How To Reduce EMF Exposure While Traveling?

In the increasingly digital and connected world, we are exposed to electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation daily. Many sources like smartphones, laptops, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth emit EMF radiation. Also, there are ongoing debates about its potential health risks. Long-term exposure to EMF radiation may lead to headaches, fatigue, anxiety, nausea, and insomnia. Also, it can increase susceptibility to miscarriage in pregnant women. When traveling, we are at an even greater risk for EMF exposure. Since, there are many electronics on airplanes. That includes cockpit and communication equipment, jet engines, electrical wiring, and Wi-Fi. Consider the following tips and plans to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation while traveling.

8 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure While Traveling

How To Reduce EMF Exposure While Traveling 1

1. Keep Your Phone in Airplane Mode as Much as Possible

Your cell phone acts as a mini radio tower. It continuously sends radio-frequency or wireless signals, exposing you to EMF radiation. When you put the phone on Airplane mode, your device’s antennas are disabled. So, it significantly reduces your exposure to EMF radiation at that time. We recommend that you use your phone only for texting or making essential calls.

2. Use a Wired Headset or Speakerphone When Making Calls

Cell phones emit their highest radiation levels during phone calls. But, those levels increase when the signal is weak or fluctuating. Instead of holding your phone to your head during calls, use your speakerphone or a wired headset to reduce exposure.

3. Avoid Carrying Your Phone Close to Your Body

Keep your phone in a bag or purse instead of carrying it in your pocket or bra. Limit cell phone use in rural areas or places where reception is poor. Since, your cell phone emits more radiation when you are distant from a cell phone tower. Consider using a Faraday phone pouch. It blocks signals and shields you from the EMF radiation emitted by your device.

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4. Use a Laptop or Tablet with a Built-In Ethernet Port Instead of Wi-Fi

Ethernet cables provide a wired connection to the internet. It reduces the amount of EMF emitted by your device and your exposure to EMF radiation. Look for a laptop or tablet with a built-in Ethernet port for a safer connection.

5. Choose Accommodations with Low EMF Levels

Select hotels located farther away from power lines, cell towers, electrical plants, and power substations. This way, you can reduce your EMF exposure when traveling. Some hotels and resorts have maintained EMF reduction measures. They shield the rooms from EMF and install low-EMF lighting. Consider bringing an EMF meter with you while traveling to measure EMF levels in real-time.

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6. Use EMF Shielding Clothing or Apparel

Wearing EMF-blocking clothing can help reduce your exposure to everyday EMF radiation. It reduces EMF radiation from cell towers, airplane electronics, Wi-Fi, and other wireless devices. Examples of EMF-shielding clothing include hats, shawls, scarves, beanies, blankets, and phone pouches.

6.1 Travel-Friendly EMF Apparel Top Picks

How To Reduce EMF Exposure While Traveling 2

The best EMF protection clothing is made with premium materials and lined with a protective layer of silver fiber. Silver is a natural conductor that helps reduce the quantity of radiation absorbed by your body by blocking EMF radiation. Some popular travel-friendly EMF shielding apparel options include:

  • EMF Protection Ponch
  • EMF Protection Slouch Beanie
  • EMF Protection Hat Cap
  • EMF Protection Adult Hooded Poncho
  • EMF Protection Scarf
  • EMF Shielding Belly Band (for pregnant women)
  • Faraday Bag Phone Pouch

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7. Unplug Electronics When Not in Use

Many devices, such as televisions, computers, and appliances, emit EMF radiation even when they are turned off. Unplugging these devices can help reduce your exposure to EMF radiation.

8. Take Extra Precautions When Traveling During Pregnancy

The negative side effects of EMF radiation are even more concerning for pregnant women. Developing embryos can absorb higher radiation levels than adults. It can result in slowed embryo growth, interrupted mental development, or prenatal death. Pregnant women should consider wearing an EMF shielding belly band while traveling. This way, they can protect themselves and their unborn children.

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How To Reduce EMF Exposure While Traveling 3

While the debate over the potential health risks of EMF radiation continues, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Adopt a balanced approach toward radiation protection by using EMF shielding clothing. Try to follow the tips above. Doing so can reduce your exposure to everyday EMF radiation while traveling. It also helps to make your trip as healthy and enjoyable as possible.

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