5 Things To Know About Surface Enhancements In The Medical Field

The medical field uses many surfaces that have been enhanced to make an item easier to use or more functional. Here are some facts about the surface enhancements in this field.

5 Facts About The Surface Enhancements In Medical Field


The mechanism used to enhance surfaces in this field depends on what is being altered and how it needs to be changed.

However, scientists will alter most items through one of two options.

  • The first is the electromagnetic method which uses an electric field to change the surface of an object.
  • The other type of alteration relies on chemical enhancements to change a surface.

The electromagnetic method tends to be used more on doctors’ equipment, while the chemical method is reserved for other objects.


Surface enhancements can take place on almost any surface, including glass, silicone, and metal. Initially, this was a way to alter metal, although it has evolved with medical technology and can now be applied to other materials, such as silicone.

Additionally, mixed surfaces, where more than one material is visible, can be enhanced. Again, this is because there are a wide variety of ways to enhance a surface.

Aside from altering previously favored materials, enhancements have also made new metals usable for the medical field.

For instance, alterations to aluminum have made it a desirable metal. In addition, the chemical alterations that can make aluminum stronger have made it usable.

While scientists are yet to figure out the best way to use enhanced aluminum, it is clear that this will add to the tools used in the medical field.


Enhanced surfaces are used for everything from examining liquids to detecting proteins inside the body.

For instance, the use of surface enhancements has enabled doctors to uncover pancreatic cancer earlier.

Additionally, technology has enabled doctors to diagnose patients more accessible and more accurately, limiting the number of misdiagnoses.

It accomplishes this task by helping doctors screen bodily fluids easier and more accurately.


Immunoassays are a specific type of surface that has been enhanced and is used to detect specific biomarkers.

These devices use antibodies and gold particles to identify specific proteins with a high degree of accuracy.


The surfaces that are enhanced are selected depending on their characteristics. If the materials have enough benefits from being electromagnetically or chemically enhanced, they are chosen for various applications.

Surface enhancements are an essential part of the medical industry. A variety of options are available that can make something functional and easier to use.

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