Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions By Google

Google chrome extensions by Google have ease life for so many people online. Chrome is a wonderful browser, and it’s fast and well designed with helpful features.

Working as a digital marketer, you try to accomplish your goal as soon as possible. Millions of people are working every minute to rank better, collect leads, break the news, and continue the circle.

Google chrome extensions by Google developed its Chrome web-store September 2, 2008, for Windows XP and, later, with 43 supported languages, officially a beta version, and a stable public release on December 11, 2008.

The web-store is packed with amazing features to ease your work every day, and the Google chrome extensions have a massive library of add-ons that will give you endless ideas, functions, and capacity to work.

More notably, I’ve stretched this article to include a plot of when to use it and how to use it.

I have taken my time to list out the 12 best Google chrome extensions by Google. Let’s dive in and work towards transforming yourself from working hard to working smart.

Best Google Chrome SEO Extension By Google

1. Ubersuggest

Looking to outsmart your competitors? Want to know which keywords you’re ranking for and what your top pages with keywords your competitors rank for? Ubersuggest Google chrome extensions by Google may be your best bet.

Ubersuggestis a free white label SEO tool that specializes in generating new keyword ideas. It was founded initially as a tool that scraped Google Suggest terms. But, Ubersuggest was recently acquired by entrepreneur Neil Patel, who has since expanded the feature set significantly.

How Ubersuggest Works?

Best Google Chrome Extensions by Google for SEO: Ubersuggest

If you are looking for a Google Chrome extension that will give you an edge, Ubersuggest is the tool for you. The extension helps you with relative search keywords, cost per click, the volume of search, SEO difficulty of the search, and backlink correlation.

When you open the extension, you get to see all the above with just one search, and you can perform much more with the app.

When To Use Ubersuggest?

When to use Ubersuggest?

My advice is simply to use Ubersuggest when doing your research on contents, keywords, and looking for backlinks.

Listed below are a few functions by Ubersuggest that will ease your work.

  • Keyword Ideas
  • Content Ideas
  • Overview of your domain or competitors domain
  • Volume of search
  • Your top pages and your competitors’ top pages
  • Backlinks correlation and where your competitor’s backlinks and
  • Traffic estimation

The Ubersuggest home page below shows precisely how to start your search. Type in a keyword or a domain (your domain or your competitor’s domain), and get all the data to help you rank higher, and make your work easier.

A good example is a Nigerian base nationwide Newspaper Company called PUNCH. I typed in the domain as seen on the image below; within seconds, Ubersuggest line up all necessary data about the domain.

The domain’s top pages are listed below. Click the drop-down “View all,” you get to see the keyword the top pages of your competitors rank for on Google and backlinks they have.

You can write on the topic with a few other headline changes, content optimization, and some explicit videos or pictures. Lastly, pitch your brand new content to the backlinks attached to the top pages.

2. SEOquake

This free SEO tool by SEMrush provides extensive organic research data for the user.

Seoquake is the best way to get detailed information about your website. This free SEOquake Google chrome extension by Google gives you tools like SEO Audit, Keyword Density report, Internal/External Link analysis, and social metrics.

Best Google Chrome Extensions by Google for SEO: SEOquake

How To Use SEOquake?

This extension provides more details into backlinks and other ranking tools. With Seoquake, you get to a detailed overview of things like your indexing information on Google, SEMrush rank, Alexa ranking, and Bing.

Go to your website or website of your competitor, click the Seoquake chrome extension on the top right side, and watch a detailed overview of all data on display.

In this case, I am using the website of former President Donald J. Trump as an example.

The President of the United States of America is an active social media user, so using his website as a case study should give us an average overview of how this works.

When To Use SEOquake?

You use it when you want a comprehensive analysis of SERP to optimize your web page, and it’s also got a green checked line by allowing the export of results.

3. Keyword Everywhere

This chrome extension still retains it’s ranking on Google chrome SEO extensions. If you are doing keyword research and want it at ease, keywords everywhere chrome extension should be top your list.

Best Google Chrome Extensions by Google for SEO: Keyword Everywhere

How Keyword Everywhere Works?

Visit your Google page and type in any keyword or any search that interests you. The Google Chrome extensions will automatically load related keywords and what people are searching for related to your search.

When To Use Keyword Everywhere?

Keywords everywhere should be used when searching for keywords or planning keywords.

4. Moz Bar

With Moz Bar Google Chrome Extension, you can easily optimize and promote websites with only one click. The matric Domain authority, also known as Moz DA, was made up of Moz. Usually, higher DA pages rank higher in SERP than Lower Moz DA pages, but there are some exceptional cases.

How To Use Moz Bar?

Chrome has a few extensions that can increase the value of your SEO endeavors. Under the obligation of promoting your sites, there is an insufficient chance to manage everything critically. After establishment, the extension naturally takes over.

Best Google Chrome Extensions by Google for SEO: MozBar

When To Use Moz Bar?

Moz Bar gives instant metrics of any site while viewing any page or SERP.

It’s proper to use the MOZ bar when a user needs information for the following;

  • You can quickly assess the PA and DA of any site or page.
  • It can find and highlight keywords on a page. Also, it can differentiate links by type: Followed, No-Followed, External, or Internal.
  • Expose page elements, general attributes, markup, and HTTP status.
  • Creating custom searches by engine, country, region, or city.
  • You can access and compare link metrics across pages; while viewing any SERP.

