Why Your Website Ranking Is Not High On Google Search?

Are you puzzled as to why your website doesn’t appear high in Google search results? There’s no need for concern. Recent research indicates that the majority of individuals don’t venture beyond the first page of SERP.

There are so many other companies out there, all fighting for the recognition. It’s important to note that the logistics involved in SEO are more complicated than most people think. It’s not only about having a great content or a great website, it’s more than that. Below are the five reasons your website is not ranking high on Google.

Your Keywords Are Highly Competitive To Rank

It is one of the most probable reasons your website is not ranking high on Google. Your target keywords could have a lot of competition. This means that your website needs to be stronger than it already is. It helps to start with a less competitive but unique keyword to draw attention of curious consumers. This is the best strategy for startups.

Once the website has gained recognition and strength, then you can target the competitive keywords. Besides this, over-optimization is not a good approach.

The frequency of the keywords is an important factor to consider in your content. If you use too many keywords in a short text, Google will recognize it as spam. This will call for a penalty from Google, not forgetting you risk the closure of your website.

Another quick tip is that you can try to vary your competitive keywords as much as possible. Use long-tail keywords in your content. Since not all web surfers will search or something using the same keywords or phrases. Make sense?

Your Website Is Still New

This has to do with the amount of work you’ve put into the website in terms of content. Or, how much of link building you’ve put in into the website. Otherwise, ranking high on Google may take the time. Also, may depend on how much you put in and in what pace. This is in terms of web hosting, web design, SEO, advertising, and so on and so forth.

Quality Backlinks can help Your Website’s Ranking

Most people don’t consider the importance of powerful backlinks. These are the building blocks of a great SEO. Before ranking a website, Google calculates the relevance of a site in terms of the keywords. Moreover, the number of quality backlinks leading to that site.

Your website will gain quality backlinks from authority websites in your line of interest. Below are several ways to do this.

• Epic content
• Guest posting from powerful authorities
• Blog commenting
• Guestographics

You’re taking too long Before Updating Your Content

Apparently, for time-sensitive searches, Google focuses on recently introduced content to show their users. This is the reason you’ll find fresh information listed on the first few pages of Google search results. Especially where the keywords include a year, month, or date. That way, your website’s visitors will find fresh information every time they visit your site for something.

Don’t let your existing traffic down or they’ll bounce to the next available source for good. For your site to rank high, it’s important to ensure that your content is current and often updated.

Your Website Has a Bad Architecture and Can’t Rank High

Bad site architecture makes it hard for Google to recognize and scan your content for relevance, and quality. As a result, your site ends up ranking somewhere in the search’s bottom results for your primary keywords. So, you have everything to do with the design of the website. This creates the need to hire a good website design company even before going online.

In a world, where businesses are competing for space and recognition. The best place to gain an audience, market, or clients is the search engine.

The higher you rank in search results, the easier it becomes

  • to get an audience,
  • set up a following,
  • build a network, and
  • market your business.

This makes it important to strategize properly to rank your site high on Google. To avoid the problems noted above can help you with just that.

Top 10 Most Important Google Website Ranking Factors

Google search engine uses over 200 various ranking factors to decide the position of a web page in SERP. (SERP – Search Engine Result Page). Many of the Google ranking factors are not too important. That factors are more useful than others in ranking a page high on the Google search.

With all the 200 various ranking factors, it’s impossible for any online marketer to carry out website optimization.

This article will show online marketers the most important Google ranking factors. They can focus on the factors when optimizing their web pages.

The website ranking factors will save you a lot of energy and time you would have wasted.

While trying to optimize with the other various factors that won’t have much positive effect on your website.

These 10 Google website ranking factors will help you make a higher website rank than your competitor.

Also, will drive targeted traffic to your website via Google search. It bases them on the multiple studies by professionals in the SEO industry.

Inbound Links

Inbound links are links you created on another website which points to your own website. They are links that will tell site crawlers that your page is authoritative on a certain subject. So, gaining inbound links from quality websites is an important SEO practice. That will surely increase your page rank on Google search.

When Google wants to rank a particular page, it will check the quality of inbound links to that page. Google updates show that inbound links must come from authoritative sites. So, use proper anchor text before they can increase a page rank.

There was a time when SEO experts can easily get their website or page to rank high in SERP. Just by placing links on every website they could find, but today Google’s standards of ranking have changed. A recent Google’s Penguin algorithm updates have shown that poor link building practices can get a website penalized.

