Top Certifications To Consider While Upskilling For The Digital Age

Top Certifications for upskilling help people to develop their passion and sound knowledge in any niche. A certified employee adds value to any organization. An IT certification adds weight to the curriculum vitae. It also boosts the career. However, the certification needs to add value to the career. The certified employees are believed to be more productive than their non-productive counterparts.

Technical knowledge has become indispensable in this era. Technology is surging ahead. It is something dynamic. Now is the time when updated technical knowledge is a must-have in the workplace. If some of the employees feel that they have a knowledge gap, it may be bridged with upskilling.

Working in the IT sector has become competitive. People working in this sector need to keep themselves updated to avoid lagging. So, professionals who are certified in specific important topics are eligible for a lucrative salary. They are also the first ones to be considered eligible for the promotion. 

6 Top Certifications While Upskilling For Digital Age

Let us learn about the top certifications that people may consider while getting themselves upskilled.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Certification

Prepare a solution according to customer requirements with the help of architectural requirements.

  • Guide any organization through some of the best practices to implement throughout the life cycle of a product

AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification displays a person’s ability to make and use scalable systems on AWS.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Top Certifications

This certification helps people to

  • Make and deploy robust and secure applications through AWS technology.
  • It is more popular than top certifications like Azure and Google Cloud.
  • This certification is the best choice for people who want to build a career in cloud computing.


People need to have at least a year’s experience as a solutions architect.

They need to know how to implement and design effective, scalable AWS systems.

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Certified ScrumMaster

Certified ScrumMaster Top Certifications

A Scrum certification helps people to deliver, develop and sustain complex products. This complex framework initially emphasizes software development. This certification ensures a proper understanding of IT.

This certification is also used in other fields like research, marketing, sales, and other technology. Apart from the certification, Certified Scrum management also provides a two-year-long membership with Scrum Alliance.

 People who are certified Scrum masters can effectively implement the Scrum methodology. A Scrum certification is the best choice for

  • Project managers
  • Product developers
  • Program managers
  • Project leaders


It is mandatory to attend a Certified Scrum Master workshop course, to clear this certification. After obtaining this certification, it is necessary to complete forty Scrum education units every two years to maintain the degree.

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ITIL Foundation Certification

ITIL Foundation Certification Top Certifications

It is among the most popular and top certifications in North America.

Initially, ITIL Foundation has been the most sought-after certification.

However, it has recently been upgraded to ITIL4 and remains one of the most popular and top certifications.

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

This certification proves a person’s ability to develop and manage effective and scalable Google Certified Professional Architecture.

This is one of the top certifications course aims to validate that the person has relevant skills as a cloud architect in the Google Cloud Platform. Interested candidates may also take different preparatory courses to understand better what to expect in the test.

Qualifications- Interested candidates must have adequate knowledge about the architectural solutions that are most suitable for any given solution.

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DevOps helps to fasten up software development. Its purpose is that brings together development and operation. The certifications that help people build a career in DevOps are as follows

  • DevOps Architect
  • DevOps Certification Training
  • Docket
  • Puppet

Let us understand the top certifications in details:

DevOps Architect

DevOps is growing fast. Also, DevOps architects are instrumental in implementing the CI/CD pipeline, automating different processes, handling the code releases, and solving any issues during the development or maintenance phase.

DevOps helps different businesses lose their productivity, improves the ROI, and shortens the time taken to market the products. Thousands of organizations are eager to adopt DevOps tools and practices to improve their rankings.

Qualifications- To become a DevOps architect, people need to start their careers as system administrators, Automation test engineers, or operations managers.

Later, they may finally qualify as a release manager, automaton expert. Finally, they may qualify as a  DevOps engineer. DevOps architects are in great demand in the IT sector and can be great performance drivers.


Puppet is a tool that allows people to automate their infrastructure across their network.

Qualifications-  People who want to automate configuration instead of manually configuring servers. The Linux certification helps people Linux system administrators gain a profound understanding of using Puppet to create scalable solutions.

Advantages- Knowledge of Puppet helps people gain control over automation of IT infrastructure quickly and effectively. The most competent organizations offer a cutting-edge curriculum designed in guidance with the dynamic industry.

The trainers are experts in the domain. The people bring contemporary best practices in the session that fits with the work culture. The projects involve real-life situations. Also, virtual labs are present to provide a hands-on experience to the learners.

DevOps Certification Training

The DevOps certification training is necessary for people belonging to the following designations-

  • Software Administrators and IT managers
  • Cloud Engineers
  • IT Team Leaders
  • Software Developers
  • Developers

People responsible for ensuring that the DevOps strategy is implemented in the end-to-end encryption of the product. So, they can introduce a change in the ambiance.

Any person who is already working in operations or development can choose a career in DevOps certification.


The objectives of DevOps certification training are as follows-

  • Develop critical skills to become a DevOps expert. The applicants will be able to master Configuration Management, continuous integration, deployment., delivery and monitoring.  To attain these objectives, they need to use particular tools like Docker, GIT, and Puppet. These tools help the candidates have a hands-on, interactive approach.
  • Enhance the understanding of the basics of Scrum and Agile methodology.
  • Gather knowledge of two major cloud platform providers, like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, through DevOps certification
  • The training exposes the interested candidates to hundreds of live, instructor-led courses. The instructors are veterans in the field.
  • The interested candidates are also exposed to quizzes, simulations, premium-quality e-learning modules, and an expert moderated community.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an integral part of the processes of any business. A business may only succeed when customers continue making purchases. 

