8 Tips For A Better UX Website Design If Your Website Is Killing Your Business

The internet is a crowded space, and the concentration span of internet users is growing smaller each day. You need to capture users’ attention to visit and stay on your website for longer. A website with a bad UX design will make customers leave quickly and go to a competitor’s site. Customers expect a fast and efficient website. They link the quality of your website to the quality of your products and services.

A website with a better user experience design should be interactive. Also, it should provide the proper content organization and appeal to visitors. That is why it is essential to reach out for web design services in your area. For example, you can find top-notch New York web designs if you search for web design services New York. These professional designers provide businesses with the right website design to positively affect user experience (UX). They conceptualize and invent online business models that provide brands with an excellent user experience.

If your website gives a poor user experience, visitors assume your products and services must offer the same experience. Customers judge you do not care about them; if the performance of your website is poor, inaccessible, and lacks mobile friendliness.

Your Website Is Killing Your Business - 8 Tips For A Better UX Website Design In 2021 2022

What is User Experience Design (UX Design)?

A website User Experience design (UX design) is the overall process of creating products and services that aim to provide a top notch-experience. This involves designing a helpful, aesthetically appealing website, and easy to use. A good user experience design of a website should consider the following.

  • Interaction design – is the experience of customers when they navigate your website. It involves clicking buttons and links, customer care assistance, and why customers leave your site.
  • Information architecture – is concerned with the organization of information on your site.
  • Visual design – makes sure your website is attractive, functional, and accessible.
  • Usability – is a design process that ensures your website is easy to use.
  • Human-Computer Interface – is how human beings and computers interact.

8 Tips For A Better UX Website Design

A successful website has a robust design that can meet the objective of a business. It attracts customers and visitors, helps build your brand, and establishes trust.

Determine the Goal of Your Website

One of the things that can destroy your business and make you lose customers is a lack of focus. Know what you want your website to achieve now and in the long run. The goal of your web pages and blog posts should be clear to give you a sense of direction. For example, identifying the purpose of your website before you design it. A website that lacks a goal will confuse visitors, and they will leave.

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Include Videos and Images

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When you don’t have your customers’ attention, they can easily be attracted to your competitor. This can kill your business fast. Include engaging content in your website and present them in an exciting way. For example, consider including valuable videos and images to provide value and catch your customers’ attention. People process photos and videos 60,000 times faster than they process text. Turning your written blog posts into videos or podcasts will make your content more accessible. People can listen to your podcast as they drive home from work. So, videos are best for your audience who do not enjoy reading texts.

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Create Unique CTA Buttons

Lack of a clear call to action can confuse your customers; making them leave your website before making a purchase, which can kill your business. Design the visibility of buttons for better UX on your website. For example, create a visible and apparent call-to-action button (CTA). If you choose a specific color for your CTA buttons; but, do not use that same color anywhere else on your website. This helps to make the buttons visible and avoids confusing customers. CTA buttons should be clear and straightforward. They should tell the customers exactly what to do. For example, “submit,” “subscribe,” “comment,” “follow,” or “buy.”

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Increase Page Loading Speed

A slow site can cause you to lose customers. Users on the internet have little patience and many options. When a website is not fast enough, they will abandon it and move to the next available opportunity. Make sure your website pages load quickly to avoid losing customers to your competitors. Page speed is good for user experience and your SEO efforts. Google ranks websites with a good page speed highly. Increase loading speed by compressing images to reduce their dimensions. Large pictures can affect the rate of your site and slow it down.

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Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

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Lack of device responsiveness in your website UX design is one of the things that can kill your business as well. The majority of consumers today use mobile phones to look for what they need. There is a high chance that potential customers will leave your site. If it does not load on mobile or other devices. For example, a web page on a mobile phone should provide the same user experience; as the same web page on a laptop or desktop. Ultimately, this affects the overall experience of your visitors; and consistency provides a good user experience and empowers your customers to reach you on the go.

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Inclusive Design

Lack of inclusivity can mean you are not reaching a particular group of customers; which leads to lower sales and less income which is not suitable for business. A website should be accessible and understandable to people with different needs. Consider elders, children, and people with disabilities in your web design. A good web design and development company will know how to cater to everyone’s needs. For example, they can include a screen reader on your website for the visually impaired. So, ensure a good UX design should always be inclusive.

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Provide Something Unique

If you do not provide something unique to your audience; then they will look for it elsewhere, which can hurt your business. Cater for the needs of your website visitors and give them a reason to choose you over your competitors. For example, there are billions of websites competing for customers’ attention. Do something different to capture your customers’ interest. You can provide the same services but in a unique or another way. Identify your target audience and create a design that caters to them. For example, if your target customer is in New York; then you can look for something unique that New York web designs can offer; enabling you to create a deeper connection with your audience.

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Provide a Space for Customer Feedback

Always remember that good service is always composed of two parties. Improving your UX website design is not a one-way street. Also, this means that one of the thighs you could do to provide a better user experience is to get their opinion. Visitors would feel like they are being valued if you provide an avenue for their feedback. You would benefit from what they have to say as you could use their firsthand experience to apply changes to your website.

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Key Takeaway

The ultimate purpose of a website is to sell products or services, provide information or general queries. A great UX website design is what will enable you to meet these goals. A website with a good user experience attracts many new and returning customers who become loyal and trust your brand. They become your brand ambassadors and refer their friends and colleagues to your business. This makes it necessary to invest in good UX designs. Conduct research and contact professional designers who will provide the best experience for your audience. For example, you can Google website design NYC to find the best web designers in New York City.

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