Using Social Media Like Instagram to Attract More Customers

With the ongoing advancement of technology, it is hard to find someone who has no smartphone nowadays. It is also related to how business owners do their marketing strategy to attract more customers to increase their profit. There is one online platform that a business owner mainly uses is Instagram. By using Instagram, you can almost do everything. With every improvement from Instagram, now you can purchase a good or service just from your smartphone. That is why using Instagram can be very low for its cost and time-saving for business owners. However, before using social media like Instagram, you need first to understand how it works and what it is actually.

What Is Social Media Like Instagram Used For?

The Instagram application was born in 2010. But its popularity began to grow in 2012 and has succeeded in becoming one of the social media on earth. This application provides space for users to express themselves through visuals. Users can post photos or uploads of users from all over the world.

Initially, many used this application only to view images on Instagram. But then its function is beneficial for business purposes. Many have Instagram accounts to sell and promote their business. Instagram later developed this to provide a business account feature in 2016.

Using Social Media Like Instagram as Your Marketing Platform

Using Social Media Like Instagram to Attract More Customers 1

Instagram is a leading social media platform and allows us to share photos or videos with the public. How to use it is also relatively easy to do every day. With its capabilities and popularity, it allows you to do business through Instagram. Not only that, the features provided also allow you to promote through Instagram.

How to use Instagram for business is not only about online shops or retailers. Also, social media can be a powerful tool to build your brand.

Social media branding is carried out by several users who are now often known as influencers or celebrities. These celebs on Instagram generally attract attention because they manage to build exciting content that eventually generates a lot of followers.

Its popularity in cyberspace then automatically makes their accounts have business value for promotion. It will not be too tricky because there are so many users in the world.

Instagram can then reach users all over and widen the boundaries of promotion that is generally found. But if you use Instagram entirely for business, it is a good idea to use a business Instagram account.

All you need to remember about using Instagram for business is to create a unique account for your business. At its first release, many users then switched their accounts from personal profiles to business profiles.

Things to Consider Before Using Social Media Like Instagram for Business

Before using Instagram as your marketing and business platform, you must consider several things to achieve your goals.

Optimize Your Business Profile

First, you need to optimize your business account profile. Complete information, straightforward and easy to understand on each of your business social media, will make it easier for consumers to come and contact you. Complete with a link to the website or go directly to the Whatsapp Admin mobile number to make it easier when ordering.

Instagram Business users will also get real-time metrics on how your stories and posts are being promoted throughout the day. This data will deliver you insight into your followers and how they interact with the posts and stories you share.

Learn How to Use Social Media Like Instagram For Business

The second is you have to learn how to use Instagram Business. Many have used Instagram as a business medium because of the large number of users around the world. Instagram has built a blog about how to do business with Instagram.

The blog’s contents are business tips, info about brands, and various kinds of news about business in Instagram. By reading the guide on how to use Instagram for business, you will find out the different effective ways of the blog. The last is you must upload exciting content.

Instagram lets you upload photos or videos. The key to grabbing the audience’s attention is a contemporary and informative design. After that, please don’t be lazy to complete the description to make it easier to understand the contents of your content.

Instagram provides various features to maximize the creatives that you upload. For example, you can automatically get the video feature with the Boomerang concept or photo editing by becoming an Instagram user.


Besides all those things above, your followers play a significant role in your promotion. If you have a massive amount of funds for promotion but have no followers on your account, it means nothing.

That is why buying Instagram followers can be very beneficial. It is safe and can enhance your Instagram’s credibility.

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