Best Digital Marketing Tactics For Real Estate Agents

It’s essential for Real estate agents to possess skills that will help them stand out from the rest of the pack. Many agents believe that marketing tactics such as blogging, social media, and consulting are the best way to increase their credibility. These marketing tactics would help because they allow real estate agents to learn different aspects of their business while reaching new clientele, building a digital following, and creating additional income to help offset costs.

3 Best Digital Marketing Tactics For All Real Estate Agents

Best Digital Marketing Tactics For Real Estate Agents 1

Create a Marketing Plan Early

Create a plan early as possible to match your marketing tactics to your objectives and market. Setting them early helps in knowing what you want to accomplish. It’s easy to start all over again when this isn’t done. When you don’t set your plan as early as possible, you might find yourself in a real bind and run out of time, or worse, with nothing accomplished.

With a marketing plan in place, please keep track of your progress and work through the plan before it is too late. It will be effortless to make changes when you have already tracked the results of your marketing tactics, and you will find that tracking the results will make better decisions on how to adjust your tactics.

Budget Like a Pro

One needs to understand that marketing doesn’t come cheap, and it would help if you were prepared for out-of-pocket expenses. As your budget grows, you will want to put your money to use in other areas such as advertising, business development, and hiring.

Remember that you’re creating a budget plan for the long-term, not just to complete a marketing campaign. Having money saved up in the bank account will help in the long run to avoid setbacks.

Focus on 1-2 Types of Marketing

When you’re starting, narrowing down your marketing tactics is essential. It will help rein in your costs and allow you to understand what works for your real estate marketing. Many will do more than they need to, thinking that more is better.

However, you will find that it is better to do more than one type of marketing tactic. When you market your real estate business, include blogging, social media, and using the web as a promotional tool.

5 Tactics Real Estate Agents Use For Digital Marketing

Here are some ideas for ways to use marketing tactics:

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Blogging is a great way to give yourself authority and make it easier for others to trust you. While anyone can write articles, possessing expertise makes people notice you.

Create a Web Site

Creating a website is a great way to bring in new customers for your firm, whether as a blog or as an informative tool. An easy way to do this is by starting with a domain name and then buying a web hosting package. The package will include the software needed to make your site look professional and allow you to edit your posts.

Become a Social Media Star

Imagine that you’re the number one search result on the first page when someone searches for your name. When someone likes your Facebook page and follows you, so does your audience. It is a great tool to use in marketing your firm.

Create a Customer Service Program

A customer service program lets customers know they can return items or communicate with you about their needs.

Be Consistent with Your Marketing

To make your marketing effort profitable, you must be consistent with them. Consistency not only allows you to keep building on an already existing following but allows you to develop trust with your clients. People must understand that they can depend on you and your services whenever needed.
If they know that they can, they will return over and over again. It would help if you consistently branded yourself even when a newbie. Although you may not have a following, it is essential to be consistent by always keeping in mind that your brand is more important than your content.

8 Best Digital Marketing Tactics For New Real Estate Agents To Stay in Front of Their Target Audience

Best Digital Marketing Tactics For Real Estate Agents 2

Sending a Market Update Postcard

It is usually sent when somebody requests a search on your selling property. It gives an update on what’s happened in the past 30 days. Also, it gives them a sense of where the market stands.

Referring Prospects to Your Focus Properties

When attracting more prospects, having an established network is critical. If you know someone who needs help with real estate, ask them for permission to send them your marketing package.

Sending Postcards to Prospects Who Are at Least Three Years Away from Buying a Home

This age group is also in the pre-marriage and pre-child stage, so they are more likely to be on the lookout for new homes.

Sending a New Listing Postcard More Often

It is your opportunity to be the first one in front of these prospects. Send just listed postcards to everyone who requested search information, whether they bought from you or not.


Consistency is the key to this marketing tactic, but it can also be time-consuming and labor intensive. You have to get onto the first page of Google consistently, which takes some time.

Follow-Up is Everything

It is the most critical part of marketing. There is no better way to maintain a positive relationship with your clients than by following up with them. It can be anything from handwritten notes to an automated email and social media.

So, remember that you are building a long-term relationship, so you must show your clients that there are no strings attached to working with you. Real estate agents must meet clients’ needs in today’s market. So you must ensure that your clients get the best possible service from you.

You can deliver this by establishing a long-term, sustainable relationship with them. Always keep your clients updated with any changes in their lives. This way, they’re less likely to move to another agent.

Focus on Quality over Quantity

Although it is essential to be consistent with your marketing, focus on quality over quantity. Some real estate agents will try to reach as many people as possible, even if they aren’t in a position to provide them with good service. But these are the people you want.

These are the ones who will want a long-term relationship with you and your services. Marketing often gets out of control because of all the distractions that go along with it. But it is crucial to remember that you should always do your marketing to get the best results while being in a position to ensure that your clients are receiving a good service.

Remember, marketing is a two-way street. When you market your firm, it needs to be done with a goal in mind. You need to know what your clients want and how they communicate with you. If you’re selling real estate locally, always ensure that you keep up with the local economy of your area.

Find an Online Marketing Expert

There are so many ways to market your real estate firm. Whether you’re trying to get on the first page of Google or get more people to click on your website, you need to have a marketing expert in your corner.

An excellent online marketing expert will be able to help you determine which type of marketing tactic is best for your company and go from there. In addition to choosing the right tactic, they will focus on creating a plan around your firm’s wants and needs.

Many online marketing companies can help you market your real estate firm. Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Vertical Response are some of the main ones. They all offer different packages that you can customize for your firm’s individual needs.


Like most things in life, finding success with marketing your real estate firm comes down to experience. Marketing your company isn’t as simple as just putting up a sign. Real estate agents must be comfortable using technology and digital marketing tactics to benefit their clients.

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