What Draws Burglars To Your Home?

The protection of your home and family is a primary focus, and one circumstance you want to avoid is burglary. However, your perception of a home robbery is likely to vary significantly from current trends. What does draw burglars to your home?

In your mind’s eye, an easy target is probably a residence with open windows and doors, with the intruder. In this situation wearing a dark disguise in the middle of the night. Modern-day burglars, on the other hand, invade houses in a somewhat different way.

It will benefit you to read more about how a thief operates to predict their acts while trying to secure your house.

How Often Do House Burglaries Happen?

Property crimes, such as robbery and theft, are reported to have occurred more than 7.5 million times on average yearly in the U.S.

Burglaries are common, and according to the FBI, one occurred twice per minute on average when broken down. This means that you must take immediate steps to ensure your safety and keep an eye on your surroundings.

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3 Things That Draws Burglars To Your Home?

Burglars investigate a neighborhood and search for specific features in homes. Check out the three key categories of what burglars search for to see if your home is an easy target for them.

What Draws Burglars To Your Home 1

Convenient Access

Finding entry and exit points is the first step in planning a break-in. In certain cases, burglars do not need to crack glass or door frames to gain access. Burglars also use doors and windows with weak locks as an entry point.

If loosening or bypassing them is easy, getting inside will be as well. Both garage doors and pet doors are open passages through which burglars can easily move.

Burglars also have the advantage of being able to flee quickly. Houses along a highway or adjacent to the interstate, for example, provide a quick escape.

Signs You’re Leaving

It’s another reason that draws burglars to your home. Typically, burglars avoid colliding with homeowners when on the job. Bureau of Justice Statistics data on household burglary victimization, more than seventy percent of burglaries occurred when no members of the household were present. They keep an eye out for signs that your house is unoccupied.

Another common myth about robberies is that they often occur at night. Surprisingly, nearly half a million residential burglaries occurred during the day, compared to under 300 thousand at night. One explanation for this is that burglars anticipate people leaving for work, errands, or school.

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Insufficient Security and Visibility

Despite the fact that daytime break-ins are common, many criminals prefer the low visibility of the night. They will also search for houses that are difficult to spot from the lane, ensuring that no one notices them.

For burglars, having minimal protection is a plus, as it draws them to check out security alarms, cameras, and equipment. To expedite their work, they can move on to a house that isn’t fitted with advanced security measures, so learn about proper security systems.

What Do Burglars Look Inside Your House?

Burglars aren’t necessarily looking for common objects when they break into a home; instead, they’re looking for unique items.

Jewelry and cash are the two most popular products that draws burglars to your home. They’re among the most commonly reported stolen objects by homeowners.

Medication has become a common target for robbers in recent years. They search for opioids and other prescription medications to resell for a profit. Small electronics are another common target for burgled products.

Finally, you can avoid losing money and properties by keeping these objects in secret storage areas. In the event of a break-in, place these typical burglar targets in an inconvenient location.

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