5 Safety Measures for Installation of Medium Voltage Equipment

No matter which field we choose to step in today, it is dependent on machinery be it the Industrial sector or manufacturing sites. Every domain operates concisely because heavy equipment is put in place. They ensure the smooth processing of tasks. However, while owners put in a lot of time and research into picking out the top-quality device; they often overlook and underestimate the importance tasks like installation of medium voltage equipment.

Safety Measures for Installation of Medium Voltage Equipment

Ideally, proper measures should be taken while setting up any kind of device. Still, this article prefers to focus on multiple safety measures that must be undertaken while installing medium voltage equipment.

5 Safety Measures for Installation of Medium Voltage Equipment 1

Safety Analysis

It is always a good idea to have an approximate reference point about all the possible pitfalls; that you might face in achieving a task. Before the implementation, familiarise yourself well with the equipment and understand the nature of its functioning.

By doing this, you will be better prepared with all the tools and instruments; that you might need to overcome the potential hurdles. Contact with live conductors and arcing faults are two possible situations that may go wrong while installing medium voltage equipment.

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Assess the Environment

Evaluating the surroundings of the building is of utmost importance. This is something that many professionals overlook.

Focusing on the internal environment affects the global safety levels of the setup; and the surrounding environment influences areas like equipment access and continuous service conditions.

Hence, always have a long and clear look at the site; and try to deliver in the most customized way possible.

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Focus on the Design

To smoothly execute the installation of medium voltage equipment; carefully select the type of connection to the earth and start preparing a single line diagram.

This diagram or sketch will function as a blueprint in the electrical process. It will also bring you more in touch with the electrical installation. In addition to that, it also safeguards the personnel throughout the installation’s lifetime.

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Study the Equipment

To optimize safety, make sure that you spend enough time studying the service conditions of the equipment at hand.

Regularly assess and monitor the installation for getting an idea of the actual service conditions. This alleviates issues caused by external influences that affect equipment performance and contributes to its collapse under selected conditions.

Lastly, envision where you will place the equipment. And also how you will use it to verify that it is operated in the best possible conditions.

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Plan and Execute

You must ensure that whoever is present in the installation team is well trained. Also they hold quality knowledge about installation of medium voltage equipment. Make a list of all the resources and tools that you will be needing; so that you have everything in place beforehand, avoiding a last-minute crisis.

It is vital to keep everyone informed of all the risk factors that are involved in the task; so that everyone is well-equipped on both material and mental levels.

However, no matter how efficient your tools and resources are, it is crucial to have competent professionals onboard. Mismanagement and inadequate knowledge heavily influence the overall implementation of the task.

Therefore, it is advisable to approach electrical engineers or professionals; who are capable of designing, installing, inspecting, and maintaining electric networks by the latest IEC standards. It can turn the installation of medium voltage equipment into a hassle-free process with professionals’ assistance.

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