The field of marketing has undergone a drastic change in the digital era. A few certifications in the domain of digital marketing help people move up the ladder. The relevant certifications in the field of digital marketing are as follows-

  • Digital Marketing Specialists
  • Advanced Web Analysts
  • Digital Marketing Associates

Let us find out about these top certifications in detail.

Digital Marketing Specialist

A digital marketing specialist has in-depth knowledge about all the digital marketing domains. The main objectives of a digital marketing specialist include

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Promote product
  • Acquire new customers
  • Create high product visibility among the target audience
  • Build traffic on the website of the brand

The functions of a digital marketing specialist include:

  • Initiating effective online marketing campaigns
  • Undertaking the responsibility of developing strategies to market the products of a brand online
  • Integrating the different types of promotions  to convey the message of the brand to the prospects
  • Understanding where and how to get knowledge about the consumer demands and prevalent trends.
  • Evaluating the needs of the consumer market.

A certified digital marketing course is necessary for people who are determined to have a stable career in digital marketing. This course is mandatory for people who are eyeing the posts of leaders.

People who are in the following posts will be benefitted from a certified course in digital marketing

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Managers
  • Digital  Marketing Specialists
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • Management graduates
  • Communication Graduates

A digital marketing course provides an in-depth understanding of the most critical domains of digital marketing. It should include several real-world projects and virtual simulations.

These projects ensure that the trainees get exposure to the real-world domain experience with several simulations and tools. These tools and simulations make people job-ready.

OMCP certification

The OMCP certification stands for Online Marketing Certified Professional. This certification is the most wanted qualification for digital marketing professionals. Also, this certification proves that they have verified experience.

This certification also proves that they have functional knowledge and clear concepts of digital marketing. It also proves they know about the best practices that continue in the industry,


People who want to pursue the OMCP certification need to demonstrate their knowledge and experience by fulfilling the requirements set by OMCP.

The requirements are fixed by a blend of certification exam results and applied industry experience. Experts and leaders of the industry design the requirements.


Digital Marketing Associate

Are you a student looking to jump-start your career in digital marketing? A certified course as a digital marketing associate is undoubtedly the best choice for you.  The digital marketing associate program is also most suitable for

  • Business professionals or marketing consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Traditional marketers
  • Digital marketers
Benefits Of A Certified Course As A Digital Marketing Associate

A certified course as a digital marketing associate is necessary for the following ways.

  • Gaining an in-depth understanding of the different disciplines of digital marketing. The disciplines include social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, content marketing, marketing automation,  and email marketing.
  • Teaching how to plan, formulate, and execute effective digital marketing strategies with the right blend of channels in the digital marketing strategy module
  • Highlighting the proper use of digital marketing execution tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, Twitter, Advertising, and YouTube Marketing
  • Preparing for the most valuable marketing top certifications like Facebook Bluprint, Hootsuite, and Hubspot
  • Conveying the right marketing messages for the target audience
  • Completing projects with the help of digital marketing tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Marketing, and Youtube Marketing. Completing such projects will help people to gain real-life experience.
  • Helping the traditional marketers improve their marketing knowledge
  • Understanding the vital role played by the marketing channels and digital on any emerging brand
  • Gathering the skills and knowledge required to engage with marketing agencies and partners while implementing an effective digital strategy for the brand
  • Understanding how the digital marketing brands work while collaborating with the digital marketing teams
  • Helping digital marketers learn  the latest industry-relevant techniques to develop the expertise
  • Build different digital marketing skills  to develop a career in digital marketing
  • Staying updated with the latest skills and developments
  • Helping an entrepreneur improve the ROI for his company.
  • Mastering digital analytics
  • Connecting with customers
  • Mastering social media

Advanced Web Analytics

The Advanced Web Analytics Training helps the candidates master social media’s challenging elements, content analytics, mobile, and web. 

Several mock tests and practice sessions help take this course. It is essential to go in for a course that provides the latest content. It should be at par with the industry standards. All the changes in the market need to be incorporated in the market.

Benefits Of Advanced Web Analytics

The certification in Advanced Web Analytics helps people to

  • Optimize the ability of an organization to make highly informed business decisions based on data analytics
  • Gather expertise in working with multi-channel data sources
  • Be experts at performing quantitative and qualitative analysis.


Training for the Advanced Web Analytics certification does not have any specific prerequisites.  However, the following knowledge is essential for interested candidates –

  • Business indicators like profitability and revenue margins
  • Knowledge of accessing websites,
  • Knowledge of making online payments
  • Proficiency in attracting online businesses


Any knowledge is bound to become stagnant after a point in time. Dynamism has become a way of life. The IT industry is continually progressing. To keep up with the constant progress, the management needs to hire flexible people.

The employees need to be adaptable to change to survive. The competency of people is judged by their upskilling. Vinsys will help you with this. No wonder this era is known as the digital era. So, the top certifications ensure a higher salary and acknowledgment. Even the leaders and stakeholders listen to the upskilled and certified people in the boardrooms.

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