Top SEO Trends To Watch Out For

Evaluating the top SEO trends for this year, we find that semantic search, User Experience (UX), local SEO practices, and content quality are vital in developing your general SEO strategy. It is noteworthy to mention the relevance of preparing for the update on Google’s new page experience and the importance of upgrading your mobile web version.

Below are the top SEO trends to watch out for.

 1. Top quality content remains essential

This year, we are confident that Google will continue to prioritize top-quality content in ranking search results. As a result, we will identify Trustworthiness, Expertise, and Authoritativeness (T-E-A) as vital factors in optimizing your website’s ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

T-E-A is used for those enterprise sectors that fall under the YMYL category – “your money, your life.” For instance, those industries would be finance and healthcare since they can supply reliable and accurate data to the public.

We find this to be evidenced in the last Google Care Update released in May 2020. Several SEO services London were convinced that Google’s last update was a sign that T-E-A was one of the update’s significant factors.

It is also equally important to update existing content while understanding the significant role of T-E-A this year. This is becoming a very significant highlight within the SEO industry.

Updating previous content as a target for those pages that are ranking rather ‘poorly’ will enable Google to discover what your site offers while assisting you in identifying the right audience for you.


2. The significance of local SEO

What is the importance of local SEO to your business?

Observing local SEO practices will position your business to be easily found by users, mainly when doing local searches.

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For instance, you might be running a local enterprise, and you wish to identify competitors around you. A number of them will pop up on a page with top rankings, and the organic search outcomes will show a result with other businesses.

Encourage reviews from your local users.

This is an effective way of promoting your site and making it popular in the locality. Foster an excellent relationship with your audience and attend to their reviews. Include your website link and encourage them to comment on their thoughts.

3. Focusing on semantic search and UX

As reported by Google Webmaster Central in May 2020, Google will now be considering a large volume of UX signals in its rankings. These will comprise mobile accessibility, easy-to-find pages, and quicker page loading.

If your website suffices all of these criteria, you will be given higher search visibility. This also means you’d have to avoid adding intrusive content and pop-ups. Your site should also be accessible via iPhone, Android, and desktop devices.

Semantic search and search purpose will be crucial.

At DubSEO, their primary responsibility is to figure out what the customers are looking for. You need to go the extra mile and produce an impact on your customer’s journey.

With every latest update, Google’s algorithm aims to understand better what the audience is looking for when searching within the SERPs. Hence, we recognize semantic search as how search engines use all the available information to provide users with the most precise and relevant information.

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4. Enhance the performance of your page experience

As announced by Google, Core Web Vitals will emerge as ranking signals by May 2021 in an upgrade that will also include existing UX-related factors.

This means that webmasters will have to update their core web vitals before May to remain relevant in the SERP. Below are the components to optimize:

  • Cumulative layout shift: the quantity of unforeseen layout shift of visible page content. Proper measurement is below 0.1.
  • Initial input delay: how long it takes for a page to get interactive. An appropriate measurement is below 100 ms.
  • Largest contentful paint: how long it needs for the main content of a page to load. A right LCP measurement is 2.5 seconds or quicker.

5. Concentrate on mobile optimization for your website

At this stage, it will be an error to view your website only via desktop, considering that mobile-first indexing was implemented in July 2019. The mobile-first indexing system indicates that Google mainly uses your content’s mobile format during indexing and ranking.

John Muller, Google’s keynote speaker during the Pubcon event in Las Vegas, reported that the complete mobile index was launched in May 2021. This means that from March 2021, desktop-based websites were entirely dropped from the index.


You have to consider many things when searching for the most effective method to optimize your site. The continually changing top SEO trends require upgrades with top-quality content and optimization of existing pages and content. It is as essential as ever to remain on top of the vital SEO practices.

As Google had changed its plans to switch to mobile-based indexing in March 2021, every business owner needs to update and optimize their content according to top SEO trends to achieve the most successful results.

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