Best Google Chrome Privacy And Security Extensions By Google

5. Adblock Extension

Ever dare to dream of an internet Utopia? Going through an article or watching a video and no pop-up ads? You finally get a tip, and the URL you’re trying to view slowly loads, then disgruntled pop-up ads and banners keep popping up. This excellent Google chrome extension, Adblock has come to the rescue.

Best Google Chrome Extensions by Google for Privacy and Security: AdBlock

How To Use Adblock?

Adblock does exactly what it’s named after. It blocks unwanted ads that pop up when you were finally enjoying that article or chilled game after an extensive workout.

When To Use Adblock?

Adblock should be used when blocking unwanted ads on the website. The extension also increases page loading speed by saving memory. Also, AdBlock is the right extension for smooth internet browsing experience.

Best Google Chrome Extensions By Google For Social Media

6. Bitly

No one likes copying, pasting, sharing, or memorizing long URLs anymore. The Bitly Google Chrome extension is fully integrated with your Bitly account. You can copy and share links straight from your browser and customize it!

Best Google Chrome Extensions by Google for social media Bitly

How To Use Bitly?

Bitly’s Google chrome extension is easy to use. Add the extension to your browser, copy the link you want to shorten its URL, and click the Bitly’s icon on the top right of your browser. The extension only takes a few seconds to achieve this goal.

When To Use Bitly?

Bitlys Google Chrome extension is in sync with your Bitly account. Bitly makes it easy for you to save content from your browser to your Bitly account.

So, use Bitly when you want to slim your URL. You can also use Bitly’s analytics to check how many people clicked the Bitlink with this add-on.

Best Google Chrome Extensions By Google For Dictionaries

7. Grammarly

Grammarly Chrome Extension is a tool that is designed to assist users in applying the correct spelling styles, grammar rules, and tone. This improves your writing skills without thinking about where you were when that same topic was taught in elementary school.

How To Use Grammarly?

Grammarly has a product for everything you write on the internet. It has some pricing plans too, but the primary free user still enjoys a lot of freedom when writing.

To use this Google Chrome extension, install the extension via Google web-store, integrate it into your browsers and other platforms, and start writing confidently. Also, The Grammarly Keyboard for iOS and Android keeps you looking polished even when you’re writing from your phone.

When To Use Grammarly?

I recommend using Grammarly when you eliminate writing errors and find the perfect words to express yourself.

Best Google Chrome Extensions by Google for Dictionaries Grammarly

Advisable to use it when writing on any platform. The extension gets suggestions as you write on platforms like Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and nearly everywhere else you find yourself writing.

There are no limitations for marketers to use applications in this tool. So, go check it out. You can check this post for before choosing: Grammarly Vs ProWritingAid.

8. Instant Dictionary

The Instant Dictionary Chrome extension quickly looks up word definitions with audio pronunciation as you browse the web. The extension currently supports only the English dictionary and English Wikipedia.

How To Use Instant Dictionary?

This Google Chrome extension is free and user-friendly. After installation, go to any page of your choice, click or double click on a word you don’t understand on your desktop or smart mobile phone, the meaning appears immediately after a few seconds.

Best Google Chrome Extensions by Google for Dictionaries Instant Dictionary

If I find it challenging to understand the meaning of “attractive” in a page am reading, with the Instant dictionary, I left-click on the word, and the Google Chrome extension does the rest.

When To Use Instant Dictionary?

This extension is essential to all writers, bloggers, and content marketers. We can use the instant dictionary when a user looks up definition, spellings, obvious meaning, and translator.

Best Google Chrome Extensions By Google For Storage

9. Save to Pocket

Stop searching for article and video saver. Save to Pocket Chrome Extension is one of the best Google Chrome extensions that every online user should have.

Best Google Chrome Extensions by Google for Storage: Save the Pocket

This extension saves web content in one place, which you can access anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The best part is the offline features. The extension works with or without the internet, and you will be able to access it any time of the day.

How To Use Save To Pocket?

You about to get a coffee and a video stream on your phone or an article breeze through, you don’t have that luxury time to watch or read, Save a pocket is there to save the day.

When To Use Save To Pocket?

It’s best to use this extension when you want your browser to be more organized and researching to be much more comfortable. Another reason to get this extension is its high integration into some popular tools. Such as Twitter, Buffer, Feedly, and IFTTT so you can conveniently schedule posts on different social media accounts.

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Best Google Chrome Extensions By Google For Website Analysis

10. WhatRuns

It is crucial for business owners, advertisers, and marketers, along with webmasters, to know the latest technology used by its competitors. WhatRuns Google Chrome extension is free to use and allows users to identify what runs a website. Like WordPress plugins, analytics tools, framework, and fonts, these are just a few things.

Best Google Chrome Extensions by Google for Website Analysis: Whatruns

How WhatRuns Works?

WhatRuns expansion is one click away for you to discover technologies utilized on any site you visit. We identify even the new and forthcoming tools and administrations from Developer Tools and Ad Networks to WordPress Plugins and Themes.

The above shows exactly how it works with just a click.

When To Use WhatRuns?

This extension should be used when you want to discover the secret technology behind a competitor’s website or just looking for new technologies related to your niche. With just a click, you get to learn the website’s Analytics provider, Web Server, OS, Programming Language, and more!

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