The Tudor Pelagos Watch To Dive In The Ocean Depths

The Pelagos dive watch from Tudor is excellent. Pelagos is a Greek word, which means ocean and abyssal. It is a professional dive watch; fitted with withstanding depths of 500 meters. Pelagos is based on a 1976 Tudor Submariner dive watch produced for the French Navy and adopted Tudor’s first in-house movement.

History Of The Tudor Pelagos Dive Watch

The Tudor Pelagos Watch To Dive In The Ocean Depths 2

In the beginning, Tudor’s first target customer was a blue-collar worker with a more affordable price than its sister company, Rolex. When Tudor released the Oyster prince men’s watch in 1952, she held an event that welcomed ordinary people. Who is a true blue-collar; that uses a power drill, works down the mines, or builds a house instead of playing tennis or riding a horse? Tudor aimed different types of customers to Rolex.

The sturdy 1952 Oyster prince men’s watches were used during the Royal Navy scientific expedition to the island. Afterward, in 1954, Tudor launched the Oyster Prince Submariner watch; designed for the US Navy in the 1960s and the French Navy in 1960-1980.

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Features And Changes Over Time

They proved the quality of the Submariner by twenty years; in 2012, the Tudor Pelagos became a tool watch which is an affordable version of the famous 1976 French Navy dive watch that resists 500 meters depths. The Pelagos adopt a helium valve to let the gas throughout the decompression stage and avoid damaging the movement to secure its position among dive watches.

Furthermore, clarity and luminosity are the features of professional dive watches. The notable square hour markers use a blue luminescent material; and the blue luminescent material is the only color distinct in the depth ocean. Since the 1969 Submariner, all the models have used a large square tip hour hand called “snowflake” by the watch lover.

It used titanium to produce the 42mm case of those men’s watches; the material is lighter than stainless steel and robust to seawater corrosion and scratches. One more important thing is, it doesn’t absorb the heat from the sun while leaving the watch outdoor.

At the Baselworld 2015, the dive watches meet all the watch collectors with its ceramic bezel’s metal ratchet sound when it turns. The divers which expands and contracts automatically; through the pressure exerted by the water love the adjustable clasp on the bracelet.

The Tudor Pelagos Watch To Dive In The Ocean Depths 1

Like the North Flag model, the Tudor Pelagos uses its first in-house caliber: MT5612. Pelagos watch from Tudor is an automatic adjustment with reliable power to save 70 hours and COSC-chronometer certification. Tudor Pelagos watch had 2 versions: one is the original matte black version; and the other one is the new matte blue with a titanium bracelet and an additional rubber strap.

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Nowadays, many people know Tudor Pelagos dive watch due to their relaunching classic models; and creating a functional, well-designed watch, but the price is still affordable. Compared with other brands with the same quality and function, the Tudor watch’s price is reasonable. Tudor is growing fast and is becoming a powerful competitor among gadget watches.

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Images by lucatelles and Tudor