Best Real Estate Apps – Buy And Sell Your Home

Buying a home or a property is likely the most expensive purchase if we compare it with other purchases we do. If you plan to spend six figures or more on a home, it’s best to go into the transaction with the most knowledge and information. So that you can successfully get the best deal possible. Real estate apps can help you with that knowledge you need. Here, we’ve listed the best real estate apps to make it easy for you to start. So, let’s check them out:

Best Real Estate Apps To Buy and Sell Your Home And Other Properties


Buy And Sell Your Home - Zillow - Find Houses for Sale And Apartments for Rent

Zillow is a well-known and one of the best real estate apps. It is a pioneer in online home value estimates. It provides estimated present home values, past sale prices, and much more information. Also, it covers virtually every home in the United States.

As a homeowner, if you think about selling your home, you can track your estimated home value. You’ll also get clear insights into a potential sale price. Just create an account on it.

If you are also looking to buy a home, I think you should bookmark the Zillow website and download the app to your smartphone.

The app shows you home prices by location on the go. It allows you to filter and search options to zero in on your next home.

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Best Real Estate Apps 2021 - Buy And Sell Your Home - Redfin Real Estate - Search and Find Homes for Sale

RedFin is an app and a brokerage firm at the same time. It provides estimated home values that are sometimes more accurate than others.

The most exciting feature is that anyone in an active home search will be able to filter on upcoming open houses. This will also help you get an idea of the upcoming homes and their condition in the area. It will also give you a sense of what you can really expect to get for your money.

The standard real estate fees for RedFin are pretty much lower. If you are looking for the best-discounted home buying fees, this is the app you should try first.

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Best Real Estate Apps 2021 - Buy And Sell Your Home - LoopNet - Commercial Real Estate Search

Like the RealEstateCake, LoopNet is a great app for real estate investors, primarily commercial real estate investors. This is another one of the best real estate apps is like Zillow for more significant properties.

It also helps investors and tenants find the most suitable property or space for their next investment or business. Whether it’s a high-traffic location for a new restaurant, an office with a beautiful view, a turn-key multifamily property for investment portfolios; or land for new development, everything it has covered.

Its intuitive search helps you get to the information that matters most. It provides an in-depth look at available properties. This includes price, photos, satellite images, street view, property and neighborhood videos, financials, and available space.

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Buy And Sell Your Home - Real Estate - Homes for Sale and Rent

Realtor is one of the most popular and best real estate apps in the US. It has the most up-to-date listings on homes for sale than any other real estate app. It’s most useful for home selling or rent. Also, it helps you find houses, condos, and townhomes for sale; and more with its brilliant search tools.

With the mortgage calculator, you can know how much you need to pay; so here it’s easy to find a home within your budget. Simply filter homes by price to see what you can afford. If you don’t have a real estate agent yet; makes it easy to connect with a local agent as well.

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Buy And Sell Your Home - Trulia Real Estate - Search Homes For Sale and Rent

Trulia is another excellent source to find a new home quickly and efficiently. This company was started as an independent company, but now it’s owned by Zillow.

Generally, Zillow is best for the overall homeownership lifecycle, especially for tracking your current home’s value. On the other hand, Trulia is better for those in an active home search.

The main aim of Trulia is that help you find a new home to buy; and its tools are carefully designed to do so. Some of the great features include custom keyword search and access map in normal, satellite, or terrain mode.

It can filter your search by specific home features, such as hardwood floors. This way, you will only see homes that could meet your needs.

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Buy And Sell Your Home - BiggerPockets

Now, let’s talk about BiggerPockets. It’s another exciting app that offers a vast range of free resources about real estate. These include blog posts, ebooks, guides, podcasts, and forums. Useful for real estate professionals, homeowners, investors, and other aficionados.

Using it, it’s easy to learn a ton about buying a home that will increase in value. Also, how to do work on a property to get the best return on your investment.

When you are serious about real estate game and want to get deep into real estate investing; you should use it for sure.

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Buy And Sell Your Home - Xome

Xome is our last pick on this list of best real estate apps that is nearly the same as RealEstateCake and Trulia. With over 100 million properties in the US; including MLS real estate listings, this is another better way to buy or sell a home. With search and discovery through title and closing, it gives users a seamless buying and selling experience.

They’ll assist you from start to finish, whether you’re listing your old home or searching for a perfect new one. You’ll have Xome Concierge and Xome Agents with you every step of the way. They will ensure your experience exceeds your expectations.

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Best Real Estate Apps 2021 - Buy And Sell Your Home - RealEstateCake - Deals so sweet, it must be cake!

RealEstateCake is the new and trending app for real estate investors and real estate agents. They use it to find off-market and exclusive real estate deals in over 100 US cities. It specializes in foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, homes, tax liens, and short sales. They cannot pass a real estate inspection with equity in them.

The goal of it is to connect real sellers with real buyers, while benefited both. RealEstateCake has advanced search tools and powerful features. They help you quickly find out if a deal works for you.

As a seller, the user can list his properties for totally FREE! But to search for deals, the user has to become a subscriber for $299.99 annual per market area.

Regarding the real estate business, it’s not much, less than $1 per day. Overall, a suitable platform for both real estate investors and agents to grow their business effectively and efficiently.

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