What To Do When Your Life Sucks So Much – 4 Secret Tips

Life sucks so much! I am damn sure that you are the type of person who asks this question from yourself when you face troubles in your life unintentionally. But it happens with every single person on this planet. Facing problems in your life is not a problem at all, but the thing that you need is what to do when your life sucks so much, and it goes beyond your control.

Remember one thing; life is the most challenging exam. Many people fail because they don’t find the strength to solve the problems, and they just give up. And some of them pass it because they know the logic behind these problems. And problems are part of life; you cannot avoid or ignore them. Even if you are a billionaire, king, or have huge fame. But I think the successful person is the one who considers these problems as exams, not as problems.

4 Things To Do When Your Life Sucks So Much

So if your life sucks, and you don’t know exactly what to do, you are in the right place. Here I have shared six tips with you, That will definitely help you come out of the storm.

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1) Consider Adversity As A Way Of Growth

When you are stuck in a situation where you don’t find a way to get out of it, you need to remind yourself, That these difficulties make you stronger.

Here is a perfect example to explain this idea.

The beautiful butterfly, in the beginning, is a caterpillar, That can not fly. So to grow its wings stronger, The caterpillar needs to squeeze itself through the cocoon. (The egg)

If the caterpillar somehow manages to get out of the cocoon without giving efforts, It won’t fly because the wings need to go through pressure during this process.

The same goes for you and me; life puts us in a difficult situation to prepare for upcoming pains and problems.

Thus if you find problems in your life, don’t mind it; you are growing.

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2) Remind Yourself That These Are Temporary Adversities

Ups and downs are part of life and it sucks often. You have to embrace it and live with it.

Problems don’t come in your life and stay forever; think about the last time you had a severe issue. Does that bother you anymore?

Most probably not; they are temporary.

Whatever problem you have been going through will end, there is a deadline for each headache, Don’t be sad for the temporary feelings that will fade away.

I have experienced lots of people who can consider these troubles as temporary troubles. Actually, they know their self-worth​, and they know the logic behind these adversities.​

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3) Focus More On Good

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Think of a glass of water that is half-filled; well, I can say it’s half-empty too.

The fact is it’s half empty, and half filed both, and it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is what you are focusing on.

That’s life; the more you focus on the bright side, The more you will be able to feel it.

Indeed you have problems in life and it sucks, but if you look at the ways to reduce them, You will find many ways. Focus less on what complications you have and more on how you can resolve them.

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4) Think: For Every Dark Night There Is A Bright Day

In dark times hope is the only thing that helps you survive. When it’s sunset and darkness is spreading, you don’t cry for light being gone.

You prepare yourself for the night, find a shelter and wait for the sun to rise again.

In life, you will find harsh moments that are difficult, and it will make you feel like life has just ended, but that’s not true.

Just like in the night, you wait for another sunrise; In life, you will have to wait for another happy moment too. Don’t give up, and clear your mind from these unwanted thoughts that there would be no solution to a problem.

In the end, I want you to realize that your life does not suck in reality, It’s only your imagination and thoughts, Don’t let them become your reality.

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5) Be Grateful

What To Do When Your Life Sucks So Much - 4 Secret Tips 3
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If you just focus on your life attentively, Probably you will find that your life does not really suck.

It’s just your thoughts.

If you have any of these three things in life, Then your life is just okay, and you should be happy about it,

  1. A home that you live in.
  2. Food, So that you don’t sleep hungry.
  3. A family That doesn’t let you feel alone.

Being ungrateful is one of the reasons your life sucks; you might aiming be for something that’s bigger and beyond your reach; that is why you are stressed.

When you remind yourself that you have everything you need will lower your frustration and boost your mood.

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6) Life Is Not Perfect

Is Not Perfect
Image by Scozzy

You can’t have everything that you can imagine. I mean, one can’t get a Lamborghini, a Beautiful wife, Big home, and perfect skin at the very same time.

You will lack something, and it’s okay because this life is not perfect.

It might be money that you lack or a right partner, But whatever you are missing, realize that it’s the reality of life. And this is how everyone else is living their lives too.

A Bollywood actor (Sushant Singh Rajput), Killed himself. Well, for whatever reasons, we are not going to get deep into that.

But instead, It gives us a lesson, That despite having everything, there is something which you can’t have, and you have to live with it.

Sushant got everything, Money, Fame, and good looks, But in the end, he just accepted that “My life sucks.”

It was because he considered this life perfect, Which is not true.

So don’t think that if you become wealthy, you will be happy; no way, that’s not going to happen. Whatever you do, there will be something that you will miss that you can’t have, and it’s completely okay. Live it with.

Remember, Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy right now.​

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