5 Email Marketing Challenges That Need Resolution Today

Email marketing is a long-standing and efficient form of reaching audiences and prospective clients. It is one most effective way to connect with consumers, and the process usually brings excellent Returns on Investment. Yet, no matter how popular and lucrative it may be, email marketing poses its own set of challenges, just like any other form of marketing. Some of challenges of email marketing you may encounter as you construct and deploy your campaign.

Top 5 Challenges of Email Marketing

5 Email Marketing Challenges That Need Resolution Today 1

To help you out plus give you a clear picture of what you may experience; we have compiled a list that illustrates some of these email markeing challenges and suggests ways to resolve them effectively.

We hope you find it helpful!

Data Integration

Data Integration is one of the foundations of any successful marketing campaign. As a marketer, you would want to have access to a lot of data to create accurate customer profiles and develop marketing strategies to acquire more clients.

Suppose you have access to a variety of different sources for data gathering and integration. In that case, you can generate more leads and quickly boost your sales to create a positive customer experience. But assembling and employing your data may be one of the first challenges of email marketing you face.

A strategy you can use to overcome it is acquiring practical data integration tools that greatly facilitate the data collection process. The devices will draw a comprehensive and precise analysis on which you can base your future marketing decisions.

Next, you want to focus on the quality of your content. After all, you invest your resources in gathering data to better your content and make it more customer-friendly. Finally, Data segmentation is excellent because it helps you develop individual buyer personas and create targeted messages.

Open Rates

5 Email Marketing Challenges That Need Resolution Today 3

Let’s get real – no one wants to encounter low available rates after investing a significant amount of time and resources in their campaigns. While there may be different causes for low open rates, often, they have roots in the syntax and formatting of the email and its content. It’s one of the challenges of email marketing.

You want to pay attention to your subject line, as this will be the only part of your email that will firstly be visible to your audience. Make sure that it is innovative. The more attention it grabs, the higher your audience’s chances of opening and reading your email! Customers dislike intensely if you bombard with irrelevant information.

So, the subject line and preview text must convince them that your emails contribute something to their lives. If you get this challenging, you can always hire a campaign manager who will be trained and capable of taking your campaign to the next level.


This translates to the ratio between the emails you have deployed and the number that finally ends up in your recipients’ inboxes. The fact is, not every email you deploy will be delivered. You want to look out for soft bounces, which may be connectivity issues on the part of your customer; or a full inbox, and hard bounces, which can be incorrect email addresses.

You want to delete these so that you can direct your energy towards other more productive aspects of your campaign. To combat these potential problems, you want to maintain and update your email lists regularly.

There are metrics that you can run to remove contacts that have been inactive for a while. Also, consider providing clients with options to intermittently update their information using self-reports in this manner to keep your lists up to date.

Stay Away from Spam

5 Email Marketing Challenges That Need Resolution Today 2

Ending up in your prospects’ spam folder is probably a worse fate than being deleted; leading to an unnecessary increase in unsubscribe rates. So, one of the best techniques to avoid being marked as spam is by ensuring that the information, products, and services; you are offering are congruent with your audience’s expectations and needs.

Curate and develop content that is meaningful and relevant. Work on the tone and voice of your emails. Try to avoid sounding like you are pushing an agenda; or selling a product even though you have an eCommerce site.

Come across as friendly, interactive, and willing to help and contribute even when sending an abandoned cart email to convince buyers to complete their purchases.


The developed world now has advanced smartphones, and that’s likely where your subscribers and prospective clients could access emails. If your format email marketing is not mobile-friendly; it can provide quite challengs for you to stay in your customers’ good graces.

People prefer life to be as easy as possible, and they won’t associate with you positively; if the connection seems tedious. So, for your email marketing to be successful, make sure that you optimize email displays for mobile devices. This strategy ensures your clients can see the full content of the email adequately displayed on their mobile devices.

You may want to consider shorter subject lines, enough clicking rooms, using pre-header texts as some of the measures. Try and test your emails across several devices before deploying to check the formatting and be confident.

If your customers sense that communicating with you is easy and rewarding, they will feel encouraged to keep up the connection, ultimately bringing you long-term and eager subscribers.

These are top 5 challenges of email marketing you have to overcome.

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