When google penalize your website, it can cause your pages not to show up on Google search results pages. That leads to a decrease in traffic. Do you want your web pages to rank well on Google organic search? Then make sure you build quality inbound links from reputable sites with quality content.

Website Content

Google is a dominant search engine. That’s well trusted by many online searchers because of the level of content it displays on its SERP. Since SEO practices became popular, Google, but, has placed more importance on well-researched and high-quality content. Therefore, content that is most right to a search query, we can find on Google SERP’s first page.

Your web page won’t be able to rank well if you did not publish useful or new information. RankBrain, a machine learning system used by Google to process search queries. It is friendly to websites with relevant and high-quality content. It’s important you write content that provides value and unique insights to your readers.

Site Architecture

Site architecture and design must be easy for online users. Your site architecture is another important factor Google takes into consideration when displaying your site on its SERP.

Website architecture must be well-organized. It makes easy for Google and online readers to reach the pages on your website. In fact, it will help your content positions and categories in a way that’s useful to online readers.

Google is friendly to websites it can easily crawl and interact with. If you want to improve your rank signals, then make sure your site is user-friendly. It will help readers to interact with your site without stress.

Mobile Optimized Site

To optimize your website for mobile users is an important SEO practice. You can start it to increase your website ranking on Google search. There is an increased number of online users coming through mobile phones today. Google wants readers who use their phones to enjoy the same wonderful browsing experience as desktop users.

A mobile optimized website helps online users to find quality content specially designed for their phones.

A site optimized for mobile users will perfectly display the important features of the site. Also, helps the user to do any task on it without trouble. If you really want to increase your site rank on Google, then make your website optimization for mobile users.

Proper Distribution of Keywords

Use proper keywords across your entire content. It is an effective SEO strategy that will increase your page visibility on Google search. Keywords are an essential element that Google and other major search engines are using in the search process. Without keywords, it would be hard for search engines to rank your page.

The retrieval of your web pages on Google search results depends on the keywords on your content. When search engines crawl and index a particular web page, it marks the keyword-based indexes in that page. If a searcher searches using those keywords, they will use them to display that page in the search results.

Rule Breaking Keyword Density Inversely Affects Site’s Ranking

If you don’t want Google’s penalty, then pay attention to keyword density in your content.

Keyword density is the percentage of total keyword on a page divided by the overall texts on that page.

It’s good to use keywords in your content. But it’s more important that you know the number of those keywords. Because their excessive usage can hurt your page ranking on Google search results.

Do you want to be on a safer side and avoid the wrath of Google Panda? Then keyword density for your post must be between 1 and 2% depending on the size of your content.

Outbound Links Quality

Outbound links are links that point to other websites from your website. This link can boost the trust and quality of your website. You should know that it’s not every outbound link that can increase your website rank. The websites you can link to should have articles that have same to yours.

Make sure you link out to related authority websites that can send trust signals to Google. Don’t make the mistake of linking out to banned sites; instead, link out to websites with good domain authority and page authority.

Internal Links Mandatory For Website Ranking

Internal links are links on a certain website that connect readers to different pages on that same website.

By linking to internal pages of your website will distribute link juice throughout your website.

Google uses internal links to rank web pages in the search results because it helps in website navigation. Internal links help Google spiders to get access to the pages of a site quickly.

Use of Multimedia on Your Website

Besides, the increased engagement and shares that multimedia provides, it can also boost your website ranking signals.

Google and other major search engines keep track of multimedia when they rank a page. The integrating multimedia on your content can increase your page ranking signals.

In this information age, many businesses are using multimedia to build brand visibility online.

A video is one of the most popular multimedia that Google displays on the search results pages.

You can optimize your multimedia. To do this, add proper Metadata and all the essential elements. That will enable Google to index it easily.

Social Signal Is Another Ranking Factor For Your Site

Google uses the social signals to find the popularity and authority of a website. It also looks at the strength of your social media links before it can increase your page rank.

Google calculates the strength of your social signals:

The particular web page has how many likes, shares and tweets on social media networks. Google assumes that a page with many likes, shares, and tweets must beneficial to online users.

These are the main Google ranking factors you should not ignore. If you want to increase your page visibility on the Google search. You can carry out them to attract potential customers and increase sales online.

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