10 Best Online Tools For Self-Improvement

In the 21st century, there are a lot of virtual assistants, and the best apps for self-development have been created. We will focus below on self-education and talk about top online tools for self-improvement through online learning. Every person who wants to achieve success must develop. And now all the conditions have been created for this. Only constant self-improvement and personal growth make it possible to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true.

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What Is The Self-Improvement?

Self-improvement means regularly working on yourself, improving yourself, and developing personal qualities. In the process of self-development, a person concentrates on desires and goals and steadily gains more and more new knowledge to achieve them. This process is fundamental to achieving success in life. In fact, each person puts a specific meaning in the concept of “self-improvement” — depending on what worries us and the need to improve ourselves.

If you are not happy with your life, always meet with failures, not sure of yourself and your future, then there is only one way out of this situation — self-improvement. Self-development is not an easy task. You need to work and passionately want to change yourself, your lifestyle, and your way of thinking. But when people start doing this with a great passion, even their innermost dreams turn into reality.

10 Best Online 2022

Top 10 Best Online Tools To Help You With Self- Improvement

In this article, we are not talking about techniques and strategies for self-improvement but modern technologies and best online tools for it. Have a look to the list:


This very first, most apparent, and commonplace option is opening our list of the best online tools for self-improvement and self-education. We all know that there are millions of hours of all possible valuable and not-so-great content on YouTube. However, if you use the platform in the right direction, filter information, and select the appropriate channels, it can be an excellent way for getting new knowledge and expanding horizons.

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On this site, you can find all kinds of videos on psychology, interpersonal relationships, explanations of a particular topic of the academic program, training videos, and much, much more. The most important thing is to choose the right YouTube channel for self-improvement and self-education.

Google Tangi

In recent years, YouTube has become an educational platform where you can find instructions and training videos covering various topics and aspects of everyday life. However, the developers of Google decided not to stop there, launching a new application Tangi, with which it will be possible to share training videos only.

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The duration of the videos is no more than 60 seconds. So far, the experimental social network has only an iOS app and website. You can filter content by topic and discuss videos in comments.

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Khan Academy

Modern computer technology makes it possible for a situation where location and geographic distance are not barriers to learning. This free educational network offers over 3,500 video lessons and connects about 10 million learners worldwide.

Harvard graduate Sal Khan gives short lessons of 5 to 15 minutes. They cover numerous topics — from the basics of arithmetic to the French Revolution.

Screen Recorders

Even though a lot of information is freely available today, and you can use it at any time of the day or night, there are still private masterclasses and seminars, as well as paid and exclusive courses. A screen recorder helps save the information that will remain with you for a long time. You can review the studied material even after the end of online training or webinar.

This tool for screen recording includes various useful features and functions of video editors built into them. However, you should note that the same master class should be recorded only with the speaker’s permission. Otherwise, further distribution (even accidental) of this material may entail not very good consequences.


Duolingo one of the best foreign language learning apps and online tools for self-improvement in the world. The level of development of eLearning has almost reached its maximum.

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This self-improvement application is a simple free service for online learning foreign languages ​​playfully. You can learn basic vocabulary on topics such as “Family,” “Home” with its help, as well as how to build simple grammatical constructions. The service has exercises for listening and pronunciation, but primarily for mastering the basics of grammar and vocabulary.

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Task Management Tools

You need to master time management and task management not only at work but in day-to-day life. Apps for planning, setting, and controlling tasks are the primary tool for working on projects. Then you can perform your duties, complete everything on time and achieve your goals.

These tools are handy for self-improvement. It’s pretty hard to maintain discipline and meet deadlines when working or learning remotely. Therefore, task management will help you organize yourself and speed up your self-education and online learning process.

Communication Tools

Because of being very busy, constantly working or studying, we forget to communicate with each other. Moreover, well-developed communication tools are critical when teaching online to receive information and give or receive feedback on time. For the most part, everyone uses well-known messengers.

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We recommend using proven services and applications for video conferencing, better assimilation of materials, interaction with colleagues, mentors, and just for communication with interesting people around the globe.

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Cloud Storage

Storing data in any popular cloud storage will allow you not to interrupt the self-education and self-improvement process, even when you are thousands of miles from home.

For instance, if you use Google Drive, you can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and edit them online. The service provides the ability to work with documents in real-time and allows you immediately save changes made.

Another advantage is no need to increase the amount of built-in memory of your gadget. You can store everything in the cloud.


This new generation social network is competing with podcasts, online conferencing, and video lectures. You can’t write messages, share photos, or send stickers there.

10 Best Online Tools For Self-Improvement - Clubhouse
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The Clubhouse app was released in spring 2020, but initially only for iOS. The service allows you to communicate in audio chats. You can register in the application if there is an invitation from a social network user.

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In addition to many specialized e-ink reading devices, long battery life, and other conveniences, there are a large number of applications that turn your tablet or smartphone into a book.

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When you can’t take your favorite ebook with you everywhere, or you want to take a whole stack of books on a trip, and there is no space left in your suitcase, an electronic reader on your phone comes in handy. Anyone who has used this format at least once knows — such an application should be easy to use and user-friendly.


There are a vast number of various online tools for self-improvement and learning, and the list is endless. The most crucial thing is not to stop the process of self-improvement and self-education. After all, while we are living, we are constantly learning something.

You can start self-development alone — read books, watch films, take and use materials on the web. You can also turn to professionals and coaches who will assist you. Try to choose a mentor for such matters carefully — this person should be the one you want to be like.

We have a lot of thoughts, memories, traumas in our heads that block the path to success. You can read books, change jobs, want to achieve success, but if you think negatively, nothing will work out. We wish you all the best in succeeding in your self-improvement goals with these online tools!

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