to action for the user is a plain text page that will not help you gain leads for your business. Well, thought and designed call to action buttons will guide the user on what to do.

An observation made about call-to-action buttons is that they are more effective when the text is in first-person speech. An example of this is when you have two buttons, one written “Click Here to get your newsletter” and the other written “Yes, I want my newsletter.”

The second button that is written, “Yes, I want my newsletter,” will get more clicks and therefore more leads than the first button. This explanation is that first-person speech on buttons makes the users feel more at ease and comfortable when using your website.

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Gain Client Trust to Gain Revenue

Top 5 Solutions To Power Up 4

In this era of technological influence in marketing, online sales lead generation is very easy. One thing that is not easy to gain is client trust. As a business owner, gaining client trust is a vital need to ensure the longevity of your relationship.

Client trust should be a target to gain when putting in the effort to gain lead numbers. The easiest way to gain client trust is to establish reliability. First-time users subscribing to your newsletter is an easy accomplishment. However, getting them to visit your website frequently and rely on you as a source of information is challenging.

In the long run, gaining client trust and increasing business revenue requires a constant supply of valuable information and tips.

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Gaining leads is just one part of the process; leads must be converted into actual sales. For this to happen, the marketing team and sales team must be in sync and put in the step to convert leads to sales.

When converting the leads to sales, the approaches used should be specific to the age groups affected. A one-on-one session with sales personnel will get them to make a online purchase for the older generation.

Millennials, however, have adopted e-commerce, which shows that they do not need to consult the sales personnel to make a purchase. The best way to approach millennials would be to use special discounts and offers rather than calls.

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