How to Conduct a User Interview?

Conducting a user interview is a critical component of product development. How to conduct a user interview properly? You usually interview prospective users with the best UX research interview questions; for a better understanding of their desires and needs and their potential applications. Interviews can also be conducted in parallel with manual observation.

6 Important Questions And Tasks To Conduct A User Interview

How to Conduct a User Interview1

Usability Experts

How to conduct a user interview is first to identify a group of people; that you know to have great usability expertise. A usability expert is someone who knows a lot about usability testing and designing products. They should be able to guide you through the user interview process.

Once you’ve identified these individuals, then you need to get them to a telephone; or a designated location for the interview.

Use Direct Questioning

In the last few decades, there have been many methods to conduct interviews. These methods include direct questioning, semi-structured interviews, and more. There are benefits to using each method, depending on your needs and the type of project you are working on.

Direct questioning is often very useful for obtaining more relevant information from the interviewee. Semi-structured interviews work best for getting valuable insights from the interviewee more easily and are typically more flexible.

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Ask About Projects

While conducting a user interview, you can ask questions about the projects the person is working on; their strengths and weaknesses, their motivation, and their personal life.

However, these interviews are not always as effective. It’s essential to have more productive, insightful responses to your questions that will be useful in your overall process.

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Ask About Past Experiences

A great way to get valuable insights from the interviewee is to ask questions about their past experiences. People enjoy talking about their past experiences and often relate them to their current work.

For example, if the candidate works with customer service, they may talk about their experience in a call center; or helping customers resolve technical problems on their computers.

By asking questions about their previous experiences, you can gain a better insight into their thought process; and how they plan to interact with you in the future.

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The Follow-Up

When you follow up with the interviewee, a great way to get more insight into their personality; and how they perceive the work environment is to ask them to share a detailed discussion guide.

These discussion guides can be short feedback forms, and they provide an excellent opportunity for both you; and the candidate to communicate more about their strengths and weaknesses.

These conversation guides are also a great source of information about their strengths and weaknesses as a team player, manager, or team leader.

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Record the Meeting

After conducting the initial interview and receiving valuable insights from the candidate; it’s crucial to record the meeting and take notes. It’s common for candidates to feel nervous when meeting with potential clients; and discussing the interview process can help them relax and feel more comfortable during the actual meeting.

If you plan to continue the interviews with other employers or vendors; it can also be helpful to create a written version of the discussion guide. Record the first few responses and then compile the answers into a cohesive written piece; that provides the best possible insight into how the candidate performs.

With this information, you can determine if the candidate would be a good fit for your organization.

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