How to Learn Email Marketing – 5 Easy Steps

If you have been in business; then it is likely that you have used email to market yourself or your business. It is one of the several powerful mediums to execute; some of the most effective digital marketing tricks to boost your online store. There are several types of emails that companies use to market their products and services. The very first step in learning how to learn email marketing is understanding what each type of email is.

What Are The Types Of Emails?

Here is an immediate roundup of some of the typical emails you could be using; may have used, or will be using;

How to Learn Email Marketing - 5 Easy Steps 1


A newsletter typically offers content related to the business offering the service. A company’s newsletter can provide insight on new company policies or provide information about an upcoming sale at the store.

Anytime you receive an email with helpful content related to the sender, consider it a newsletter for promotional purposes.

Sales Emails

When someone wants to purchase something, they will often turn to the internet to find exactly what they want. Websites like Amazon and eBay offer users the ability to search for precisely what they need.

Sales emails are sent out by companies that want to promote their business; or deal with one-off items that may be of interest to customers.

The company will send an email about their specific product to be purchased; via email without having to leave the comfort of home.

Promotional Emails

Companies often find themselves wanting to promote a product; but do not have enough information on why people should purchase it. For this reason, promotional offers are sent out to entice individuals into buying something.

Promotional offers typically include discounts on products or free shipping rates for purchases over $x amount.

Event Invitations

Event invitations are sent out by companies that may be hosting a local event or perhaps working with various charities.

These emails give people the opportunity to open up their calendar and confirm availability for an event; instead of having to research and plan around it without knowing the specifics.

React/Trigger Emails

When someone subscribes to a company’s email list they have not necessarily indicated an interest; in every single email being sent out from them.

In this case, companies will send what is known as a react email; after someone has opened up one of their other emails.

This can be done using different triggers; such as time-based delays or specific behaviors within the inbox.

Is Email Marketing Dead? Of Course, It’s Not.

How to Learn Email Marketing - 5 Easy Steps 2

It’s been told that email marketing is dead. Then there are no benefits to learn email marketing. But this is pretty far from the truth.

According to Content Marketing Institute’s Content Marketing report, more than 85 percent of marketers use email to disseminate content.

According to a separate report by DMA, marketing email marketing also has one of the highest ROIs; with every $1 spent on email marketing guaranteeing an average of $42 in returns.

This shows how much potential email has as a platform for digital marketers looking to reach new customers.

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5 Simplified Steps On How To Learn Email Marketing

How to Learn Email Marketing - 5 Easy Steps 3

Email marketing can be effortless once you know the basics and what moves work best for various businesses or online platforms. Here are five easy steps that beginners can use to learn about the world of email marketing:

Step 1: Choose a platform to learn email marketing

There are many different email services that you can use to send and receive emails through your website. Some of the most widespread and widely used options include:


Used for crafting personalized campaigns and newsletters; Mailchimp has been used by many companies in the past.

This free service provides users with all of the tools they need to successfully send an email marketing campaign out to thousands of people at once.


Aweber is a great email marketing tool that allows companies to create various types of campaigns. This service offers many features that will enable users to send personalized messages; and track the success rates of their campaigns over time.

Many businesses have been using this program for years; making it one of the most trusted names in email marketing tools.

Constant Contact

This email marketing module is designed especially for small businesses; looking to connect with customers online. By setting up an account on Constant Contact, you can prepare customized emails; and manage all future communication from within one interface.

The best component about the software is it is easy to use; even for people just getting started with email marketing.

Step 2: To Learn Email Marketing, Learn To Create Your Lists

Once you have your email service platform set up; creating your lists should be the next thing on your to-do list.

You can create several different types of lists to maximize efficiency and allow for better communication with customers. The following are only a few of the most popular options available:

Contact List

A contact list is typically used by companies; looking to send out emails to their entire customer base. This is useful for sending out annual newsletters or updates regarding deals, sales, etc.

Anyone who subscribes to this list has indicated an interest in receiving emails from this company’s account; though they may not necessarily want everyone sent directly to them.

This type of list strategy is very effective because it utilizes a permission-based list; making it more likely to read the emails.

Targeted List

A targeted list is typically used for companies or brands; looking to send out personalized emails to specific customers who have signed up for this service. This type of list can be created; using behavior tracking within an email marketing platform.

For example, if someone has recently clicked on one of your links or downloaded something from your website. You may add them to your targeted email list without having subscribed to anything at all.

This method is considered very effective; because it allows you specifically target potential customers; who are already engaged in what you have to offer online.

Step 3: Set Email Requirements

Email requirements are essentially just rules that companies can set to automate their email marketing services. This is particularly relevant for companies with many customers and subscribers on their lists; because it can often be very time-consuming to manage these interactions manually.

Here are just a few of the more popular options that you might consider using:


Email triggers can be used by companies; looking to send out emails automatically whenever certain events occur online.

For example, anyone who subscribes to your newsletter may automatically get an email from you every week on Thursday afternoon about your latest deals or sale items.

Another widespread use of triggers includes sending out promotional newsletters within 24 hours after someone has purchased from your store.

Not only is this helpful for keeping customers interested in what you have to offer; but it can help increase sales as well.


Email schedules are essentially just a series of steps that dictate; how your campaign is carried out before being sent out to customers and subscribers.

Perhaps you will want an email thanking them; for signing up to be sent immediately upon subscription. Other emails might include coupons or promotional deals that you can only access by opening the email or clicking on a link inside it.

This option allows companies looking to automate their campaigns with detailed instructions for each step involved in the process.

Step 4: To Learn Email Marketing, Learn To Design Your Emails

After creating lists and setting requirements, companies may want to go ahead and design their first few emails; before sending anything out into the world.

There are many different options available for creating emails. They can be designed in HTML or plain text; including pictures, videos, and even audio messages.

Most email marketing programs will permit you to customize the design of your campaign; however you like and preview the result before sending anything out.

Step 5: Send Emails

Finally, after all of this preparation, the moment you have been waiting for is here. You can officially go ahead and send your email campaign out into the world to reach all of your subscribers!

At this point, most companies prefer to schedule emails; to be sent during certain times of day when they’re likely to be read.

However, some platforms will allow you to send a test batch first to make sure everything looks correct before going forward with a full campaign launch.

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Final Words on How to Learn Email Marketing

Email marketing is still living and kicking, despite what some may say. You can either create your email list or subscribe to a site; with an already established group of subscribers that you want to reach.

Once you have completed all of your lists, requirements and designed your emails; it’s time to send them out into the world to see how successful they are!

You might want to schedule these emails so they go out during certain times; when different demographics are most likely to be online.

Hope this post has helped you learn some basics about email marketing. Thanks for reading!

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